Bottled mixed drinks coming to your grocery store?

UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCE OF PANDEMIC – ready-to-drink cocktails will be sold in grocery stores if a bill passed by the House becomes law.

by Guy Page

When pandemic restrictions closed seating at Vermont bars, liquor store sales of ready-to-drink (RTD) mixed drinks took off. Now a bill allowing their sale next to beer and wine in grocery stores has cleared the Vermont House. 

H730 would shift sales of both fortified wines and ready-to-drink (RTD) spirit beverages from liquor stores to be sold in the same retail streams as malt and vinous beverages. These changes will provide greater access to products for both licensees and consumers, according to a report from the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. 

According to industry sources, RTDs were already growing market share before the pandemic. COVID pandemic only added fuel to the fire, causing RTD beverage sales to increase by 43%.

RTDs include a range of spirits and mixed beverages, including traditional cocktail recipes and new blends. Drizly—the popular drink delivery app—reports that its best selling RTD sub-categories are Whiskey Old Fashions, Margaritas , Mai Tais, Gin and Tonics, and Vodka Sodas/Vodka-based seltzers.

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  1. Stores better save some shelf space next to these new offerings for marijuana Gummy Bears and other ‘pot’ able products…

  2. Top priorities of the Vermont Government:

    -Take revenue in however they can from any working Vermonter
    -Enrich themselves.
    -Give “Free” stuff to any non Vermonter or non-working Vermonter.
    -Get Vermonters hooked on Alcohol, Drugs, and Hookers
    -Confuse Gender and Race at all costs.

    Does this sum it up?

    • You missed:

      – Inject everyone with experimental genetic therapy drugs for a flu with a 99.9% survival rate

      • I thought I was covering that underneath the drugs and enrich themselves, but yeah it should stand on the list on its own.

  3. Democrats need to keep their voters drugged. up drunk and ignorant in order to hold on to power.

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