Blake Allen writes essay on transgender student conflict. But it’s not the one the school wanted

Blake and Travis Allen speak out on Tucker Carlson Tonight against punishment by Randolph Union High School over girls’ locker room incident. YouTube video.

By Guy Page

Blake Allen, the 14 year old freshman suspended from Randolph Union High School after complaining that a transgender biological male was watching her and other girls undress in the girls’ locker room, has authored an essay on the experience. 

But it’s not the essay school officials demanded. They wanted Allen to write a ‘mea culpa,’ after which they would judge whether it showed enough self-awareness of her accused bullying to lift the suspension. 

Instead, Allen wrote a lengthy essay criticizing school officials. The headline reads: “My high school punished me for saying a male shouldn’t be allowed to watch me undress.”

The essay was published on the Fox News website November 17, along with a video interview of her and her father by Fox news host Tucker Carlson.

“I’m a private person when it comes to my body, even in the safety and comfort of home,” Allen writes in the opinion piece published on the Fox News website . “But at school, apparently there’s no problem with a male student freely watching us girls change our clothes.”

In the interview with Carlson, Allen shares that the school lifted the suspension after she and her father filed suit with help from Alliance Defending Freedom. 

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  1. Tucker also calls out every man with a daughter @ RU High who didn’t say anything.

    “Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.” – one of my favorite movie quotes.

    • Its not coming from the boards. Its bigger than that. The boards mostly follow the guidance of the partisan, woke VSBA, which acts under the NSBA. All in bed with the the state AOE, under the guise of the federal DOE and the major teacher’s unions. Elected truth speakers are persecuted and silenced by the powers that be….trust me, i have personal experience. And still we fight.

  2. So, where are the 1000’s who should be standing up with her. I know very few woman who speak positively of their high school locker room experiences even with just biological women present. Yes, it’s appropriate to have modesty.

    Now add a person with male body parts and says, the sight of you is stirring my male hormones? Any women volunteering to enter that locker room? Any men willing to stand guard at the doors?

    Anyone willing to say, the administration had it wrong?

  3. If it wasn’t transgender, it would be something else; to break people’s spirit; to force conformity/compliance/resignation to evil. WE ARE AT WAR

    • It’s very clever social marketing perpetrated by the extreme left. It’s the same social marketing that convinced enough of the American political center that the republican party are racist, homophobic, nationalist, white supremacist, intolerant etc etc.
      It is possible because the extreme left has taken control of the formative institutions of our society…the public school system and the major media. A majority of us voted for this. The tactic of painting those who stand for the dignity and safety of females as bullies is insidious and takes us back to the stone age. Take a walk around and realize that a majority of the population are apparently ok with this or else they stayed home on election day.

      • The majority of us didn’t vote for this. The majority of voters did, if the machine counts are correct. How will we ever know? Election integrity is on life support. In Vermont, it’s already dead.

  4. This young woman is destined for greatness. She’s got more courage in her little pinkie than all the school board members & the entire district do! You GO, Blake!!!

  5. Where are the 9 other girls that were in that locker room with Blake who were also being watched—why don’t they speak up? There’s safety in numbers!!!! Help out! That biological male wasn’t talking to Blake alone.

  6. Blake Allen has the warrior spirit. She is fully girded in the armour, holding the sword of Truth high and swinging it with authority! Hallelujah! God bless her and her family. I pray for a continued hedge of protection around her, her family, friends and all who support her in this fight. Many more need to follow her example of courage – brilliant and unapologetic – a True American standing up what is right and just!

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