Billings: Principal Di Giulio must go!

The following letter was mailed to Vermont Daily Chronicle this morning in response to the Hardwick Principal Jason di Giulio’s comments about burning the American flag.

Dear Superintendent Adam Rosenberg and members of the Hazen School Board –

Today was the first day of school for my children at Hazen Union, what should have been a great first day was a huge disappointment for my children after listening to the opening remarks of Principal Jason Di Giulio. This opening assembly should have been a time to welcome students, celebrate kindness, embrace each other’s differences, and enjoy another great year at Hazen. Sadly, this was not how the ceremony went.

Jason went off on an Anti-American speech rally telling my children and the communities children that it is ok to kneel, ignore, and even burn the American flag. He also informed our children that they can disrespect the National Anthem. He rattled off his sexual orientation and poor treatment by the US military as his reasoning for his Anti-American remarks.

At no point do my children need to know any of this. They are thirteen years old, another person’s sexual orientation is none of their business. A person that is holding a position of authority above our children should not be forcing their political hate speech upon our children. That is an abuse of power, it is disgusting, and it is manipulating our children into having the same biased mindset.

I do not send my children to Hazen to have this way of thinking shoved down their throat. This is disturbing. I posted on Facebook hoping my children misheard what was spoken and the outrage I’ve received from students and parents is unreal. This needs to be addressed. I am reaching out to the Agency of Education, the Hardwick Gazette, Front Porch Forum and as many public outlets as I can.

Jason Di Giulio needs to resign or be fired!

Monica Billings

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  1. NEVER democrat or progressive EVER in Vermont…….doing so is costing us our entire state & we are becoming N.J.

  2. Who hired this person? Did they not know where he stands on these kind of issues? Did they not ask pertinent questions? He does not belong in a public school. Those responsible for his hiring should also resign.

    • It has become the tyranny of the minority. This group understands if you can control the voting direction-even with limited turnout-you can control the outcome of any platform you wish to put forward. Hopefully, sooner or later reasonable people will recognize and act on this. The direction will turn only when people act in concert to change the complacency which has so far gotten us to this sad point.

  3. Ms. Billings, I agree with you. With that said, your, my, our opinions are clear, sound, common sense, but extremely unpopular nowadays as we descend into PC anarchy. I am not saying our more conservative way is the only way, but that is precisely what PC tyrants like these haughty Hazen educators believe Its their way or the highway. The Free Press and Barre Times are PC propaganda editorial rags espousing radical political insanity, and I am sure they don’t want to hear what you have to say. Leftists condescend to anyone opposing their antagonistic, antisocialist agendas. Because we do not agree with people pushing their identity politics on us and our children, we must be rednecks. Ronald Reagan said when fascism comes to America it will be in the “progressive enlightened” shape of liberalism. God, patriotism, the first two amendments, and only two sexes are just not cool enough for these superior engineered and evolved intellects.

  4. America’s socialist/Marxists, filled with hatred for this country, now run all areas of our educational system . All I can say is that anyone who wanted to burn the BLM organization’s flag would be charged with a hate crime. This act would not be protected under free speech. All while, American children are encouraged to burn and disrespect the flag of their county. From my perspective, burning the American flag is a hate crime against Americans, and should be treated as such.

  5. Unless I am mistaken resident taxpayers do have a voice. Call for a board meeting and use it !

  6. The tragedy is that the school system is rife with folks who think this way. They become righteously indignant when we object to what they are doing to our kids. The message seems clear, the school system in not ours, the constituents/customers. It is belongs to a cabal of us “professional educators” serving our own ends. Citizens need to be freed to shop elsewhere. Let the money follow the kid.

  7. To burn the flag is legal. It is a right that should be maintained. To advocate burning it is an entirely different story. Such politics in general have no pace in public schools.

  8. This is unacceptable behavior of a school principal and it seems like the schools are being overrun with indoctrinated individuals with questionable intent. This I’m sure is not the only school with this issue. Since schools aren’t letting parents see lesson plans and its obvious that even a general assembly like this is compromised by slanted views, parents should be asking their kids to document or video what is being said and what is happening in the schools.
    A friend of mine did some mechanical work last summer at a school in the little town of Gilman Vt (140+ pre-k – 8th students) and saw one classroom plastered with Obama photos. Absolutely plastered. Tell me, why is that necessary when he wasn’t even the sitting POTUS? This has been quietly going on for years. Politics, posters and all of the flags that do not represent our country should be kept out of school except old Glory.
    Guy, please keep following this Hazen school principals antics. I hope there is a happy ending here and he hits the road.

  9. How about we stick to teaching how to read and write, balance a checking account and avoid becoming labeled a felon. Those things would go a long way to solving our current problems.

  10. If you go on the schools Facebook page it looks like Monica is hearing incomplete information from her child

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