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FBI refuses to give Congress informant file alleging Biden took bribes as vice president | 10 May 2023 | The FBI has refused to give Congress an informant file alleging that Joe Biden took bribes while he was vice president, The Post has learned — setting up a possible showdown over access to the information. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued a legally binding subpoena last week requiring the FBI to turn over the file by noon Wednesday, but the bureau instead replied with a six-page letter raising various objections… Comer slammed the FBI’s stonewalling, but he did not immediately announce further steps to acquire the document. Congress has the power to apply financial pressure to agencies and can also use litigation to enforce its orders or attempt to shame officials through contempt votes. “It’s clear from the FBI’s response that the unclassified record the Oversight Committee subpoenaed exists, but they are refusing to provide it to the Committee,” Comer said.

Nine Biden family members who allegedly got foreign money identified by House GOP | 10 May 2023 | House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer identified nine members of President [sic] Biden’s family Wednesday who allegedly received foreign income after teasing the bombshell for weeks. “Since you asked, I’ll tell you,” Comer (R-Ky.) told a rapt room of reporters at the Capitol after laying out new bank record evidence showing first son Hunter Biden received 1 million from a corrupt Romanian businessman while his dad was vice president. “Joe Biden’s son [Hunter], Joe Biden’s brother [James], Joe Biden’s brother’s wife [Sara], Hunter Biden’s girlfriend or Beau Biden’s widow [Hallie], however, you want to write that, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife [Kathleen Buhle], Hunter Biden’s current wife [Melissa Cohen], and three children of the president’s son and the president’s brother,” Comer said. The chairman seemed to indicate that only one of Biden’s grandchildren and two of his brother’s children got the foreign funds.

How the Biden family used shell companies to enrich themselves | 10 May 2023 | Members of the Biden family and their business associates raked in millions of dollars from foreign entities during and after Joe Biden’s time as vice president, using nearly two dozen companies and taking advantage of a vast network of sketchy business associates. The now-first family, their associates, and the companies took in at least 10 million just from firms run by Chinese and Romanian nationals through various deals struck by first son Hunter Biden, according to records subpoenaed from four separate banks by the Republican-led House Oversight Committee. However, other information suggests the Bidens earned tens of millions of dollars more than that. In a 36-page memo released Wednesday, the committee revealed funds initially flowed from the foreign entities to at least 20 companies, most of which were LLCs created while Joe Biden was President Barack Obama’s vice president and run by Hunter’s business friends. The m-ney was then doled out in smaller amounts to other family members.

CIA fast-tracked letter that falsely suggested Hunter Biden laptop was Russia op | 9 May 2023 | The CIA conspired with former acting director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign to produce a letter falsely claiming that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation — and solicited signatures from at least one former intelligence official, a staff report from the House Judiciary Committee is expected to reveal Wednesday. Morell told the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (PCRB) that he needed the letter approved as an unusual “rush job” that day, October 19, 2020, in an effort to provide then-candidate Joe Biden ammunition in the final presidential debate to discredit The Post’s report on the Biden emails which had been published five days earlier. That day, a CIA employee working for the PCRB solicited a signature for Morell’s letter from former CIA analyst David Cariens, according to a written statement by Cariens to the Subcommittees on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, and Intelligence.

Blinken sent Russian disinformation claim to organizer of Hunter Biden laptop letter, email shows | 9 May 2023 | As a Biden campaign adviser, Secretary of State Antony Blinken emailed to the organizer of the now-discredited Hunter Biden laptop letter the key news article used by 51 U.S. intelligence experts in fall October 2020 to falsely insinuate the computer’s contents were Russian disinformation, according to documents obtained by Just the News. The email from Blinken to former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell is set to be made public as early Thursday in an interim report by the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees that concludes the now-infamous laptop letter for a political operation to benefit Joe Biden disguised to look like a intelligence security warning. The report, which corroborates earlier reporting by Just the News, also shows that as Morell gathered former ex-intelligence officials to sign the letter and put their name behind the unsubstantiated claim of Russia interference he also boasted to some that the effort was buoying the Biden campaign and its chances of defeating then-President Donald Trump in the fall election.

Hunter Biden arranged NYC meeting between VP Biden and Rosemont-connected business associate –‘Your Dad spent a lot of time with me, and even gave me a lift in his car!’ Hunter’s hedge fund client gushed in 2015 email | 9 May 2023 | A client of Hunter Biden’s now-defunct firm visited the White House multiple times during the Obama administration, including visits with then-Vice President Biden and a top Biden aide, in addition to spending “a lot of time” with Biden during a casual New York City meeting arranged by the younger Biden, according to a series of emails reviewed by Fox News Digital. Nicolas Rohatyn, a Biden donor and the founder and CEO of The Rohatyn Group, met with Biden and visited the White House several times when Biden was vice president and when Hunter’s now-defunct Rosemont Seneca Partners (RSP) was overseeing his hedge fund accounts. Rohatyn’s business relationship with Hunter appears to have started in March 2010, when Hunter and Eric Schwerin, RSP’s then-president, discussed inviting him to a “Mexico Lunch.”

White House bans The Post from Biden event as Hunter indictment looms | 8 May 2023 | The White House press office barred The Post from attending Joe Biden’s only daytime public event Monday as federal prosecutors near a decision on criminally charging first son Hunter Biden for tax fraud and other crimes.The Post has closely covered the president’s [sic] ties to his relatives’ foreign dealings and first reported in October 2020 on files from Hunter’s abandoned laptop that link Joe Biden to ventures in China and Ukraine. Biden, who falsely characterized The Post’s reporting as Russian disinformation, appeared with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to talk about airline policies in the White House-adjacent Eisenhower Executive Office Building.Biden ultimately took no shouted questions at the venue, which houses the set of a “fake” White House and about 50 theater-style seats for reporters — about 20 of which were empty Monday.

California launches new snitch hotline to report ‘hate acts’ and ‘hate incidents’ – including ‘name-calling’ | 9 May 2023 | California California has launched a new hotline for residents to report “hate acts.” Last Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and the California Civil Rights Department announced the launch of CA vs Hate. Through the hotline, Californians will be able to snitch on their neighbors for committing “hate acts,” which the service explicitly states do not always include violence. “A hate incident is a hostile expression or action that may be motivated by bias against another person’s actual or perceived identity,” the website states. Some examples of “hate incidents,” according to the website, are “refusing service,” “derogatory name-calling,” and bullying. The new hotline, Newsom [a sociopath] explained, is “an unequivocal message that hate will not be tolerated” in California. [Yup, that’s “name-calling.” Report away!]

Democrats in Connecticut Attempting to Pass Law Limiting Free Speech | 4 May 2023 | Democratic lawmakers in Connecticut are trying to set a dangerous precedent by passing a law targeting the limiting of free speech. The legislature is looking to create a “censorship board” to regulate online speech through Senate Bill 6410. The board would consist of nine committee members, with four positions held by the Republican party. The reported aim of the bill is to use the board to study “harassment” of certain individuals, specifically government officials and recommend further legislation to create reporting guidelines, essentially censoring/limiting free speech… This applies both in-person and online. This is why creating a committee to determine what is “harassment” and developing additional legislation is an attack on free speech.

‘God is Trans’ exhibit at Catholic church divides parishioners: ‘Enough is enough’ –One angry parishioner said ‘the church should not be promoting this’ | 8 May 2023 | A progressive Catholic church in New York City has divided churchgoers with a new art display declaring, “God is trans[gender].” The exhibit entitled “God is Trans: A Queer Spiritual Journey” was displayed next to the altar at the Church of Saint Paul the Apostle in Manhattan on Sunday. Three paintings depicted the “queer spiritual journey” as “sacrifice, identity and communion.” One parishioner told the New York Post the church had gone too far in pursuing its liberal “agenda.” “The church should not be promoting this,” the unnamed person told the outlet. “I understand there are transgender people. I pray for all people but enough is enough. It seems like they are trying to force the agenda on others.”

Insane in the membrane: Pentagon announces $1.2 billion Ukraine aid package | 9 May 2023 | U.S. and allied military contractors will soon receive orders for over a billion dollars’ worth of artillery and air-defense ammunition intended for the government [of Nazis, sociopaths, and terrorists] in Kiev, the Department of Defense announced on Tuesday. The Pentagon described the aid as containing “additional air-defense systems and munitions,” ammunition for anti-drone defenses, 155mm artillery rounds, equipment for integrating Western-supplied air defenses into Ukraine’s network, and “support for training, maintenance, and sustainment activities.” …The ammunition will not be sent from Pentagon stockpiles. Instead, the aid is being provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which allows Washington to contract with the U.S. military industry, its allies and partners. Tuesday’s announcement “represents the beginning of a contracting process,” the Pentagon clarified.

Globalist elites provoking bloody conflicts and coups – Putin –The Russian leader has accused Western powers of trying to build a system of ‘robbery, violence and suppression’ | 9 May 2023 | Western elites have forgotten the consequences of the Nazis’ “insane ambitions,” Russian President Vladimir Putin has said during his Victory Day Parade speech on Red Square in Moscow. Russia believes “any ideology of superiority is by its nature disgusting, criminal and deadly,” the president pointed out. “The globalist elites keep insisting on their exceptionalism; they pit people against each other, split societies, provoke bloody conflicts and coups, sow hatred, Russophobia and aggressive nationalism, destroy traditional family values that make human a human,” Putin said. According to the Russian leader, all this is being done by the US and allies in order to “further dictate their will, their rights and their rules” and implement what is basically “a system of robbery, violence and suppression” on the international stage.

Russia and U.S. on verge of ‘open armed conflict’ – Moscow –It is time for Washington to think about its own safety, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned | 5 May 2023 | After the recent drone incident at the Kremlin, which Moscow has called a U.S.-backed attempt by Ukraine to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, the U.S. and Russia are on the verge of a shooting war with each other, a senior Russian diplomat has said. “We are working on preventing a fall of our relations with the US into the abyss of an open armed conflict,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in a TV interview on Friday. “We are already on the verge of this abyss.” Ryabkov described officials in Washington as “opponents” and “enemies” of Russia due to what he called Russophobic policies which are being pursued in spite of the risks. “The anger and hatred towards Russia with which Washington acts in a situation in which it frankly should think of its own safety, is inexplicable,” he said.

NIH Renews Controversial Grant to EcoHealth for Coronavirus Bat Study | 8 May 2023 | National Institute of Health (NIH) officials have re-activated a previously terminated 576,290 federal grant to EcoHealth Alliance to study how outbreaks of deadly viruses like SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19 originate from wildlife and transfer to humans. The move has prompted one Republican lawmaker to demand that NIH explain the decision he described as “absolutely reckless.” The renewed grant is to be administered through the NIH’s National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the research arm headed for several decades by the recently retired Dr. Anthony Fauci. The description was made public by Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), who is chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.

COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Drops Near Zero Within Months – Study –Booster doses were also shown to lose effectiveness over time | 5 May 2023 | The effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines fell below 20 percent a few months after vaccination, with booster shots seeing effectiveness drop below 30 percent. The review, published in the JAMA Network journal on May 3, analyzed 40 studies estimating vaccine effectiveness (VE) over time against laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection and symptomatic disease. The studies were selected from 799 original articles, 149 reviews published in peer-reviewed journals, and 35 preprints. The review found that the vaccine effectiveness of a primary vaccination cycle against the Omicron infection and symptomatic disease was lower than 20 percent at 6 months from the administration of the last dose.

Kentucky Derby: Seventh horse dies at Churchill Downs in lead-up to main event | 6 May 2023 | Two more horses have died at Churchill Downs in the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby… A total of seven horses have died at Churchill Downs in the days leading up to the 2023 Kentucky Derby. At least two other horses, Wild on Ice and Take Charge Briana, were euthanized while competing or training in the week leading up to the Derby. Two horses trained by Saffie Joseph Jr. died suddenly as the Derby approached. Four other horses were scratched from the Derby, including the favorite to win the event, Forte. Continuar, Practical Move and Skinner were the other three horses scratched before the event. 

17 AGs move to block BlackRock from buying up utilities, citing ESG concerns | 10 May 2023 | A group of 17 attorneys general is looking to block asset manager BlackRock from making blanket purchases of utilities amid concerns over the firm’s activist investing practices. Led by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, the group filed a motion on Wednesday with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) challenging the firm’s blanket authorization to purchase large stakes in such companies, arguing that the firm is not a passive investor and will use its stakes in companies to push a political and social agenda. Under scrutiny from the AGs is a practice known as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing, in which an asset manager considers such factors when making investments and does not solely look to maximize financial gains. Critics of the practice have warned that doing so may constitute a breach of a firm’s fiduciary duty to its investors.

Biden DHS Coordinating Illegal Immigration In-Flows With Mexico in Encrypted Chat Room | 10 May 2023 | In recent days, large crowds of immigrants have formed on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande fully prepared to swim over well-worn crossing spots to Brownsville – but seemingly held back by unarmed Mexican immigration officials. Over the course of several recent days in this northeastern Mexican city when perhaps 3,000 immigrants a day swam over to Brownsville with no opposition on either side, a curious pattern became evident. At some sort of signal from the Mexican immigration officers, a group of about 100-150 from the crowd would suddenly stand in unison and rush down the riverbank, past the immigration officers, and swim over to America. It turns out that this pattern was far from happenstance. The Center for Immigration Studies asked several of the Mexican immigration officers what was going on and learned that Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating these mass swims with Mexico’s immigration service, INM, at high levels on an encrypted WhatsApp channel. The officers explained that their senior officers were in touch with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials about how many immigrants were gathered and were prepared to cross the river at any given time. “We’re letting them know that there’s a group of people ready to cross,” one officer explained.

Texas rep says Guatemalan president told him 80,000 migrants headed to border with Title 42 set to expire –Title 42’s scheduled ending Thursday has resulted in droves of migrants swarming to the southern border | 9 May 2023 | U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, says he learned from the president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, that more than 80,000 migrants, primarily from Venezuela, are moving toward the U.S.-Mexico border, ahead of Thursday’s expiration of Title 42. President Giammattei also said he tried to call the White House on the matter, but nobody would take his calls. The news of the exodus comes as several migrants continue to surge along the border ahead of the end of Title 42 on May 11… On Tuesday morning, illegal immigrants who were camped on the sidewalks in downtown El Paso told Fox News they were woken up by authorities and handed pamphlets urging them to turn themselves in to CBP.

As end of Title 42 looms, 90,000 illegals rush to America’s southern border over 10-day period | 5 May 2023 | Title 42 is just days away from coming to an end on May 11. And according to the latest data, some 90,000 illegal aliens have rushed America’s southern border just in the past 10 days in the hopes of making it through before their time comes to an end. U.S. Border Patrol says that 73,000 “migrants” crossed the southern border over the past 10 days, as did another 17,000 illegal “gotaways” who reportedly avoided detection and entered the country without permission. Border Patrol makes a distinction between migrants and illegals, in this context, but because just about anyone can decide to be a “migrant,” this writer [Station Gossip] is classifying them together as one and the same… Black residents could receive roughly 2,352 in compensation for over-policing and mass incarceration for each year they lived in California between 1970 and 2020. Those payments could amount to 115,260.

George Santos Pleads Not Guilty, Released on $500,000 Bond | 10 May 2023 | Rep. George Santos wouldn’t resign from Congress, so the feds arrested him. GOP Rep. George Santos surrendered at the courthouse in Central Islip, New York, on Wednesday. The federal grand jury returned a 13-count indictment. Santos was charged with “seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of m-ney laundering, one count of theft of public funds, and two counts of making materially false statements to the House of Representatives.” WABC reported. Santos is facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. George Santos pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was released on 500,000 bond after his arraignment. According to the indictment reviewed by The Gateway Pundit, Santos was overcharged by zealous government prosecutors…

‘The whole thing is a scam’: Trump blasts E. Jean Carroll verdict in THREE scathing videos and vows to appeal – claiming ‘anti-Trump’ Manhattan is the worst place in the U.S for him to get a fair trial | 9 May 2023 | Donald Trump on Tuesday night described his conviction for sexual assault as a “scam” and insisted he was denied a fair trial by a biased Manhattan jury and judge. The 76-year-old was found guilty of sexually abusing journalist E. Jean Carroll in a New York City department store in the mid 1990s, and defaming her when he said she lied. He was acquitted of rape in the civil trial, but ordered to pay 5 million in damages. Trump on Tuesday night published a series of three videos on his Truth Social network condemning the verdict and insisting he would appeal. “The whole thing is a scam,” he said. “And it’s a shame, and it’s a disgrace to our country.” …Trump said that the trial was just the latest in a long line of politically motivated attacks on him.

7 Confirmed Dead, 11 Injured After Car Runs Into Pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas – Suspect Arrested | 7 May 2023 | On Sunday morning, a car slammed into pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas, killing seven people, ABC reported. The incident occurred about 8:30 in the morning in front of the Ozanam Center, a shelter for illegal aliens and the homeless, at the intersection of Minnesota Road and North Bernal Road. According to Lt. Martin Sandoval, seven people were killed on the scene, and multiple people are being treated for serious and minor injuries at the hospital. Fox News reported that the driver of the vehicle was a Hispanic male and has been taken into custody… Sandoval stated that the driver had been arrested for reckless driving. Additional charges, according to Sandoval, are imminent. He added that it’s starting to appear more and more like it was intentional.

Dallas mall shooting: Texas law enforcement identify suspected shooter as Mauricio Garcia | 7 May 2023 | The suspect in a deadly mall shooting in Allen, Texas, that left eight dead and several others injured Saturday has been identified by law enforcement sources, Fox News Digital has learned. Records obtained by Fox News Digital indicate the suspect is 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia of Dallas, Texas… The suspect’s last known address is approximately 30 miles south of the shooting at Allen Premium Outlets in Dallas, Texas, and appears to be the Budget Suites of America. Multiple FBI agents reported to a home in the Northeast Patrol division of Dallas, with several Dallas Police officers standing outside on Sunday.

Black Man Charged With Hate Crime After Shooting Two Strangers in the Back of the Head ‘Because They Were White’ | 6 May 2023 | A black man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly murdered two strangers in a racially motivated shooting at a library and a convenience store. Prosecutors in Tulsa County charged Carlton Gilford with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill, and one count of malicious intimidation or harassment (Oklahoma’s equivalent of a hate crime). According to Tulsa Police Department, Gilford shot and killed Lundin Hathcock at the Rudisill Library, and then minutes later, he shot and killed James McDaniel at a QuikTrip. “Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office charge Murder suspect, Carlton Gilford, with Hate Crime,” Tulsa Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Two weeks ago we arrested Gilford after he shot 2 people in the back of the head, one at Rudisil Library and the other at QuikTrip. At this time, there does not appear to have been any connection between the victims and the suspect”

California reparations panel approves payments of up to $1.2 million to every black resident –California’s legislature could vote on the panel’s recommendations | 7 May 2023 | The California Reparations Task Force formally recommended that the state offer payments of up to 1.2 million to every qualifying black resident. The task force held a public meeting in Oakland, California, on Saturday and voted on the final set of recommendations to be sent to the state’s legislators. The nine-member panel called on the state to offer its black residents a formal apology in addition to the payments. The panel’s recommendation breaks payments down by types of historical discrimination…

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