BLM the Greatest Lie Ever Sold, resident tells selectboard

Confronts Hartford Selex over D.E.I. training

by Aaron Warner

After reviewing the town of Hartford D.E.I. training and discovering that it’s a front for cultural Marxism propped up by lies and unproven social theory, I felt obligated to address the Select Board who mandated it for town employees.  The following is my statement and the link to the video is here (minutes 9:25-15:00).

Do you like to be lied to?  I don’t think any of us like to be lied to, especially by our government or media. However the lying has become pathological to the point both government and media are at all time lows in terms of the trust they have with the American people.  Why is that?  

Recently I watched a documentary film titled “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” which is an expose of the organization Black Lives Matter.  It’s important to note the maker of the film is a black woman.   She made the film because she discovered the fraudulent nature of its organizers.  Among the things she cites in the film:

  • BLM raised $90 million dollars and almost none of it went to uplift black communities 
  • George Floyd, whose death was used by BLM to justify nationwide riots and over $1 billion in property damage, not only had three times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his body which is why he couldn’t breathe, BLM never used any of the money they raised to help cover the cost of his funeral nor settle his estate
  • More than one BLM director in a major city has resigned over the dishonesty of it’s leaders

Black Lives Matter is an almost sacrosanct term now because of course Black Lives Matter.  When I first heard the phrase I was shocked because, as a rational adult, I can’t imagine who needed to be told Black Lives Matter?  Personally, if you’re an adult in America and need to be reminded black lives matter you’re a pathetic human being.  Likewise, if you feel it’s your place to tell other adults black lives matter you’re equally ridiculous.  

 This is grade school level messaging, which is exactly the point.  Black Lives Matter is a type of double-speak where the apparent meaning is different from the hidden meaning.  Why do I say this?  This is a Marxist tactic.  We know because Patrise Cullors, one of the co-founders of BLM is on video stating “we are trained Marxists”.  

As the BLM riots burned down my home city of Portland, Oregon I had to find out what was going on with this group, so I went to their website.  What I found in their mission statement was stunning – it was pure Marxism.  It called for all seven planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto among which are: 

  • Abolition of private property
  • Abolition of the nation state and national borders – that is to end America
  • Abolition of religion 
  • Abolition of inheritance 
  • Abolition of the nuclear family 

They’ve since taken these statements down due to backlash, which is another lie.  They won’t even stand behind their true intent. 

Another example of DEI in practice comes just one town south of us in Windsor where the principal was fired for stating on her private social media account “All Lives Matter”.  This is her right of free speech to state, especially in private.  

However the Marxists on the school board had her fired for that simple statement – All Lives Matter.  Does anyone disagree?  Do all lives not matter?  The Vermont courts agreed and awarded her $650,000 in damages along with another $225,000 to cover her legal fees.  That’s almost a million dollars the town was forced to pay for the abuse of power.  Is the town of Hartford prepared to face similar lawsuits when someone who either misuses or refuses to use a pronoun gets fired for creating a “hostile work environment”, as your DEI training implied?   

Here are some other DEI disasters from just this past month: 

  • School administrators in Carmel, Indiana confessed on hidden camera to pushing DEI and Critical Race Theory on students despite telling parents they weren’t – they lied
  • A town manager in Wisconsin issued a statement saying the colors red and green and any religious Christmas decorations would not be permitted in the town building because it’s “not inclusive”.  So rather than include decorations specifically related to the holiday she wants to exclude them.  How is that inclusive?  It’s not, it’s a lie.  

These people are often called “social justice warriors”.  It’s not about justice though, it’s ideology that hides itself as a social theory but is in fact a religion.  Why do I say that?  Because Marx said that.  The Communist Manifesto was originally to be titled The Communist Statement of Faith until his comrade Engels suggested it would expose their true aim.  In other words, they lied.  

If you’re still not convinced ask the authors of Critical Race Theory an Introduction.  I have the book.  In the first edition they state they met to write the book at a convent in Madison, Wisconsin “surrounded by crucifixes, an odd place for a bunch of Marxists to meet”.  I suppose we should take their word for it.  The second edition removed that passage.  Yet another lie.  

Lastly the concept of white privilege – have any of you heard of this?  It’s the idea tied to America’s history that white people have created systemic privileges thus systemic racism.  It’s an interesting theory and sounds truly unique, but can anyone tell me where the Han people live in the world?  China.  Yes, like white people are in America, they’re the most popular people group in China.  And one of the key pillars to Mao’s cultural revolution, for those of you who haven’t studied the history, was the concept of Han privilege, just like white privilege. That was in the 1950s.  Mao was a Marxist. 

So here it is, DEI uses terms we can all support and should support, diversity, equity and inclusion.  However that’s not how it’s practiced, which is the big lie.  If the town intends to pursue this type of teaching I hope it’s prepared to deal with the lies and potentially the lawsuits that also come with it.    

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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  1. Fraud has a limited shelf life – now comes the pain of being exposed and in some cases, imprisonment and assets seized. Considering Stacey Abrahm’s brother-in-law was just popped for human trafficking (aka slavery) and assaulting a minor, perhaps it is time for the DEI office to pack up their belongings, the mandatory DEI training be removed from the manual today, and all the shills back up and realize they’ve been manipulated and defrauded by thieving, evil scoundrels.

  2. Thank you. I would like to add that the critical theory aka DEI was unleashed by the United Nations to propagandize youth into functioning in the new sustainable economy.

  3. BLM was fraud from the moment of inception because Floyd died of a massive drug overdose. And yes, it was a communist inspired riot shakedown that turned into a good old fashioned grift. I can’t believe I still see signs in people’s yards.

  4. Thank you again, Aaron Warner, for drawing attention to these dire threats to our freedom in the USA. Thank you for pointing out that Mao’s rise in China was actually engineered by dark forces in the West who at present have their claws deep into American society. You can’t get much deeper than into the schools and universities where travesties occur as our youth is inculcated with Marxist belief. It is so painful to see my beloved Vermont so unthinkingly swallowing these poisons. Just as with the covid jabs, our better nature is being appealed to, but those who promote DEI, CRT, SEL and so on have no belief in objective truth, science or biology, spirituality, human individuality or what is universally human. This Social Justice Theory is totally materialistic. We need to shift our emphasis to what all human beings have in common, NOT what makes us diverse, to the human soul and spirit, all that makes us truly human. We all come from the Divine.

    Two excellent books for those who want to delve deeper are “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody” by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay and “The Marxification of Education” by James Lindsay.

  5. And it’s even more synister…..all the riots, I believe happened in economic zones targeted to get massive federal money.

    So they hold the riots, ruin the town, come in and buy property for cheap, they get paid by the tax payers to rebuild it…..

    Pretty interesting scam huh?

    Yet no body is talking about it…..some people would rather keep this scam private among their close friends.

  6. Thankyou, Aaron Warner, for an excellent essay on the phoniness of BLM. Patrice Fullors owns three homes, which is much too much property for just one trained socialist, Judeo-Christian hating SJW. She should be in a heavily federal and state subsidized apartment, and it appears she needs three refrigerators for her physical gluttony as well.

  7. Ever since Johnson signed the civil rights law in 65 the dems have used blacks as, for lack of a better word, a token, a stooge, a fool.
    They are on a mission to destroy the black, be it community, family , church, school and on and on.
    Notice all these special groups are run by shady blacks who are really all about making money for themselves.
    Here is a hidden tool of the progressives / democrats. Oprah Winfrey. She has made her million/billions off the misery and suffering of ignorant blacks since the 90’s. Al Sharpton, you know the liar (think Tawana Brawley). They all talk a good game , get their check and as always walk away.

    As a black man, I say shame to BLM and its thugs. Much like the Panthers of old they are nothing but a scam.
    I feel contempt for all people who have that virtue signaling BLM sign in their yard. But, I bet if a black man needs to knock on their door, maybe use the phone they would call the cops or just not answer the door ( had that happen o me this year in Cornwall).
    I see no non-newsworthy situations where BLM defends a black that say , got left on the side of the road in Rutland to walk home with no citation.

    Where was BLM when I was called a N*****, while doing my job for VT lottery and being FIRED FOR IT.
    What about all the black kids in school who they want to drug instead of FIXING problems.
    Where is BLM trying to stop the crime?
    Where is BLM to stop school shootings?
    Where is BLM to protect store that get mobbed by black kids ?
    Where are they after a senseless shooting?
    Oh, I know in their million dollar homes away from the rabble.
    Please stop the signs. If you support a cause then when in public and you see something DO SOMETHING!

    • Thank you Shannon for all you have stated and shared here. You have confirmed all I have been thinking, and more, esp. that they (the ones displaying those signs) really will NOT be supportive of Black people. Probably, many people, like myself, would do so without needing to display a sign. Best wishes to you.

    • Shannon, you tell it like it is. I’m an old radical. I put myself in danger of my life several times over issues. I was treated vilely after, literally, putting my life on the line for Mumia. Pam Africa called the way I was treated “racism”.
      The sound in the background is Dr. King and Malcolm weeping over the way things have gone.

  8. Of course it was based on lies. But the lies were incredibly effective. Police are short staffed everywhere and criminals roam the streets. Donald Trump is not currently in the White House. And nobody has been held accountable.

    I disagree that “diversity, equity and inclusion” are even inherently good. They’re not necessarily bad, but forcing it us bad.

  9. It’s such a shame that Portland Oregon is no more. Same goes for Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

  10. I was just sitting down to write an outreach letter to our local parents: our high school still is flying a BLM flag right next to the Flag of the United States, instead of the Vermont State Flag. The school board refuses to take it down. I do not believe it is a coincidence that the same school is heavily promoting D.E.I./SEL to the extent core curriculum is being displaced and teachers are being forced to comply with the new requirements. They are literally indoctrinating our kids into marxism (I refuse to capitalize that word). Parents need to be alerted, and the first thing we need to do is take down the symbol: Old Glory may not be perfect, but it is the true symbol of liberty, freedom, and justice for all. The BLM rag is a lie.

    I’m glad I checked the VDC headlines and saw this excellent and accurate article. Thank You.