Bank robber busted

Samuel Colby, 39, of Springfield was arrested Friday evening for the January 8, 2022 robbery of the 802 Credit Union in Springfield, the U.S. Attorney for Vermont said.

According to court records, Colby was the suspect in a string of five robberies that occurred in Springfield and Westminster between January 6 and January 14, including the robbery of the 802 Credit Union.  

These robberies were reported by victims as involving a firearm or threat of a firearm.  A search of Colby’s vehicle on January 14 resulted in the seizure of a BB gun that looks similar to a semi-automatic pistol.  

During a search of Colby’s residence on the same date, law enforcement found a scrap of paper that appears to match the paper used for a demand note presented by the suspect at the 802 Credit Union robbery.

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  1. I imagine his sentence will depend upon his ethnicity or whether or not he has sired offspring as per the democrat lawmakers.

    We are sick.

  2. His felony crime, armed robbery, should be downsized to a misdemeanor, since he only used a bb gun. Besides, he needed the cash to pay for a narcotic habit he acquired through no fault of his own, and to medicate a mental illness stemming from viewing too much CNN, MSNBC and studying CRT. He should be given a summons to appear in court in April after seeing a mental health worker for a working lunch.

    • Thank goodness for federal prosecution of bank robberies. There would otherwise be prosecutors in Vermont who would not see your comment as sarcasm…

    • Entirely too harsh. Jethro—please ask your worst enemy to give you 3 lashes with a soggy noodle.

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