Barre police arrest Boston teen in big drug bust

A Boston youth was arrested during a Barre town drug bust April 5.

On April 5, shortly after 6 AM, Barre city and town police executed a search warrant at a residence along the 700 block of East Barre Road in Barre. 

Officers seized about 174.5 grams (6.15 oz) of crack cocaine, 390 bags of fentanyl/heroin, $1,056 dollars in US currency, and a 9mm handgun. 

A male individual who subsequently refused to provide personally identifiable information was taken into custody. The male alleges to be a 17-year-old from Boston, Massachusetts. After exhausting efforts to positively identify the male, he was scheduled to be brought before the Court at 3:30 pm April 5 where he would have to positively identify himself or face civil contempt charges. He will further be facing charges of cocaine trafficking of 150 grams or more, and fentanyl trafficking of 70 milligrams or more, both being felonies. 

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  1. Not to worry, as soon as he goes to court he will be released on a misdemeanor and turned loose thanksto our liberal judges. After all the poor boy probably had a bad childhood!

  2. He wasn’t “nervous” when being arrested, was he?? Because if so – that PROVES (apparently beyond a reasonable doubt) that he knew he was being “targeted” because of his race or sexual orientation and NOT because of the stash he was peddling. Therefore, he must be cut loose immediately in order to prevent us all from exercising our uncontrollable & deep-seated racism! Darn cops!

  3. was his gun locked up?? maybe baruth & lalonde should check on this

  4. Ah, American youth exercising all kinds of the lessons they learned in school. Bet he excelled in chemistry and newly initiated STEM classes to help realize his dream. Now if only he can remember his name and age .