Blakeney: Speak Truth Firmly to Evil

Stand for Something


America has been the anchor of western civilization for the last century. Today we no longer articulate our values and principles. We listen constantly to leftist crap. This is the reason we have drifted so far off our moorings. It is time to stand for something.

There are tons of people who want to fight the left these days. Many are screaming things like: “No more Mr. Nice Guy” or “Nice guys finish last.” But angry ranting only convinces people you are angry and ranting. Sometimes we need to understand what we believe and say so quietly and mean it. Just make sense. We need to know we are doing the right thing for the right reason.

Conservatives and classic liberals who love freedom have to walk our own walk; to speak truth to evil. We have to stand for our beliefs.

Be a nice person and a happy warrior

Most Americans are opposed to all of the angry Woke crap. We know it is Marxists, social justice Karens doing the ranting. Nobody wants to be around that. Nobody wants to live under the rule of people who want to cancel Mr. Potato Head. Who wants to have their life ruined for a misspoken pronoun or trying to help and getting it wrong?

Sure the leftists have cultural clout. They are Academia, the MSM and the Fortune 500 listens to the squeaky wheel. The social justice warriors have taken over the cultural institutions.

Call out hypocrisy

Disney fired Gina Carano for an Instagram post. Conservatives and classic liberals who love freedom had little trouble finding truly awful things other Disney actors and directors had in their tweets. One even has posts about dropping Trump supporters into a wood chipper.

Disney like Nike stands with the Left. They are willing to turn a blind eye to China’s brutality. Is it the ideology or the money?

Amazon just stopped selling “When Harry Became Sally.” This is a book by scholar Ryan T. Anderson. He’s the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. His book on transgenderism is highly regarded. However, he opposes the transgender agenda.

Amazon not only stopped selling it. They also prohibit anyone else from selling the book through Amazon.

Stay with the issues, meanness is not required

The social justice warriors of the left are angry. Their corporate and academic allies feed on the rage. The woke have cultural and institutional clout. Conservatives and classic liberals long for that. But matching anger with anger is a mistake. Our principles and values do not include anger and revenge. They include tolerance, truth, and the golden rule.

Conservatives need to match anger with determination. We must a smile, outstretch our hand, and speak truth firmly to evil. We also must stand for what we believe and speak about it everywhere there is an ear willing to listen. It is time for conservatives and classic liberals, people who love freedom, to become apostles of truth and the golden rule.

Republished with permission, upon request from a Vermont Daily reader, from Granite Grok, a New Hampshire political news and commentary website.

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  1. This is particularly funny. Each of these “villains” is a private company that operates in a capitalistic free society. Corporate America is not necessarily losing sleep with worry over brown people and women as Marxist threats. THEY WANT TO SELL THEM STUFF. It’s called a free market, and I just love it when “conservatives” cry like babies when stuff sells that they just don’t like. Thanks Guy for doing this service!!

    • Actually, America was very briefly – if ever – a “capitalistic free society”. Crony capitalism – essentially the same evil as socialism (an unholy marriage of corporations and government for their mutual benefit) – has been the name of the game for most of our country’s history. To deny this reality is ludicrous and only enables and empowers these tyrants as they work to destroy the working class..

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