Bernie Sanders On BLM Founder: ‘No One Should Get Rich Enough Off Politics To Buy Multiple Homes’

by the Babylon Bee

BURLINGTON, VT — In an address from one of his homes, Bernie Sanders condemned BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors for getting rich off politics and buying four homes.

After it came out that the co-founder of the movement had purchased multiple large homes, Sanders quickly held a press conference condemning her “callous and unfair profiteering.”

“No one in politics should be able to profit off their followers and buy four homes,” Sanders said as he looked out at the quaint Vermont lake near one of his many, many houses. “Four homes? That’s ridiculous. Who needs four homes!? No one, that’s who. Three homes, now, fine, you might have an argument. I could see needing a home near your office, a home in your hometown, and maybe a quiet retreat up in the mountains. Near a lake perhaps. That makes sense. Any politician could use three houses. You’re practically still poor at that point.”

“But four? People who own four homes are the problem with this country.”

Sanders then said he was proposing legislation that anyone who owns four homes be banished to Toledo, Ohio for the rest of their days, while people who own just three homes have statues erected in their honor for their brave fight against capitalism and injustice.

Republished from the April 15 Babylon Bee is the world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims.

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  1. Hahaha. Bernie, you are so fake. He must have FJB syndrome. Didn’t you buy a third house after multiple failed attempts at running for president? Yet you said it was from an inheritance. I asked many people why you didn’t donate that money for scholarships as you want schooling free. This is a career politician that hasn’t accomplished anything other then fleecing people and them falling for it. Wants everything free for everyone, but he doesn’t want it to cost him anything. When will people wake up and see the light? How many times will they vote for the likes of a Sanders and Leahy? You are happy with Vermont’s taxes and roads? Outside of Burlington the roads are terrible. Everywhere! Not from lack of effort from our crews, but the catering to the city.

  2. Bernie is so brain-washed in Progressivism, that he still thinks of himself as deprived, not haveing what all those lousy
    Capitalists Pigs have!

  3. Bernie totally misses the critical issue with BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ purchase of multiple homes……..The critical issue is: How and where did Cullors get the money to buy the houses?

    Patrisse Cullors didn’t earn the money……..She is alleged to have misappropriated contributors’ money (donations and to BLM) that she had no right taking. Making matter’s even worse, BLM has failed to complete legally required reporting showing how the millions of dollars were used or where the money has gone.

    The entire BLM and Patrisse Cullors handling of million’s of dollars of donors money is covered with the stench of fraud…….A stench that would place me and any of you in the sights of the IRS and law enforcement.

    It’s this stench of fraud that makes Ms. Cullors and BLM behavior so bad…….It’s not the houses bought as Bernie tells us.

    Another critical issue…….Did Cullors pay required state and federal income taxes on the money she used to buy the multiple houses?

  4. Remember when Bernie used to rant against millionaires? Then he became one. We don’t talk about that anymore. Would love to know the full story of grant money to his wife who was president of college that folded in Vermont. Bernie is just as corrupt as any politician.

  5. In the age of Biden, it sure is tough to discern what is real and what is satire.

  6. What I love is everyone taking this as a real story, because it’s so twisted and likely to be stated, they take if for truth.

    lol Babylon Bee rocks!

    Sadly for Vermont, we take if for real. That is how far we’ve drifted…..