Balint: Yes on Congress budget deal – abolish the debt ceiling

Rep. Becca Balint (D-VT) issued a statement today supporting the House budget deal and calling for abolition of the debt ceiling.

“My bottom line will always be: how can I deliver the best results for Vermonters and the American people,” Balint said. After taking the time to ask the hard questions, I decided to vote “Yes” on this agreement to avoid default and the job loss and economic distress that comes with it. 

“I could not in good conscience vote no and risk over 250,000 Vermonters losing their health or veterans benefits – a lifeline for so many families. As I’ve said consistently throughout negotiations, default would be devastating not only for working families across the nation, but also has real consequences for the health of our global economy. 

“While far from perfect, this bill protects Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits. It protects the progress Democrats have already made on climate change, accessible health care, and ensuring rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. While there are parts of this bill that I oppose, the alternative of a default is unacceptable and would be devastating to Vermonters.

“This situation has made it abundantly clear we must abolish the debt ceiling. No other major economy on earth does this. America should pay what it owes and stop allowing our economy to be held hostage to an extreme right-wing agenda.”

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  1. “This situation has made it abundantly clear we must abolish the debt ceiling. No other major economy on earth does this. America should pay what it owes and stop allowing our economy to be held hostage to an extreme right-wing agenda.” Pay off our debt using what??? Who could expect anything that would make sense from our esteemed representative BB

  2. She is an economic illiterate and a ridiculous political hack. In her deluded mind she really believes being fiscally responsible and respectful of the taxpayers is an extreme right wing agenda? What a nut.

  3. “Extreme right wing” this, “Extreme right wing” that. What an insufferable boor we have elected.

  4. Sane people are the new right wing extremists. Good luck on your one term Balint….you won it with stolen Sam Bankman-Fried crypto money.

  5. “This situation has made it abundantly clear we must abolish the debt ceiling.” So Ms. Balint thinks we should give those irresponsible spendthrifts a free range, with no checks on their borrowing, and spending ? I would not trust them with a dollar to go to the store to buy me a Hersey bar !

      • The last time I bought one it was a quarter. I took a shot. Sue me !

    • If they could find one for a dollar? They would have to tap the taxpayers for the extra .25 cents because the government is broke. How does Becca expect to pay her way out of $32 Trillion by adding a few Trillion more. This is what you get when you send an activist moron to congress.

  6. “No other major economy on earth does this.” That statement is utterly false. Only Denmark also limits debt to an absolute figure, and most countries limit their debt to a percentage of their GDP. For example, the EU limits debt to 60% of GDP for its member countries. The USA debt-to-GDP ratio is currently ~115%.

  7. She is also in favor of the WHO’s proposed International Treaty for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response. Europeans are alert and opposing the potential land grabs, and compliance with any regulations issued by the WHO that would undermine theirs and our national sovereignty. She reads Wikipedia and thinks she has the facts, but is completely ignorant.

  8. I may not have a PhD in economics but I can tell you this, if I ran our household the way BB thinks we should run the country, with no debt limit, we would be in some kind of trouble in a nano second! We live within our means; we do not have the ability to take other people’s money to do with whatever we please! If anyone of us were to get as many credit cards as we qualified for, use them for what ever we wanted, maxed them out, without paying a cent, what do you think would happen to us? This woman is truly clueless, I certainly wouldn’t let her have a credit card.

  9. For financial incompetence and supporting the crash of the US Republic, look no further than Becca Balint. How in the world does rational citizens of Vermont elect this despicable person to the US Congress? Don’t they realize that it’s her plan to spend the US into oblivion and to crash the financial institutions of the US ? Which will wipe out the savings of all Citizens? She wants you dependent on her and her Progressive Autocracy. Shame on Vermont for this inexcusable so-called Representative. Please recall her.

  10. Does Rep. Balint think that China will gladly keep ‘loaning’ us as much money as the U.S. government can spend…indefinitely? Sooner or later, they might want their money back with interest. THEN what do we do? If you find yourself in a hole, and it keeps getting deeper, it seems like the smartest first move is STOP DIGGING! Is that too complex for our so-called ‘leaders’?

  11. Just think of Becca Balint as AOC. They’re like twins separated at birth. It won’t help the situation any, but it will give you a good chuckle whenever she opens her pie hole and you close your eyes and imagine AOC spewing the exact same nonsense.

    AOC: “I can’t believe the bank told me I’m out of money!”
    BB: “Like, really, I know, right? Didn’t you tell them you still have checks?”

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – dems and progs do not know what “unsustainable” means and they cannot do math – all to the detriment of our grandchildren – imagine having to explain to them how we decided to make their lives a living hell because of the democrats and progressives’ so-called “needs.” It is despicable. I wish you’d all write them like I have and ask them – is it that you can’t do math or do you hate your grandchildren? It’s one or the other – which is it?

  13. Extreme right-wing agenda??? And I suppose allowing the mutilation/castration of the genitalia of minor children, proclaiming that males can be transformed into females, enabling people to sell themselves into sexual slavery, granting children the “right” to vote, teaching CRT in schools, using agencies such as OUR F.B.I. to VIOLATE the innate rights of the citizenry by infiltrating and attempting to persecute the religious, encouraging the SLAUGHTER of the unborn at any stage of gestation for any reason, and using your PAID POSITION courtesy of George Soros to undermine our God-given rights guaranteed by our US & VT Constitutions to pursue “globalism” and socialism and Communism as opposed to the principals contained within the sworn oath you vowed, etc., etc. – is NOT an EXTREME or CRAZED agenda???

    And how DARE you deprecate a full third of the populace of this state whom you are OBLIGED to represent (that estimate not even taking into account the voter fraud perpetrated via college students & mail-in ballots alone in VT making your extreme leftist positions appear overwhelmingly prominent) by referring to our traditional and centuries-long adherence to the solemn principals emblazoned within the founding documents of this Constitutional Republic and referring to those who cleave to those values as “extremists”!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your ideologies and your verbiage are disgraceful and dangerous and your very presence, along with a number of others in this governmental body that you now occupy, merely represent the undeniable evidence of a nation in steep decline plagued by election fraud, Communist occupation, a government-controlled press, and an evil and monarchical take-over of a once free nation.

    Enjoy your fascist pursuits in this world, for the ambitions you have and the goals you pursue are neither long-lasting nor righteous but can instead lead one directly to an eternity completely devoid of all that is good and incorruptible despite the fact that you so likely disavow such a reality. “Pray” that you and your allies are correct in this very unscholarly conclusion as you forge ahead to dismantle and ultimately destroy a nation conceived in liberty and founded in the ethics of Judeo-Christianity.

  14. when was the last time Congress passed a budget? they just do omnibus
    appropriation. they have no restraint and want to get people dependent on government rather than having folks be responsible for themselves

  15. Regardless of what Becca or any other DC stooge says, the Federal Reserve is going to hike interest rates again – they have no choice. The US Treasury Bonds are considered toxic and no foreign government or bank wants them. The distraction of the debt ceiling is political pantomime. The petro dollar is dead – that’s why they want war – anywhere they can stir one up – missile strikes popping off at any moment? . They will release another virus – any one of the many they have in the freezer will do the trick because COVID was used for the same purpose. Make no mistake, they will pull any massive disaster to avoid the inevitable…that is where we are at right now.

  16. I don’t think this has anything to do with paying what we owe rather it’s about not spending what we don’t have so we won’t owe it.

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