Bean: Geoengineered Transhumanism influences our lives

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by Paul Bean

Defining the two following phrases is key for understanding what is happening in our environment and how the world around us is being altered:

Geoegineering: “Geoengineering” involves deliberate activities to change any of Earth’s biogeochemical systems, preeminently the climate, either through manipulation of the atmosphere’s chemical composition or through heating the upper atmosphere with electromagnetic technologies.

Transhumanism: “The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”

The Ultimate goal is these two combined: 


Whether you want to believe it or not, we are being influenced by a number of technologies that are not only falling from our skies in the form of nanotechnologies, but they are in our hands, in our homes, our airways, and ultimately becoming part of who we are. 

Paul Bean

If humans are ever able to truly “merge” with technology, per the stated goal of people like Elon Musk, it will require a change at the lowest of levels, right down to our biology. Don’t think that is possible?  Biotech firms across this country are having unbelievable discoveries every single day. 

Our Government and Governments abroad have invested billions of dollars into projects like creating viruses that target specific DNA types and ultimately specific races. CRISPR technologies are already literally editing human genes. We already have the ability to clone and have children incubated in “the tube.” Food scientists are able to curate the genetics of fruits and vegetables down to their genetic code, making them more responsive to “fertilizers” and geoengineering. 

“Paul. What does this have to do with Vermont and the recent flooding?” Hold on, I am getting there. 

We have not only discovered ways to influence the environment at a macro level, but most definitely at a micro. 

“As Above, So Below.” 

To me and to many, one of the most devastating results is the loss of crops and locally sourced foods. I, like many Vermonters, am proud to source a large amount of my diet locally. 

If there is one thing all Vermonters can agree on is the fact that we all like our food locally raised and locally grown. Sustainable, regenerative farming, organic crops, farmers markets. If there is anything Vermont Liberals and Conservatives can agree upon, it is by far this. 

However, Vermont has faced significant weather events impacting local farming and potential crop yields. From wildfire haze, to a late harsh frost and even catastrophic flooding. To say the least, everyone’s gardens have been affected. Most devastatingly affected are the local farmers, whose entire livelihood is dependent upon a very short and volatile growing season. 

During my campaign for State Senate, I talked extensively about how we, as a state, need to be as resilient as possible and as independent as possible. Our own energy systems, our own foods. As little dependency on the Federal Government (the central banking system) as humanly possible. 

I once again pose the question:

Are these extreme weather events the result of weather modification? Are there multi-pronged uses for weather modification? How does weather modification affect our food supplies? 

How do GMOs, factory farming, and processed food compare to organic foods and how do they affect our biology? This is a concept that I avoided during my campaign for the fear of seeming weird: 


The concept of Transhumanism is the idea that the current “model” of what it means to be a human being can be modified or “enhanced” through the use of technological advancements. This concept that we can immerse ourselves within our technologies to interface with technologies, “smart” devices, computers, and ultimately artificial intelligence. 

Effectively immersing ourselves and merging our identity with our creation will require a biological change which will require a complete environmental change. 

Our environments shape us. The food we eat, the weather we experience, the water we drink. It nourishes our spirit and has the power to heal souls. 

However, genetically modified foods, particularly factory farmed meats, do just the opposite. 

My goal is to explain this in a way that anyone can understand. Admittedly this stuff is incredibly complex but I think it is only right that we all try to cultivate a basic understanding of it and we genuinely deserve to. 

Let’s start with oil, electricity, gasoline, the automobile, asphalt and our massive road systems. These inventions completely changed the way we interacted with our environment and the resources we use. These inventions streamlined transportation and revolutionized how our crops were grown and our animals were raised. Oil completely changed the medical industry (thanks John D. Rockefeller) and even today Pharmaceuticals represent about 3% of petrochemical use but almost 99% of pharmaceuticals contain petrochemicals.  

The scientific discoveries and advancements on these technologies after World War II made these things not only revolutionary, but I actually think we desperately needed to keep up with the increasing population due to the baby boomers and growing populations world wide. 

Our inventions have made food production cheap, fast, and well… addictive and unhealthy. Thus causing many social issues and dependence on once again the oil based pharmaceutical industry. 

Pull off almost any asphalt interstate exit in America and what will you find almost immediately? Mcdonalds. KFC. Arbys. Walmarts…. and obviously Gas Stations. The proximity is incredibly convenient, isn’t it? 

You might be thinking “yeah of course it is convenient, why wouldn’t they be there.”

What is my point?   

Many, if not all of these foods are genetically modified, processed, from massive factory farms, and are Genetically modified crops, and dependent on Geoengineering. 

Whether you realize this or not, we are all involved and completely dependent on a specific environmental matrix that is causing all kinds of environmental/ health problems that are pushing us more and more towards transhumanism. 

For example, type 2 diabetics usually struggle with addictions to these kinds of foods and it is not entirely their fault. These foods are quite literally designed by “food scientists” in labs at Harvard, Yale and Universities across this country and are designed at a microscopic level to be extremely addictive and harmful to your health. By the use of mass media these foods and GMO high fructose corn syrup drinks are literally plastered in our faces. (Thankfully in Vermont no billboards or big tall signs). 

This brings me to the point of Transhumanism. A popular tool of type 2 diabetics is the biotechnology device called “Dexcom” which is essentially a permanent fixture- a pin and chip that goes under the skin and attached to your arm that gives real time blood sugar readings and other various information. This makes it easier for a diabetic to monitor, maintain, and ultimately attempt to control their illness and glucose levels. Eat a burger, drink your drink, scan your device, take a couple petro-chemically based pills, and back on the interstate you go. 

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most basic versions of a transhumanist technology that derives from a completely whack environmental matrix that we are all completely dependent on and this is merely the tip of the ice-berg. 

Ever hear of a Fit Bit or an Apple Watch? Both taking large sums of your very own biometrics…

Making the connection from the “food scientists,” to geoengineering, the crops, to the roads, to oil powered transportation, to the fast food restaurant, to diabetes, might just be a stretch for many and requires the acceptance of the ongoing geoengineering. 

At this point you might have an idea of where I am going with this. 

It will come without shock to know that 90% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the United States comes from a region in the southwest (AZ, CA) considering the fact that the amount of farmers in America has dramatically decreased since 1900 from 40% of the population to now (2023) less than 2%. 

The amount of farms is decreasing but the size of them are getting even larger. We are dependent on genetically modified corn, soy, and a small variety of other crops. These crops are specifically designed to respond to geoengineering and localized weather modification. 

Commercial use cloud seeding is no secret to locals in these areas nor farmers. Across the Midwest and the US as a whole, air planes are also used to crop dust fertilizers, water, and harmful pesticides such as glyphosates. 

It is so incredibly important to understand that this is not only happening way up in the ionosphere with the ultimate goal of climate modification and the US Militaries “Full Spectrum Dominance,” but also in the corn fields, and ultimately at a microscopic level. 

When you hear about people like Bill Gates and Blackrock buying up copious amounts of Farmland and Grazing Lands, and then you read about Bill’s sinister geoengineering plan to “block out the sun,” it raises a lot of questions (at least for me).

Now. Bringing this back to Vermont. 

Like I said earlier, I am proud to source most of my food locally and from people I know. I genuinely try to do this as much as possible and I know many more are too. 

In my most recent article posted here, I discussed the possibility of the rain-strom being the result of a deliberate geoengineering activity. Considering all of the strange weather events including drought, late frost, and now of course extreme rain, many are pointing to the possibility that this is all being caused by climate change. I argue that yes it absolutely is and there is something to be said about oil, gasoline, the roads, and ultimately carbon emissions. 

Something is happening in our skies and our atmosphere and I have zero doubt about this. 

Even if you do not agree with my take on this subject there is something to be said about food production goes hand-in-hand with the on-going geoengineering activity and commercial pettents in use.

Vermonters are proud of our resilience and independent spirit, surely we will recover from these floods. But not without loss of precious crops and damaging our self-sustainability going forward. 

The sad truth is if we are unwilling to ask these painstaking questions, we are doomed to continue falling prey to these people attempting to play god. 

Ultimately, I am tired of not talking about this subject and I claim conservatives who think that there is not something happening in our climate and it is just the natural cycles of the earth are dead wrong. 

Something is definitely happening. 

And to the people out there that will accuse me of being crazy or “lost in the weeds” that is fine. You know nothing of what you speak of and that is okay. 

I do not write this to hurt feelings, or shame in anyone. Some of the best memories of my life have been long road trips with my family, stopping off an exit, eating whatever we want, and getting back on the road. It can genuinely be a lot of fun…Technology that we can interface with is cool and for sure useful. I just think it is important to at least try to comprehend what we are complicating in. 

At a bottom line this is the monopolization by powerful private corporations, the military, politicians, intelligence agencies, and lobbyists. A monopolization of our food supplies, our health, and the environment. If there is anything to take away from this essay it’s that geoengineering has limitless implications. Modifying the weather locally and “making it rain” is just a piece to the puzzle and quite honestly everything I’ve explained here today are only a few more pieces. 

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  1. Yep, in the 24th episode of the Twilight Zone’s 3rd season, the Kanamits showed up, uninvited, bearing gifts of advanced technology for earthlings. Their operating manual was entitled ‘How To Serve Man’. But it was only partially translated. When some motivated earthling sceptics finally translated the rest of the manual, they learned that it was a cookbook.

    That was 1962, more than 60 years ago. One would think we’ve learned since then. After all, how much better can life on earth really be during the short time we spend here? To what extent can pure hubris be tolerated?

    Caveat emptor. Praemonitus praemunitus.

  2. Type 1 diabetes, especially in children, is extremely difficult to manage and can be fatal. The purpose of a Dexcom meter is to let the patient (or his parent or his teacher) know when a snack or more insulin is required. Type 2 diabetes is also often difficult to manage. I know, because I am a Type 2 diabetic. I’ve been very lucky in that with the aid of medication and insulin, my diabetes is in control. I do, however, love my carbs. Other Type 2 diabetics are not as lucky as I am and their quality of life would be greatly improved by devices such as Dexcom.
    Use of a Dexcom is not a game or an excuse to gluttonize, so it should not be cast in that light.

    I cook most of our food from scratch because we prefer fresh, low salt, low sugar and often, lo carb meals. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy Organic or “local grown” produce and cheeses, nor meat at $25 per pound on my fixed-income budget.

  3. This article reminds me of a quote I once read by some University professor who’s name I don’t recall: “If you don’t believe the rich and powerful conspire for their own benefit you’re an idiot; if you do and are afraid to say so, you are a coward”.

  4. I’m at a loss as to whether the author is for or against climate modification due to “climate change,” or if he means the modification is creating climate change, or if organic foods are suffering due to one or the other… A long, confusing piece with no clear side taken b/c nothing is clearly stated. Is he a politician by any chance? Or is that just normal Vermont logic?

  5. In a parking lot yesterday morning I saw a blue sky rapidly turning white, with numerous jet trails lacing through it. Most dismiss these as “contrails” . . . except these trails didn’t disappear and eventually diffused and grew larger. One trail took a 90-degree turn–in a short distance–and looked like an inverted “L.” Another made a virtual U-turn. Is this the behavior of commercial flights at altitude? Doesn’t seem so to me.

  6. You are not wrong, Mr. Bean. There is quite a bit of evidence, including patents in public domain and interviews of military and subcontractor whistleblowers. See and watch “The Dimming” video. The technology is not new and the perpetrators operate with absolutely no oversight or accountability by our government which is supposed to be protecting us.

  7. “They” are definitely messing with us. Our weather. Our Food. Our water. Our schools. Our elections. Our journalists. Our police forces. Our health “care” (designed to collect our data and keep us sick.) What will they do with all the data from every person’s doctor or hospital visits? Data farming it’s the new gold. Julian Assange comes to mind. He was just trying to tell us that the Government has been lying to us and they stuff him in jail to rot. Andrew Brietbart comes to mind, hit with their special heart attack gun . . . They can turn off your car if it was purchased after 1979. Or drive it into a tree if “they” want. Like Michael Hastings, a Vermont reporter who was working on a big story in California. Wonder what he knew. Our pilots, they injected so many that there are now less of them. 109 died in the year of the jab rollout. Our Farmers. Our land. Runaway legislature enacted a recent land grab. Maybe they think we aren’t paying attention. . . . Who are the pilots flying these weather manipulating planes? I did hear a bunch of them are getting cancers from the chemicals they are flying around with. . . .

  8. Michael Hastings was the journalist who wrote the scathing, revealing interview with General McCrystal exposing things going on in Afghanistan. He had more to come, but he was eliminated (akin to Seth Rich’s timely demise and Julian Assange being held in a British prison for years now.) Today, the acceleration of depopulation, human sterilization, debt slavery, trafficking of drugs and people, willful poisoning of land, water and air is the new world order for all to see. The good news is many are now pushing back and refusing to consent or comply. The war is real.

  9. Arthur Firstenberg’s book, THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW, A HISTORY OF LIFE AND ELECTRICITY is illuminating. It all ties in.
    Cyborgs are controllable and don’t have to be fed, and will be happy owning nothing.
    MKUltra comes home to roost.

  10. It’s interesting reading the comments; some seem to ” get it ” some obviously are just waking up from a long slumber and are wondering, maybe just maybe.

    Here is a different perspective from a old Vermont Fart of almost 81years on the sphere.. This unfolding saga started, at least, in the late 1940’s with our NAZI controlled government of importing under “Operation Paperclip” Thousands of Nazi Criminals prior to and after the Nuremberg Trials. Only a very few were executed; masses escaped. Operation Paper Clip made this possible.

    Fast Forward to today. A Vast Military War is being waged against this Nazi Forth Reich World Wide, and yes this includes The US. This tragedy
    was brought about my a vast majority of citizens sleeping, you and me.

    Who is involved? Will first this is a world wide Genocide agenda under the title of ” New World Order “. Who is supporting this Genocide plan? Well the list is long but I’ll supply a few of the leaders. Please sit down.

    Federal, State and Local Politicians; Federal State and Local Agencies; The Medical Mafia with made up Pandemic, Hospitals and many, many doctors; The Judicial System; Police State Police and Most of VT Sheriffs; Education Complex (think Killing our children with the JAB) ; the list is longer but you get the idea.

    Yes Forced Climate Change & and the New Green Deal, HARP etc are all part of the World Wide Genocide Project of the New World Order. Welcome to the effects of the Forth Reich which is alive and well. Perhaps this WAR that is being Waged will be successful ? Soldiers are dying as we speak. And Yes ” The House Needs To Be Cleaned” NOW !

    • About to release another article explaining more…. you will certainly enjoy based off what you’ve written here.

      -Paul Bean

  11. Amen Skip – some say fifth, sixth generational warfare. The fourth reich. The invisible enemy coming into full view for many and the darkest of days we have not even seen yet. It will be biblical – it is biblical – and 2000 years of history prove it to be so. The rise and fall of America is just one of many gone before. We have no choice but to let it fall – how it will rise again is the real fight we cannot lose.

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