Bills would ban outdoor smoking ban near buildings 

by Timothy Page

A Senate bill introduced on April 18 would limit smoking in public-use spaces.

S.147 would “prohibit smoking cigarettes or using electronic cigarettes within 25 feet of any place of public access or of a multiunit dwelling.” This specifically does NOT include “the use of tobacco substitutes in a business that does not sell food or beverages but is established for the sole purpose of providing a setting for patrons to purchase and use tobacco substitutes and related paraphernalia” such as vape shops. Cannabis products are not mentioned in the bill’s restrictions.

S.147 is the Senate’s “companion” (i.e. virtually identical) bill of H.69, which was introduced back on January 19 by Rep. Karen Dolan (D-Essex Junction) to the Human Services House committee. S.147 was sponsored by Sen. Irene Wrenner (D-Chittenden, also from Essex) and referred to the Senate Committee for Health and Welfare.

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    • Already do. It’s easy. These morons who propose and pass this legislation don’t seem to realize cops don’t even respond to BURGLARIES anymore. Why would they be the “Smoking Police” too?
      Waste of our tax dollars.

  1. The irony. They are concerned about smoking near a building. Yet, they do encourage human sacrifices (aka abortions, assisted suicide, human sterilization.) They will also encourage and/or mandate you inject an experimental, untested, unidentified, unverified pharmacutical concoction in your body. All of which you hold them all harmless should something go wrong.

  2. Vermont elected officials continue to treat those addicted to nicotine as second-class citizens while rolling out the red carpet of taxpayer benefits to accommodate those whose addiction is the result of CHOOSING to use opioids recreationally. The smokers have to scratch their itch in the rain, out behind the dumpsters while there are continued efforts to set up nice, clean facilities for IV drug users to indulge. They run TV and radio ads suggesting that tobacco users need to call the toll free number to get advice about quitting their filthy habit while making excuses about why the opioid junkies brains have been rewired and that if they can’t remain “in recovery”, it’s not their fault, but the fault of the evil for-profit pharmaceutical industry. Demoprogs are world-class hypocrites.

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