Brattleboro homicides autopsied

A Massachusetts woman died of a gunshot to the head Tuesday morning in Brattleboro. The man sought in connection with her killing died that night of gunshots to the torso during a conflict with police.

Autopsies were completed Thursday, July 21 at the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington on Mary Anderson and Matthew Davis.

Anderson, 23, of Harvard, Massachusetts, died of a gunshot wound to the head, and the manner of her death is a homicide. The Vermont State Police is working with other law-enforcement agencies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death, including when and where she was killed and whether she was abducted.

Davis, 34, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is considered a person of interest in Anderson’s disappearance and death. Davis died following an officer-involved shooting Tuesday night in West Brattleboro after he ran from investigators seeking to question him, and then lunged at police with a knife.

Anderson’s cellphone was among the evidence that investigators located in the area where Davis ran from police.

The autopsy determined Davis died of gunshot wounds to the torso, and the manner of his death is a homicide. This is a medical finding indicating the death of an individual was caused by the intentional act of another person and is not a legal determination regarding whether the shooting was justified. A ruling on the justification of the police use of deadly force will be made in separate, independent reviews by the Vermont Attorney General’s Office and the relevant county’s State’s Attorney’s Office.

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  1. Is an autopsy really necessary when someone is shot in the head? I guess the covid test portion is….

  2. What a bunch of word salads here… we need to write a new English dictionary.
    CYA (fill it in yourselves…com’on… you can do it)

  3. My thoughts and prayers to the Family of Mary Anderson. God Bless You All. Godspeed Mary…