Bossange: It’s time to become activists to save our democracy and environment

Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay

by John Bossange

It’s time to take seriously the very real possibility that Donald Trump could be our next president. The old, traditional GOP and any Republican independent candidates will collapse around Trump, and he will run fully supported as the “MAGA” candidate.  Trump could run and win even if he is a convicted felon, and sent to jail. That won’t stop millions of Americans from voting for him, and there is no law-preventing Trump from becoming our next president from a jail cell.  Yes, it could happen here if we do not all become activists.  It will be our votes, not any court decisions, that will save our democracy and the environment.

And so, 2024 will be a pivotal year in American history. We have survived world wars, famines, financial collapses, riots in the streets, a civil war, presidential assassinations, and other traumatic events, and in the end, reason, courage, and truth prevailed, and saved our fragile democracy.  The nation is at a new tipping point now, and we all need to consider what actions we each need to take to be sure our democracy survives.

Unfortunately today, we have two existential crises to deal with at once; the future of our democracy and the institutions developed over 245 years to support it, and a worldwide climate crisis pushing us towards a catastrophic end before the middle of this century.  Both the survival of our nation and of the planet have never been linked as they are now.  

Voting in the next presidential election is critical to saving our nation’s democratic foundations and to lead the world away from the destruction of the earth’s life support systems from the continued use of fossil fuels.  By voting, I mean in percentages that don’t place us between Greece and Columbia, where we still ranked 31st when compared with 49 other nations who had presidential elections in 2020.   

It is true that voting percentages dramatically improved in the highly charged 2020 national election where the range was 51% for the youngest group and 76% for those older Americans.  That was an unprecedented and encouraging trend.  Still, overall only 67% of all Americans voted, while 33%, or 80,000,000, stayed home.

Voting in much larger, overwhelming numbers in 2024 means believing the ballot box is the best way to prevent political conspirators and climate crisis deniers from continuing to take us down the pathway of political and environmental suicide.  Tragically, before the planet becomes inhabitable within two decades, our nation may be in a similar condition after two years.  An America under Trump will take us back to the days of a century ago, and few today would want to live during the dreadful days of 1923, when the Klan and unregulated corporations ruled the nation with an iron fist.

As it stands now, the presidential election of 2024 will feature a Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, a yet to be announced candidate from the traditional (GOP) Republican Party, possibly a few unaffiliated independent candidates representing no party, and a candidate from the newly formed MAGA Party, Donald Trump, who has been president, was defeated for a second term, and is now seeking re-election.  

With so much at stake, Americans need to rise above their disappointment and cynicism to make sure no independent candidate can act as a spoiler, and ensure the MAGA Party candidate does not occupy the White House.  More Americans must become informed on the issues, and have the courage to speak up and advocate for our democracy and the preservation of the environment. This will slow down the momentum of the Trump campaign, which is advocating for just the opposite.

Voting in massive numbers never before seen in America must be our line in the sand to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.  His tribal cult will follow him with blinders.  They yearn to identify with messages of blame to excuse their own failings and many listen to multiple conspiracy messages of victimhood to feel supported.  Dictators from all countries past and present began as cult leaders, as Donald Trump has done here.  

America needs true patriots to defeat the MAGA cult to prevent a dictatorship with designs on tearing apart our nation’s democracy and ignoring the climate crisis.   A proud American should be an activist, never forgetting about our responsibility to vote, and the privilege to live in a country that gives us that right. There can be no more excuses.  The MAGA Party’s Electoral College scam has been fully revealed and new federal regulations should prevent MAGA Party controlled state legislatures from trying to render their states popular vote insignificant again.  

“Democracy is not a spectator sport,” my old bumper sticker said.  That was decades ago, and unfortunately that warning is truer now than it was back then.  Today we all need to become motivated, informed and bold advocates for our fragile democracy and environment.  Being a spectator is no longer an option.  The future of our children and grandchildren rests on our activism today.

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  1. MAGA vs MASA, Make America Great again or Make America Scared Again. This article fuels division and hatred and fear and its not worthy of note. The fact is the country is riddled with corruption and bad actors, on the eve of falsely and fraudulently calling for new maskups and lockdowns, for persecuting one candidate for items the resident candidate has done in spades, this writer has drunk the kool-aid. I would hope that most people would see the deliberate attempt to divide and conquer our people, by color, by political ideology, by gender, and medical tyranny. And then turn to a solution that allows all of us to do the right thing by everyone, not just the ones who agree with us. I have been appalled at the radical hatred of writers like these. At any rate I have also been at work to provide a better solution and a way that we can ork together for the good of all despite an environment of radical hatred, radical fraud and radical lying by MSM, and the corporate interests they and politicians serve. please see Thanks.

  2. Talk about being “…practiced at the art of projection and gaslighting. Shrouding themselves in self-righteousness they believe the object of their scorn should be the object of everyone’s scorn. You must hate what they hate, believe what they believe and practice what they practice.”

    MAGA tribal cultists? Why not come right out and say, “Trump supporters are racist, white supremacist, inveterate lying, misogynist and xenophobic bigots – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.”

    Nothing can be more reaffirming of Aaron Warner’s perspective than these recent remarks by Paul Dame (VT GOP) and this infiltrator from VTDigger.

  3. ‘America needs true patriots to defeat the MAGA cult to prevent a dictatorship….’

    It was only 2 months ago the left lost their minds over the Supreme Court’s decision on the Big Guy’s unlawful vote buying scheme with student loan cancellation. Which even Nancy Pelosi said 2 years ago he did not have the authority to do. The left cheers for a dictatorship when they can get what they want but then screams that it’s the end of democracy(constitutional republic) of the thought someone they disagree with doing the same.

    You really need to do better if you expect your arguments to be taken seriously.

  4. “In the beginning of a change the Patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated, and scorned. It is only after his cause succeeds that the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.”

    — Mark Twain

    “Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.”

    — General John Stark

  5. And all the while, we have a sitting president mired in an under-reported scandal bigger than Watergate. And the author calls Republicans blind?

  6. Wow, talk about swallowing the kool aid by the gallon, this is the guy who will lead the liberal lemmings off the cliff.

  7. Sowing discord never achieved anything good, and this polemic is based on the hatred of one man, Donald Trump, not his deeds, but him as a person.

    If the author was actually concerned about our Constitutional Republic he would have documented his reasons rather than foolishly calling Trump a cult leader. Reasonable people will allow the courts to decide the current indictments, and the majority of Americans are reasonable and intelligent enough to see through Bossange’s rhetoric which I totally reject as a blatant attempt to stir up hate and division.

    Like the pot calling the kettle black, he ignores Biden’s blatant contempt of our Constitution with acts like the attempt to grant student loan forgiveness, shutting down free speech exposed by the Twitter files, supporting the FBI surveillance of ordinary citizens, banning certain firearms, the mandates to force private employers to inject an experimental covid vaccine, and the multiple violations of the civil liberties and religious freedom of millions of ordinary Americans especially during the past three years. And that’s just for starters.

    A true Patriot wants the best for our country; freedom with responsibility, not this trash of hatred and division.

  8. Thankfully the founders of our nation gifted us with a constitutional republic and not a democracy. A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

  9. One of the communists loyal useful idiots wrote this. They are so much easier to find these days……

  10. We are NOT and have NEVER been a “democracy”. That’s mob rule. WE ARE A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC.

    The military is the only way.

  11. Trash and hatred is exactly right Kathy 👍🏻
    This sort of commentary and ideology is part of the problem, for one; causing further division, Trump supporters are patriots, to say the least is absurd, and Trump was not “defeated” in the previous elections, awake and aware people know this

  12. Got to give guy credit for publishing another opinion, VTdigger would never allow us to write an article in opposition to the NWO. Course we are allowed to comment here, notice people pick up on the shallowness of the debate, and utter lack of basic civic argument and understanding.

  13. I hope Trump is re-elected! I hope he fires everyone in d.c.! He is not the dictator. He is the one fighting the totalitarian regime currently occupying our federal and state government. What they’re doing to hin, they will do to us! This article is crap! Guy, did you repost this from wcax or something?

  14. TRUMP or CHINA??
    Freedom or Freedom Lost?
    Use your voice before it’s silenced by CHINA!

  15. Firstly, the United States of America is a REPUBLIC – not a democracy. I declare and decree, the witchcraft word play is over! I propose anyone using the phrase democracy in reference to the USA be mocked and ridiculed as an ignoramous – emphasis on politicians, bureaucrats, and main scream[sic] media.

    Secondly, done with spineless, boneless chicken dancing, Animal Farm, 1984, Germany circa 1934, demonic, MK ultra programmed citizens who cannot see the forest through the trees. Get out of the way, we are trying to save our Republic from destruction and democide. As 45 said, the gloves are off and it is time to stand!

    Thirdly, God bless our military (past and present), God bless Donald Trump, and God bless the Republic of the United States of America.

  16. As soon as the “Our Democracy” bs was rolled out I kicked this guy to the curb. This writer in nothing more than a Communist/Progressive. All real citizens of this country know we are a “constitutional representative republic”. Anyone who says we are other than that is, as we who have taken the oath call a “domestic enemy”. That being said I appreciate that VDC published this drivel as it exposes the left and shows us what we are up against.

  17. It has long been evident that Mr. Bossange suffers from a raging, out of control case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. So very much gone…..

  18. While Mr. Bossange continues scaremongering the prospect of a climate crisis and ‘environmental suicide… before the planet becomes inhabitable within two decades’, more than 1600 International scientists [including 321 in the United States] have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth, contrary to the popular alarmist narrative.

    Bossange is correct in one regard, however.

    “More Americans must become informed on the issues and have the courage to speak up and advocate for our democracy….”.

    • Re: “..before the planet becomes inhabitable within two decades”,

      I cut and pasted Bossange’s remark to be sure I didn’t misquote him. In retrospect, I believe he meant to say ‘uninhabitable’. After all, we, including Mr. Bossange, seem to be inhabiting the planet just fine today as we speak.

      • Yeah Jay, the oceans are rising that’s why they are trying to buy up all the burnt out ocean front property in Maui and the banks are giving out loans to do so.

  19. I hope Trump wins!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope America wakes up!!!!!! I am not holding my breath!!!!!!!!
    How does the saying go: History repeats itself…. Marxist killed 100 million people in the 20th century! Have the kids learned anything in school…. My grandkids are home schooled and cannot believe anyone would support communism…that says alot!

  20. Wow good comments, Trump has been the best President we’ve had in many years; because he is not part of the establishment that has not been “for the people” for many years (Reagan?) …and he is FEARED by those who have taken advantage of position to feather their own nests 🪺 as well as those who assist. I’m continually stunned, frustrated, sad and scared to death of even 17 more months of whoever is actually running this show…my opinion .. whomever is for the current regime is benefitting and needs to be closely observed … oh and Vermont I loved is no more, I left a year ago as the school and school board situation was my last straw and my children long time out of school; I still deeply care about all the children.
    Vermont is no longer a Republican state .. the common sense is gone .. I pray you all can make a difference and profoundly THANK GUY PAGE for continuing to provide quality information … send him a check!!!

  21. I couldn’t get through the first paragraph without knowing what was below. I hope this author reads all of these comments and his head explodes in anger. He is a fine example that liberalism is a mental disorder. Another person blinded by his refusal to see what is really happening. We are seeing the Digger crowd coming over to where people are allowed to express themselves and others are allowed to shoot it down with free speech. This is the same type of person who would have drunk the Kolade at the Jim Jones cult. As someone mentioned, this is what patriots are up against. He is right about 2024 being the most important election but not for his reasons. The progressive/democratic party has a history of being on the dark side and they have returned to their beginnings. They must be stopped, again. We are finding out in real time that freedom is not free, but our mission is from the heart, theirs’s from a sick ideology.

  22. History repeating itself and still non-believers. Remember General McCarthy, he also was blacklisted for trying to drain the swamp by goverment officials while looked on by many as a true national hero. They succeeded then, do we want it to happen again? We as a nation should remember the lessons of history and not repeat them.