Booster shots start today

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine booster doses will be available starting Friday to people in Vermont who are 80 years of age and older, state officials say.

The announcement follows the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) expanded emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine, to permit a third booster shot to be administered 6 months after certain individuals received their second dose. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) met this week to vote on its recommendations for boosters, following the FDA’s action.

The CDC will convene today to review those recommendations.

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  1. So the CDC reviews AFTER the FDA (all colluding with democrats headed by Fauci) begin injections already. Sounds poorly conceived, but then again – I’m not a physician who believes in overseeing “gain of function” research in China (of all locales). Therefore, I guess I possess some modicum of scruples. Fauci is a MURDERER.

  2. Those who are considering the Covid Shots and/or Booster Shots:

    1.) Be sure to look up what’s happening in Israel. They are ahead of the US on Covid Shots.The
    majority of their population has had three Pfizer Covid Shots without positive results. They are
    now looking at giving more. How many Boosters will there be?

    2.) Question: If it’s true that those testing positive have a Variant of the Original Covid Virus, how
    does a Booster of the Original Covid Virus do anything to help?

    3.) Doctors who have been de-platformed and canceled for trying to get information out to the
    public explain that the more Covid Shots the population gets, the worse the situation of cases
    will be overall. The Covid Shot for the Original Covid Virus and the Booster Covid Shots for the
    Original Covid Virus assist with the creation of Covid Virus Mutations.

    4.) Look up how many people have died due to Covid Shots and how many people have injuries
    due to Covid Shots. Why are the State and Federal Governments suppressing this information?

    5.) Look up the ingredients in the Covid Shots/Boosters.

    6.) Why are State and Federal Governments pushing these experimental Covid Shots on our
    youth? Their survival rate of getting Covid is 99.8% and if they do get Covid, they will have a
    more robust natural immunity.

    Please think and research. Your life and health are very valuable.

  3. Recent release of documents gotten under the FOIA request has shown that Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance requested money and got money from Fauci and private donations to perform research to successfully create a nano particle spike protein that would penetrate human skin in an aerosolized form, that was capable of human to human transmission His research was successful and this was accomplished in Wuhan and then was released in bat caves to populate that species that would be sold at the open air Chinese market that enabled the spread worldwide. Daszak is more evil than Hitler because not only has he created the original Wuhan spike protein virus but according to the documents had created 180 additional more deadly spike proteins that are viable and available for release. The spike protein is the danger and that is what the vaccine makes inside your body. This is a de-population agenda that Daszak and Bill Gates advocate to “save” the Earth. This is not speculation, this is confirmed but since the media is part of the conspiracy they will discredit the findings. Vaccination of the spike protein is the preferred way to depopulate the world. If the people refuse the spike protein injections it is speculated that a simple release of one of the 180 more deadly spike proteins that Daszak developed will be sprayed at venues to scare people to continue vaccinations under the cover of mutation variants. I know its hard to know who to believe. At least save your kids at this point until the truth is revealed. Vaccinated people are in trouble because that spike protein is compromising their immune system killer T-cells that are needed to fight a multitude of infections and even cancers. I know its a hard choice to determine whether or not to take a booster. Do your research.

    • Following is the actual government document designation.
      The original EcoHealth Alliance proposal to DARPA is numbered HR001118S0017-PREEMPT-PA-001

  4. Even VT Digger has acknowledged that vaccinated Vermonters have accounted for 64% of the recorded Covid deaths here since July 29. So go get a vax booster because it works so well??

  5. Quote: “The September 17, 2021, FDA meeting on Pfizer’s proposed COVID-19 booster, which is another injection of 30 mcg of mRNA coded for the extinct wild-type Spike protein, failed to approve the broad use of boosters. Presentations by Drs. Jessica Rose, David Wiseman, Peter Doshi, and Paul Alexander collectively made the case that across the broad range of age groupings, that a vaccine recipient was MORE LIKE TO DIE AFTER THE INJECTION [emphasis mine] than taking the risk of contracting COVID-19 and dying of the infection. Shockingly, the vaccine stakeholders did not have a refutation of this analysis.”
    See most recent article on for full report

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