Biz Mag reader poll: employers lean against requiring employee vax

Screenshot from today

By Guy Page

According to a recently-launched Vermont Business Magazine reader poll, 35% of Vermont employers have already required employees to be vaccinated. 40% say they have no intention of asking them to be vaccinated.

The poll is a “pop-up” on, the online platform for the state’s leading business news publication. It asks one question: “Are you going to require your employees to be vaccinated?”

As of this morning, 213 votes had been cast. 39.91% answered “no intention of ever requiring vaccination for employees.” 34.74% responded, “yes, have already done so.” 

Responses of less than 10% each went to “yes, will do it soon,” “will wait and see if cases grow,” and “other.”

VBM also reported today that “The American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter, Vermont Medical Society, Vermont Academy of Family Physicians, and the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital urge continued universal masking in schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and promote a healthy, safe, and productive school year.”

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  1. In addition the media is lying to those who believe the vaccine has been approved.The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots. They granted approval of the application of a vaccine NOT YET AVAILABLE!!!!!!!

  2. It would seem foolhardy for a small business to mandate anything COVID. I can not afford to lose a good employee for any reason, let alone a stupid reason. IF, and it’s a big if- vaccines are so great and worth the risk, there wouldn’t be the objection to getting them.
    It would also seem sitting at a deposition table, trying to explain why a mandate- will be a very expensive proposition.

  3. I personally would never work for a company that mandated this vax. I’m attempting to determine which companies are doing this so that I no longer do business with them either if at all feasible. Why support a company that has such disrespect for the rights of their employees?

  4. Are there employers that allow people with AIDS to use the bathroom at work? That’s disgusting and dangerous. Any employee that practices unsafe sex should have to be tested weekly! They should be limited to solitary kind of jobs or must work from home. Do you think that is appropriate? Of course NOT!
    Unvaccinated people do not spread the virus more readily than vaccinated people. If there is a study that is peer reviewed with a double blind, control group that proves that, I have not seen it and dare you to produce one. I’m tired of hysterical, ignorant, fearful people whose selfness spews’ CONTROL.

  5. I would be weary of a workplace that allows animals since they also carry the corona viruses. NOT lying! As far as I know they are not being punished for not wearing masks. It might be beneficial to vaccinate dogs with mRNA vaccines to see how many die after being injected to see if the rate of death goes up exponentially. How many would test positive for covid 19? If a significant amount of them die, we will know because of increased demand for a replacement, unlike human beings.

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