Booted newsman Steve Merrill to address Liberty Network

On Saturday March 27, the Vermont Liberty Network will gather at noon on the State House steps to celebrate the Green Mountain Boys of many generations past who served in the cause of Liberty. Public access TV host Steve Merrill will be a guest speaker.

“We will challenge ourselves to follow in their footsteps,” organizer John Klar said.

Our Revolutionary ancestors declared themselves free from foreign powers (including New York!) and then backed up their words with time, treasure and blood. Generations since have loyally stewarded our liberties, including through the Civil War, two World Wars, and many other battles, both physical and intellectual. Vermont’s history is not without blemish, but a proper appreciation for our heritage demands recognition of the tremendous risks and sacrifices that many Vermonters have made, that we might take that baton in trust for our own children.

Free speech is foundational to those liberties, and the foundation of Vermont Liberty Network. Governor Scott has barred reporter Steve Merrill from press conferences. Steve is a Public Access television community programmer of many years. Public Access television is a remarkable cornerstone in American free speech, mandated and funded by federal law, devoted entirely to the concept of citizen access to media and free speech.

“Governor Scott does not like hard questions, so he booted Steve,” Klar said.

Merrill will join Vermont Liberty Network to address the foundations of free speech, and the traditions — and committed patriots — who protect them. Additional speakers will include Guy Page and John Klar. For more information contact Klar at

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  1. Why meet on the Statehouse steps? Discussions like this should be less ‘for show’ and more ‘for substance’. Some of us have questions to ask. We may want to speak, not just be spoken to. Why not announce gatherings in several venues around the State?

  2. Gov. Scott has trouble understanding the English language. That’s why he doesn’t like those tough questions. I could not get him to understand what infringe means. Perhaps that was one of the words that Mr. Merrill through at him.

  3. I agree with H. Jay in that it would be more productive perhaps to travel around the State to evoke our serious concerns and allow local folks to participate and get more involved. That is what we need – more involvement. That would most likely require local enthusiasts to help raise some funds to pay for travel expenses for the speakers and also to locate possible venues.

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