Bill expands role of State House art committee

Governor’s Ceremonial Office in the Vermont State House. In addition to being the home of a working legislature, the State House is a state historic landmark and art museum.

By Guy Page

A Senate bill now in the House would expand the role of the existing advisory committee overseeing the State House art collection. 

The Legislative Advisory Committee on the State House will ensure the State House art collection “represents Vermont’s diverse people and history, including diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability status,” according to a bill to be reviewed by the House Institutions and Corrections Committee Thursday at 9 am. 

S173 has passed the Senate. The bill changes current law by giving the Committee oversight, and not just advisory status, for the State House art collection. Also, “the Committee shall be consulted on the refurbishing, renovation, preservation, and expansion of the building and its interior.”

The Committee would meet 2-7 times a year – more often, if given approval by the Speaker – with its 12 members being paid the per diem permitted by law for all state boards and commissions. The membership includes three representatives, three senators, the State Curator, a member of the Vermont Arts Council, the Sergeant-at-Arms, the chair of the Friends of the Vermont State House, and the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services. 

And, “the Committee may establish permanent or ad hoc subcommittees as needed to carry out its duties. A collections subcommittee of the Committee shall, in coordination with experts, develop a collections policy for recommendation to the Committee.

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  1. How many thousands of taxpayer dollars will flow into the pockets of these hacks in order to satisfy rabid woke culture and provide ample opportunities for political virtue signaling? I assume the subjects of all the existing art will be scrutinized by today’s woke standards and will be draped with black cloths or removed as deemed appropriate to satisfy the mob of “those who identify as easily-offended”. Is Ethan Allen on the front portico doomed? Hey Legislature, pass a budget and go home!

    • Need Term Limit on the Legislative session, do the work needed….and go home by March 30……end of story!!

  2. Another committee, a bigger committee and this time it is the art world. After seeing how the avant guard artists, such as Hunter Biden or Marina Abramovic operate, look closely at whose bequest and beneft they operate under. It is a cover for money laundering, fraud and other evil doings – the arts are as corrupted and twisted by politics – just look at who is involved and how.