Bennington teacher takes knee for Pledge, wins racial discrimination suit, $97K

802 Ed newsletter covers race-related controversy, ‘antidotes’ for school board activists, and more on VT school mental health challenges

As usual, the 802 Ed newsletter covers fascinating developments in Vermont education. This month’s issue reports (with a link to a VTDigger story) on a Bennington County teacher who took the knee and stayed silent for the Pledge of Allegiance, accused a school cop of treating a minority child differently, and then won a racial discrimination/wrongful termination lawsuit with a big payout.

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union reportedly said her termination was for lawful, non-discriminatory reasons.

This excerpt and others below….

Payout for Former Teacher. Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union recently settled for just under $100,000 with a teacher who alleged racial discrimination and wrongful termination.

Antidotes to “Activist” Board MembersSchool Administrator dives into the question of board subcommittees that “risk board micro-management,” and offers three factors that can help keep everyone in their lane.

New Supports for Youth Mental Health. More than a dozen supervisory unions and youth organizations received grant awards up to $200,000 from AOE to offer Youth Mental Health First Aid and other mental health resources.

Vermont State University Consolidates Further. A recent job posting suggests that several programs are coming under one roof, led by a new “Dean of the Schools of Arts and Communications & Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences.”

Student Mental Health at “Breaking Point” Families sending their kids for services out of state, long wait lists for school based services, increased suicidal ideation among youth, schools creating “even greater staffing shortages” in community mental health agencies by hiring away their staff: Superintendent Lynn Cota lays out the stark reality of a system at the breaking point in this recent testimony to the House Committee on Education. This was a popular item in last issue, so we are including it again for readers who may have missed it.

Public Funding for Public Schools. The Vermont teachers’ union, VSBA, VSA, and VPA have joined together as the Education Equity Alliance to advocate for legislative action that restricts public funding to public schools.

Legislating Student Voice. The House Committee on Education is considering H.259, which would mandate secondary schools include two student representatives on school boards.

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  1. Along with this woke teacher in Bennington, the entire Department of Education and public school system needs to be terminated. Self education, like our forefathers! It’s more then doable in this day and age.

    Concerning the last subtitle “legislating student voice”. Are they going to let homeschoolers run for school boards? Highly doubt it. But no worries, the homeschooled and traditionally educated children will eventually be taking over this country anyway!!

  2. I’m truly unclear why these people who loathe the United States so much, do not relocate??? There’s Venezuela, China, North Korea – for their Communist, atheistic pleasure. To be treated ever so “equally”, try locales such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or even India wherein!

    And to actually see slavery still in action in the present era, why there’s a plethora of countries in Africa where it still exists!

    I mean, why stay here with so many noble, female (whatever that is) empowering, and “freedom” – loving choices to partake of?

    She should use her settlement for a one-way plane ticket to the Paradise of her choice. First class, of course. And don’t forget not to write.

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