Bear sighting in suburban Shelburne – police issue advice

Shelburne Police say they’ve received multiple reports of a young bear sighted in Hullcrest Road – Hedgerow Drive neighborhood.  The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife were notified.

As a reminder, people often encourage bears and other wildlife into populated areas by providing easy access to food without realizing it. When these animals become used to these food sources and humans, they become more dependent on human foods and less wary.

The most common sources of food that attract bears are pet food, bird feeders, barbecue grills, household trash and the like.  

Please take these reasonable measures to protect their property from bears:

  • Never feed bears, deliberately or accidentally
  • Feed your pets indoors
  • Feed birds from December to March Only
  • Store trash in a secure place.  Trash cans alone are not enough!

Bears are wild animals that should be treated with respect and appreciated from a distance.

For your safety, please keep yourselves and pets away from bears and other wild animals.

In general, if you encounter a bear, remain calm and ensure the bear has an escape route.  Do not approach or try to feed the bear.  If possible, back away or go inside.  Do not run from a bear.  Do not climb trees to escape a bear.

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  1. Before Shelburne was suburban, it was wilderness. Humans chose to live here. Be respectful and use your intellect when encountering other species of God’s wonderous creation which inhabit this earth as we do. It’s not too difficult.

  2. Dept of fish and game should train Vermont’s black bears to sniff out fentanyl and its dealers, then set them loose…bet the fentanyl trade stays South of the VT border quick.

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