Border crosser returned to Canada “to prevent further introduction of Covid-19”

Video surveillance catches Colombian man with backpack trying to enter U.S. at Derby Line Sept. 18. Still photo from US Border Patrol video on Facebook.

by Guy Page

The US Border Patrol claimed a small victory over preventing the introduction of Covid-19 into the U.S. after agents apprehended a Colombian man caught on video running into Derby Line from Canada on Saturday night, September 18.

Facebook video from the Swanton Sector of the US Border Patrol shows a dark figure with a backpack fleeing at 11:47 pm across the Derby Line library lawn.

“On Saturday, just before midnight, an unknown person illegally entered the United States from Canada through Derby Line, Vermont. Newport Border Patrol Agents were able to locate and apprehend the individual within minutes,” a written notice on the video says. “The adult male citizen of Colombia was expelled back to Canada in accordance with the current Title 42 Section 265 guidelines and in the interest of public health to prevent further introduction of Covid-19 into the United States.”

“We don’t know who this person is, why they are illegally entering the U.S., or what is in their backpack until they have been located and apprehended,” the video script continues.

Meanwhile on the southern border, U.S. Homeland Security policy to return illegal immigrants to prevent Covid-19 transmissions appears more relaxed. Bill Melugin, Fox News reporter at Del Rio, tweeted Sunday: “[Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas admits that 12,000+ Haitian illegal immigrants were released into the US from Del Rio. They were not subject to any vaccine or testing mandates. They were not tested before release. Haiti has a vax rate of less than 1%.”

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  1. ………And all the looney leftists breathed a sigh of relief. Thank GOD those from all third world countries pouring into the USA from our southern border can NEVER transmit Covid19!……..Oh, wait……

  2. How many covid-19 variants are being imported thru the southern border? The Democrats master plan for continuing suspension of our civil rights!

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