Bill would protect girls’ right to play sports against girls only

Students at Mid-Vermont Christian School – MVCSschool.com

By Guy Page

A bill prohibiting biologically-male transgender students from playing school sports designated for girls or women has been introduced into the Vermont Legislature – and immediately labeled as “hate” by transgender activists.

H513, “An act relating to protecting the competitive integrity and safety of girls and women in sports,” is sponsored by Rep. Art Peterson (R-Clarendon). Reps. Larry Labor, Terri Williams, and Charles Wilson, all Northeast Kingdom Republicans, co-sponsored the bill. The ‘short-form’ bill is brief and straightforward, saying it would “prohibit individuals that were assigned the sex of male at birth from participating in an elementary, secondary, or postsecondary school athletic program or activity that is designated for girls or women.”

Introduced April 7, H513 was referred to the House Education Committee. It is not likely to be voted out with an affirmative vote of the Democrat-dominated committee. 

Last month,  the Vermont Principals Association banned Mid-Vermont Christian School banned from future tournament play for forfeiting a game against the Long Trail School, which had a 6’ 2” biologically male player. 

“We intend to appeal the decision,” Head of School Vicky Fogg said a day after the ban was announced. “Cancelling our membership is not a solution and does nothing to deal with the very real issue of safety and fairness facing women’s sports in our beloved state.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom is representing a similar law passed by West Virginia. It said in a recent statement:

“Biological differences between males and females matter in sports. Female athletes have fought long and hard for equal opportunities, and they deserve to compete on a fair and level playing field. West Virginia and 17 other states have enacted laws that protect women and girls from having to compete against males. That exemplifies the type of respect and dignity that every woman deserves.”

The proposed Vermont bill has been scorned by leading transgender activists and social media influencers. 

Rep. Taylor Small (D/P – Winooski), Vermont’s first openly transgender lawmaker, Tweeted April 7: “Rep. Art Peterson (R) and others have officially submitted the first and only piece of anti-trans legislation in Vermont. Our state is not exempt from the hateful legislation sweeping our nation.” The tweet showed a screenshot of H.513.

Resharing Small’s tweet, Addison County High Bailiff, police oversight activist, and marijuana legalization advocate David Silberman wrote: “Short form anti-trans bills, for you are proudly hateful, but also too lazy to flesh out the details.”

Rebutting arguments of transgender advocates like Small and Silberman, the Heritage Institute argues that opponents of transgender rights over girls and women’s rights instead affirm social and government policy based on physical, biological reality rather than feelings:

“At the core of the ideology is the radical claim that feelings determine reality. From this idea come extreme demands for society to play along with subjective reality claims. Trans ideologues ignore contrary evidence and competing interests, they disparage alternative practices, and they aim to muffle skeptical voices and shut down any disagreement.”

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    • Lots of young women are going to get serious injuries playing against MEN!!! Just waiting for a major injuries going against MEN!!

  1. In 1951, while I was a student and varsity swimmer, I worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the summer. My duties included acting as Asst. Coach of the new Walter Reed Swimming Team which trained in the hospital’s medical pool when it was not in use by the medical staff and patients. The team was made up of high school and local college students who, except for a few exceptions, had never competed in school or AAU swimming competition.
    Jim Campbell, the coach, was a champion sculler in his own right and was an excellent coach. That year, in the 1951 Women’s Outdoor Championships, this new team soundly destroyed the defending National Champions from Hawaii. Several of the swimmers made the ’52 US Olympics in Helsinki.
    They were the best, but I could beat them all.
    It may not be “fair” to the trans athletes, but they can not compete fairly with the women’s teams.
    Everything in life is not “fair” to all. Women’s sports must be protected or all the effort for equity for women in sports will be lost.

  2. The extremist, Communist democrats in the legislature are actually correct here……this is ALL about hate!

    It is the HATE that men & even other women in the legislature have for girls and women – that they are the ONLY one of the two sexes who can become pregnant, carry, birth, and feed a new life from their own bodies; they loathe such power bestowed by God, and constantly seek to belittle it through rabidly encouraging abortion & denying reproductive science.

    It is the HATE that men & even other women in the legislature have for girls and women who have the courage and the tenacity to stand up for their God-given rights as unique & sacred examples of personhood and fight against the diabolical left as they seek to abolish their gender and therefore their personal power.

    It is the HATE that men & even other women in the legislature have for girls and women and indeed anyone who potentially embodies and further demonstrates the decades-plus of determination which finally, in the early & mid 20th century, resulted in federal & state laws decreeing equal rights whilst also declaring them as members of a “protected class” – a class legally protected from discrimination and harassment.

    It is the HATE that the majority of men and women in this legislature have for BOTH men and women who stand behind the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the multitude of writings by our ingenious forefathers who knew that the scourge of tyranny would someday come to pass in these United States which they had crafted, and within those writings instructed us all in how to defy, and how to defeat the enemy which would inevitably come from within. And defy and defeat them we shall.

    • The irony of the misogony from the legislature, VNEA, VPA and various school boards surrounding gender dysphoria is staggering. Title IV, enacted in 1972 was the legislation to end such issues- but the “woke” continue to do end runs around laws and the moral foundation Vermont and the US were founded on.
      Those that oppose protections for equal treatment of women exhibit misogony, period.

  3. Notice how you never see biological females fighting for the right to compete as boys against other boys. It’s always the other way around, and the reason is obvious.

  4. If Rep. Small and the rest of the Vermont trans mafia really are concerned about gender/sex equity, they should promote legislation prohibiting all gender/sex segregation in school athletics. Then we wont have to get into all the sticky details about who qualifies to play against whom. They should “celebrate the wholeness of the human family”…or something lofty like that.

  5. Does this mean that sanity and common sense are making a come back? Finally, a bill I can support.

    • Making a comeback one can pray. Against D and P that actually support hate. I remember in the Bible it says in the later days, good will be called evil; and evil will be called good.

  6. Will common sense have a rebirth in this legislature? Doubtful. More likely this bill will die in committee.

  7. Great that someone is finally using their head for more then a hat rack. I’m sure in this progressive garbage state it will not pass.

  8. Men and women have played on sports teams together for a long time, EXCEPT they were called co-ed! I played co-ed softball and volleyball in my early twenties, and I knew the dangers of playing with and against men. It was my choice, and I paid for it with a concussion and whiplash at one point. However, I had a CHOICE, that’s the difference. These girls/women should have their right to only compete against other females protected. If trans men/women want to compete, make some co-ed teams.

  9. If the progressives really believed in equity, they would support a boys team , girls team and trans team. That is the inclusive way of doing things.

  10. It’s time for the moderate democrats to dump the progressives and vote for this bill. I have not met one democrat who thinks it is ok for trans to play on girls teams.

  11. Unfortunately,until young women,be they high school or college age say “enough”and stop competing will anything change.In fact,if they don’t stop it now,biological women will be the real losers.They cannot rely on the feminist movement for support.

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