BHS principal pulls fire alarm, placed on leave

BHS Principal Deb Beaupre (Register photo)

by Krisha Thapa, Burlington High School Register

Burlington High School Principal Deb Beaupre has been put on paid leave.

Superintendent Thomas Flanagan sent an email October 23 informing the Burlington High School community of the decision.

Beaupre’s leave is connected to her pulling the fire alarm during lunch on Wednesday (10/18) in response to a student altercation. 

“I decided to evacuate the building to ensure safety and provide emotional space to students and staff amid a heightened, atypical situation,” Beaupre said in an email to families that went out Friday (10/20).

Under Vermont law, anyone who pulls a fire alarm when there is not fire “…shall be imprisoned for not more than one year or fined not more than $1,000.00, or both.” The incident is still under investigation and Flanagan did not give a timeframe for when it will be resolved. 

Beaupre is the 6th Principal BHS has had in the last 7 years. 

Assistant Principal Sabrina Westdijk will take over the role of Principal until further notice. 

Republished from The Register, the student newspaper for Burlington High School. An interview with Beaupre by Register Editor Connor Byam was published October 3.

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    • Short tenure and odd behavior has been the track record for several Burlington education officials…the ones that were deemed qualified based on their skin melanin content. The left does not embrace the concept of a merit-based society, but instead uses criteria regarding victimhood and claims of being oppressed. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Short tenure & odd behavior is a symptom they are being bullied …. just my best guess.

    • Absolutely correct, just like the government they hire for race. Gender and orientation not by qualifications.

      • Your correct Todd! I’ll bet she’ll never end up in court even though it’s a law!

    • Maybe we should think about installing police alarms in our schools for our kids protection???

  1. I worked at BHS and while there were some nice people there. It was the most abusive, petty, passive aggressive place I ever worked. I left an 80k year jon thinking I was going to be an office manager. They stuck me in a glass box at the hallway entrance of the building with not air conditioning. I was required to answer the phones, take messages and greet visitors and receive packages. The office staff did nothing but harass and undermind me and the principal refused to listen or address my concerns. When I interviewed, the principal said that the office staff could be a little passive aggressive but that was an understatement. This occurred years ago. I went back to my old job and am still there today.

    • One has to assume based on the lack of appreciation for you that you are a person of melanin-deficiency.

      • That’s not what I took from it. I believe what Christine Stone is saying is Teacher’s bully each other … it’s very common for bullying to take place in the work place … Just because everyone is grown up and out of high school, it doesn’t stop. Once a bully, always a bully & they always attack the nicest, kindest people (not the whitest).

  2. Got her training from the Congressman who pulled the alarm a couple weeks back. No accountability there. My guess there will be no accountability here.

    She will be back.

    Might want to consider pulling all alarms in Burlington and see what comes out of the corners. All the pronouns will be scurrying.

    • Pulling that fire alarm probably places her first in line to be the next Fire Chief of Burlington…she now has an impeccable resume of one unquestionable qualifying act related to fire…all that’s needed in the progressive/socialist hiring playbook.

  3. LOL, Democrat congressman pulled this cheap trick to keep the House from voting, he was a principal as well

  4. “I decided to evacuate the building to ensure safety and provide emotional space to students and staff amid a heightened, atypical situation,” Or maybe the temperture got above 32 degrees, and we all know that snowflakes melt when the tempeture gets above freezing, creating an emergency situation.

  5. Forgot to ask- my bad- what is the over under on the departure date for Sabrina Westdijk?

    I detect a trend ( I could be wrong, but doubt it) here .

  6. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. She should have been fired immediately. Put the onus of proving why she should not be fired on her union and attorneys instead of, as it always seems to be, the other way around.

  7. Jamal Bowman got his DC court notice. He was school principal as well. Appears the DNC has many loose cannons in their ranks and many are or were in charge of your children and grandchildren. Comforting – Not!

  8. It is going to get much worse because the new push is relative to Sanism, which is now being identified as a form of discrimination and intolerance. Advocates seek to allow insane people to be kindergarten teachers. New Discourse did a podcast on this titled Sanism.

  9. This is what you get, when you hire a so-called educated Idiot, Burlington HR department should hang their heads in shame, Kids need an education, not an
    educator from affirmative action ……………………………………. fools in charge !!

  10. I don’t know. I think the lady showed some creative problem solving. In hindsight, it was probably over the top as far as evacuating the whole building, but it’s been a while since I was involved in a scrap between adolescent young men, so maybe not. I’d say I’d be happy to have her overseeing my kids education. This really belongs in the laugh-a-day keeps the doctor away section ; – )

    • No way, it’s not a laughing matter…it’s called a FIRE ALARM and it has one purpose. It is not an “fight alarm” or an “oppression alarm” or a “microaggression alarm” or “bullying alarm”. This school official needs to be seriously reprimanded or fired for this obvious breach of safety protocol. She also needs to read the Aesops Fable about the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The Burlington School District needs to hire based on merit and embrace the concept that skin melanin is not a relevant or useful qualification for a school administrator.

  11. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. Remember that teachers can’t lay a hand on the students, even if it’s to break up a fight. So did pulling the alarm stop the fight?

    • No, the groups of students all of them should be suspended. It’s always the same groups they act like their still in their home country.

  12. Odd , This Same thing happened at a GOP State committee Meeting in January at the Plaza Hotel in Montpecuiler.
    Also with Jamal Brown in DC .

    Laws for Thee but not for me .
    Always a 2 tiered Justice System.

    This is a Very Bad President to Set .
    Permanent Expulsion and Bad job References are in Order .
    Liberal BS Excuses do not Apply .

  13. Put om paid leave for breaking the law and putting innocent lives at risk as first responders sped to the scene? If begs the question; what would have happened if if were a 17-year-old white kid that pulled the alarm?

  14. When I was in high School and got into a fight a teacher got between us and broke it up. Then we got sent to the principal’s office for Punishment. Wait, this is Burlington, I didn’t think the kids in the Emerald City had enough anger to fight to begin with

  15. Back in my day, it took one or two teachers grabbing scrappers by the scruff of the neck to break up a fight (circa mid 70s). While we may not always have respected those in leadership, we at least knew when we had crossed a line and submitted to them. Also, I somehow survived all the toxins in the air there (BHS) and managed to turn out fine and no birth defects in my progeny!

  16. Wow! People are making vicious comments here about this Principal Deb Beaupre.

    First of all, none of us were there to see the level, or degree of escalation. Personally, I knew of 2 teachers injured when I lived in Connecticut trying to break up a high school fight who were seriously injured. One was a young 26yo Phys Ed Teacher, newly married woman, who suffered a brain injury & was in a coma for months in an ICU & then transferred to Long Term Care.

    I have to agree with Adam Manley. I think Deb Beaupre showed some creative thinking & solved the problem: with no one injured, or arrested. Kudo’s to Principal Beaupre!

    One thing I know about adolescent males, is no one wants to look like the weak, ‘scaredy-cat’ in front of their peers (even though both sides secretly were thankful for the fire alarm; it is a creative way to stop the fight & while allowing the boys to save face (i.e., Neither side backed down! The alarm went off!).

    It’s a machismo/ego thing at that age … So, the odds are, that it was NOT going to de-escalate of their own volition. Unless the Police were able to show up in a minute and were very calm, and able to de-escalate the teens. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

    And, Police seem to be overworked these days; and not enough staff, and Fireman are a great resource to HELP; if an elderly person falls on the floor and their spouse can’t can’t get up, we call the Friendly Fireman. They are always happy & in a good mood.

    We know nothing of the teens involved; were impaired in some way; had issues ~ a history of impulse control/even violence ~ making them unsafe? ~ unpredictable? potentially harmful? (Principal Beaupre can not share this info with us because it would be a violate privacy)… She is dealing with matters that none of us bystanders know anything of? … If it was circumstances that required an immediate intervention to prevent an injury; a loud ALARM to stop them dead in their tracks would seem to me like a brilliant idea.

    I tend to doubt calling the Police would have been better? Police have a more frightening presence; they carry guns, etc., and if the adolescent(s) do not comply (due to some developmental hinderance), do we really want any one of them arrested? … wrecking their futures, over a high school brawl? Kids do stupid things and do not always make good decisions.

    I think calling the Fireman was brilliant; a more peaceful., less threatening approach ~ so that no child has a criminal record ~ it stopped the fight ~ the boys could save face ~ the loud noise distracted them immediately ~ and it was less trauma for all the children to see Fireman, than Police with guns. Ask the Fire Department if they cared. I doubt very much they did. And, the Police already have enough on their plate. And, the Police can’t win either no matter what they do.

    People need to be kinder, less critical, more supportive in these cases. No need to bring out the race card here. Totally unecessary & very unkind.

    If we were in United Kingdom, calling the Police would not be so scary (they carry billy-clubs). But unfortunately, in the USA Police are armed. She did not deserve to be punished. Principal Deb Beaupre deserved the towns support; not shaming her with forced leave. That is a terrible way to have dealt with this issue.

    • Jail ? the reason this law was made was intended for people who pull the Fire Alarm as a prank, not a call for HELP – to prevent injury. You, like many, have fallen deep into the MSM weapon of war “Divide & Conquer” … In case many here are not aware, the BLM was a covert CIA PsyOp ~ (to make us ‘Hate’ on each other).

      Journalist Candace Owens covered the Govt Psy-Op in her Documentary;

      “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” … to show evidence the US Govt funded both the BLM & the Transgender Mania … (to divide the Left Liberals from Right Conservatives);


      Youtube deplatformed Journalist Candace Owens … precisely because she was telling the truth … BLM & the Transgender Mania Push on Children – was a covert CIA Psy-Op to divide & Conquer Americans: (even the Trans & Gay Community were uncomfortable with what was happening; e.g., Gays Against Grooming groups popped up).

      … Right leaning, or Left leaning, it does not take a genius to see none of this Transgender Mania is healthy to push on children & I’ve been Liberal leaning most my life … it’s diabolical

      … AND it pushing homosexuality/ or transgender does NOT represent the LBGTQ Community … If anything, they’re child advocates (understanding the difficulties of growing up LBGTQ) … Being Liberal is NOT a mental illness; homosexuality has existed since the beginning of time. It’s normal to have variations; there is nothing abnormal about it.

      Just Say No To Hate … Please everyone just WATCH THE TRAILER & THEN if you care to WATCH Candace Owen’s DOCUMENTARY …

      ‘The Biggest Lie Ever Told’


      Matt Taibbi tried to warn us in his book “Hate, Inc.” … MSM makes us HATE each other. Your hate is proving you’ve been brainwashed by our Divide & Conquer government … Who is really the ONLY enemy we have. AND, Not some innocent High School Principal trying to prevent any child from getting injured, or arrested.

      • Please, let me correct you. One BLM founder, Angela Davis, was a student of neo-matxist and communist Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse advocated for libetated socialism and the destruction of capitalism. Both of BLM’s founders are proclaimed Marxists. The BLM protests were a call to abolish the corporate state, including capitalism, which neo-matxist critical social justice theorists believe is a form of democratic totalitarianism, an oppressive corporate state. This belief extends to the police, and originated in the writings of Herbert Marcose.

        I suggest you turn off the corporate media propaganda and start reading books to inform your claims.

      • Christine Stone, in response, I request you read more carefully … I should have been more clear. I was not discussing who “FOUNDED” BLM, I was discussing the issue of the $80 million that “FUNDED” the ‘BLM’ Global Network Foundation, Inc.’ (post George Floyd death); please watch the trailer here of Candace Owens documentary/film to understand:

        (correction of typo’s in above comment & the also wrong youtube trailer link)

        “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of the BLM”
        (the Official Trailer)

        In this important film, she explains how the activism of the BLM following the murder of George Floyd, was not the type of ‘grassroots activism’ that we are all familiar with (yes, many protesters were grass roots, but there were other paid actors ($ mercenaries hired to gaslight Americans) & ‘BLM’ (the corporation; not the same as the BLM Angela Davis founded) but BLM Global Network Foundation, Inc., was a front, of a faux organization that squandered $80 million with the covert intention to divide us all (not defend black & brown lives like it pretended to do).

        BLM Global Network Foundation, Inc. is a manufactured, covert operation designed to Divide & Conquer’ Americans ~ not help Black Lives … (the same exact deep state / MSM / Corporate funded psy-ops trying to make it appear as if all Palestinians are varmin who should be wiped off the face of the Earth) …

        All lives matter; Jews & Palestinians, and Black & Brown lives. Most of us believe this, I hope. Civilians Palestinian or Israeli babies do not deserve to die on either side … BUT! our Media covering this war inaccurately will gas-light most all of us into wanting to murder each other. Why? … so they can divide the people, gain more control over our freedoms, end lives; and we all lose in the end. ~ Except for the MIC Eisenhower warned us of; now wealthier. And soon none of us will be safe from it’s onslaught.

        The BLM protests I saw being covered by MSM in Minneapolis showed violence? … (this shocked me) People were breaking store windows, looting, vandalizing, etc., all the while, I learned later, the real BLM activists were protesting peacefully (this was not covered). And, they were horrified at what was happening to their movement; knowing full well the violence was NOT coming from BLM advocates & was only going to escalate matters. The crap we see on TV is regarding BLM & the TRANS-mania is “All a Rich Man’s Game” ~ just like the wars they get us into; they are bringing ‘false flag’ terrorism to the Homeland, USA.

        We need to smarten up & not allow the media to gaslight us into hating each other; it has all been manufactured.

        The violent ($ paid BLM) & hyper-sexulizing Trans-mercenaries (performing in front of children) were useed to create terror in the USA.

        Paid for (not genuine) BLM protestors, were used by our gov’t (Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc.) to disguise the movement as a violent one. FACT: authentic BLM protestor’s were NOT violent ~ is the TRUTH people need to know.

        We need to take back our power to #STOPtheHATE and own our right to live free & happy side by side (just like Israel & Palestine did before the MIC infiltrated what was once peaceful existence and got their corrupted, money grabbing, weapon making, hate & violence into the mix.

        If the Burlington High School is being pushed to hire a Black/Brown Principal – PLEASE don’t blame the principal who is just a tool of the state to divide & conquer; create fear & hate among us all.

        We must rise above it. And support whomever is chosen to take on this thankless job: for the sake of the community, for the sake of making the focus be about the children’s education & learning. Teach them how real adults solve problems. The Politics of Fear & Hate does NOT belong in children’s lives.

        This is not a local problem; the same operatives are doing this to the Middle East;
        in Israel & Palestine; they’re making everyone hate each other ~ when the awake people in the area who know the truth? … they still love their Palestinian & Israeli neighbors. The message here is WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED! … and need to unite.

        Why do you think Candace Owens documentary was de-platformed & de-monetized on *Youtube ? (another *Corporate owned Media funded by 1%; just like *Google, just like *Wikipedia — just like the *Associated Press, *Reuters, *Fact-check, *Politico, *NYT, *Washington Post, etc.)

        What many people do not know is in the Summer 2019 (just before C19) all major news networks joined what is known as the ‘Trusted News Initiative’ (founded by BBC’s Tim Davies). It was organized to ensure every news site told us the same exact ‘story’ (lies) re: Covid-19. News has been co-opted – where they tell us what THEY – the 1% WANT us to believe; NOT the TRUTH.

        Which is why all our best journalists have moved over to *Rumble & *Odysee & *Substack (*truth; real news); e.g., Chris Hedges fired from NYT for telling the truth about the Iraq war is now on Substack.

        All Media is Corporate owned; they lie to us 24/7/365 days a week ~ All propaganda to manufacture consent for Wars & HATE ~ to divide even the kindest of people, from their neighbors.

        In Candace Owens documentary, ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold’ she shows the 990 IRS documents of 80 $mill to the BLM Global Network Foundation, Inc., and $220K of those funds went towards “BLM Pride” movement that was used to push this faux Transgender Activist movement —

        TRUTH (shown on IRS 990 Forms):

        BLM, Global Network Foundation, Inc., paid for Trans escorts, BDSM sex-workers, Gay Strippers, Peep Show Workers & Sex Web-Cam performers … to perform in front of children and at Gay Pride parades ? … It was all just another covert psy-op to make people who normally supported LBGTQ to change their minds … and those who never supported LBGTQ phobic people to murder Transgender Black & Latino.

        Below is another eye opening trailer to the film ~
        “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of the BLM”

        It was all propaganda to make us HATE on each other (you won’t find this information in any BOOK, because they have not been written yet). Black Transgender murder rates sky rocketed during this time:

        “375 Transgender People Murdered In 2021-
        it has been ‘Deadliest Year’ Since Records Began”

        All I am wanting to communicate here is that all the HATE & Division we are seeing today is a direct result of MSM Corporate owned propaganda — And we have the 990 IRS documents to prove it … (Candace Owens uncovered the lies ~ whether or not you are a fan of hers does not matter); it is the objective truth.

        The ONLY site this film is shown is on Daily Wire …


        “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM”
        has been scrubbed from all other internet viewing sites; that ought to tell us SOMETHING – the truth is what they are trying to hide from us & it needs sunlight.

        If adults can not #HealTheDivide , our children are doomed.

  17. For those trying to justify what she did, you seem to be forgetting the danger she placed the members of fire department, the general public, and those who might really have needed them. Firefighters accept some level of risk, but they should not have to be exposed to unnecessary risk.

    When you pull a fire alarm, they come assuming there is a fire as quickly as possible that brings inherent risk of large vehicles moving quickly through the community. In addition to the risk, she put the firefighters in she put the public at large at risk as the fire trucks had to move through them. Finally, what if concurrently there had been a real fire emergency now she has potentially delayed the response to that.

    You have a violent altercation going on in your facility you call the Police not fire. She needs to stand before a judge.

  18. I expect such a comment from someone indoctrinated into critical social justice. Critical theorists are trained to see the world through power dynamics and oppression. Any criticism of an action taken by minorities is assumed to stem from oppression.

  19. I agree that this is a complex issue and that the mainstream media, BLM corporation, Antifa, and the government are all involved. The convergence point between these entities is the United Nations. The United Nations focus is to abolish white supremacy as a system of power as is the BLM corporation and the Democratic Socialists of America.

    The United Nations has also redefined descrimination. The new definition and guidelines being implemented by the UN limits free speech, and mandates compelled speech. For example, not using someone’s pronoun is now a hate crime. Parents who do not agree to trans their minor children can be arrested. According to the UN, these parents and parent groups are deemed as haters and hate groups.

    The UN is the entity pushing the narrative that IS states that do not allow gender affirming care are not safe for the LGBTQ community. This is obviously a lie and abuse of language. The UN in a recent report stated that LGBTQ rights supercede religious rights and is tracking supreme court cases relative to LGBT cases.i believe this is why our progressive democratic socialists sent a letter demanding to add seats to the Supreme Court.

    The UN supports the removal of racist revolutionary statues and refers to Americans who do not want their countries history destroyed as haters, neo-nazis, white supremacists, while referring to Antifa as antifascists. The UN actually stated that it can’t understand why people think Antifa is a domestic terrorist group.

    The UN also has access to America’s school children through UNESCO. UNESCO has already indoctrinated college students into fulfilling its agenda and is now working on public school children via Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, which convert children into neo-matxist change agents to achieve Social Justice. The goal of achieving Social Justice is also a goal of the UN, Democratic Socialists of America and BLM the corporation. Social Justice requires strong redistribution policies relative to wealth aka a socialist economic system. Yes, there is a revolution going on and the end goal is the implementation of the United Nations 2030 agenda, which will control all global production and consumption, a form of neo-communism, which will usher in global socialism.

    The UN Charter was created by a Soviet communist named Heise and founded with the help of American communists. I have an article about this on my website transparencymatters.info as well as some of the UNESCO documents being distributed to universities and public schools.

    The media is nothing more than a propaganda machine that is helping push forward the UN agenda. The corporate media organizations are all ESG rated, which means their output has to promote the goals of the UN. ESG is the new financial scoring metric that rates compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Failure to comply will result in the denial of capital or loans from the banking industry. These media entities had anchors acting as facilitators at DAVOS 2023. This is why the media talks endlessly about the danger of white nationalists and the LGBTQ community.

  20. Lemme guess …. a thousand dollar fine and three months probation – record expunged if she keeps her beak clean.
    Sound like Washington DC before a vote?