Balint blasts GOP rules vote as ‘MAGA’ agenda

Becca Balint climbs steps of Congress (campaign photo)

By Guy Page

Newly-elected Vermont Congresswoman is no fan of the GOP rules passed last night, calling them “concessions Speaker McCarthy made to the extreme right-wing which would pave the way for the MAGA agenda.”

Last night, the House held three roll calls on H.Res.5, “Adopting the Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Eighteenth Congress, and for other purposes.” The votes were close but, as expected, the Republican majority won out. 

The blow-by-blow of the voting is recorded in, the Congressional website that is the national counterpart to Vermont’s  

7:08pmOn agreeing to the resolution Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 220 – 213 (Roll no. 23).
6:59pmOn motion to commit Failed by the Yeas and Nays: 210 – 220 (Roll No. 22).
6:52pmOn ordering the previous question Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 211 – 205 (Roll no. 21).

The specific language of the H.Res.5 is not available yet on However, the Daily Signal reported today the rules closely follow the agreements demanded by the dissident conservatives who held up the eventual election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker. These demands reportedly included:

  • A single congressperson may move to remove the Speaker
  • Committee investigation of ‘weaponization’ of FBI against American citizens.
  • A vote on term limits
  • Bills will be single subject, not omnibus with earmarks, and will have 72 hour minimum reading period.
  • The Texas Border Plan will be put before Congress. 
  • COVID mandates and their funding will be ended.
  • Reduce increase in the debt ceiling.

The House voted on several other resolutions and bills (including some addressing the holdouts’ concerns cited above), but it’s the rules package that caught the interest of Balint, a Progressive Democrat. A press release issued by her office this morning said:

Last night, Rep. Becca Balint (VT-AL) voted to oppose the Republican rules package. The package brought to the floor by the Republican-led Rules Committee includes many of the concessions Speaker McCarthy made to the extreme right-wing which would pave the way for the MAGA agenda to reach the House floor. By voting “no” Rep. Balint is opposing allowing the far-right to hold the Speaker hostage to their agenda, attempting to end Congressional staff unionization, reinstating rules to target civil servants, and giving Committee Chairs unprecedented power. 

Republican’s first priority bill in this new Congress is designed to help the wealthy avoid paying their fair share by rescinding critical funding that allows the IRS to control tax evasion from the ultra-rich. Rep. Balint plans to partner with Republicans this Congress to solve problems for her constituents, however, stands ready to oppose Republican extremism and attacks on the health of American democracy. 

“The Republicans’ extreme rules package puts issues like reproductive freedom, climate action, and at risk,” said Rep. Balint. “Here in Washington, I am focused on fighting for Vermonters by addressing the mental health crisis and the extreme housing shortage. This rules package obstructs progress on these urgent issues affecting working families. Democrats stand united in opposing the extreme right-wing agenda brought to the House floor this Congress.”

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  1. Balint’s comments are demeaning and a prime example of politicizing valid agendas and further dividing parties. Toxic representation, very unfortunate.

  2. Dirty FTX Becca needs unread omnibus bills to fight for “reproductive freedom,” because most Americans don’t actually want unrestricted abortion, (despite her “extreme right wing,” slurs,) making her the actual extremist here.

  3. Would you expect any different from this dingbat ? By the way, what’s the “AL” in ” Rep. Becca Balint (VT-AL) stand for ? At Large ? A Loon ? Acrimonious Liberal ?

  4. Please provide boxes of tissues and stuffed animals for Becca so she can cope. I’m sure Peter Welch’s stock options will help immensely. Bernie will provide mittens and how to speak jibberish responses to national media press questions.

  5. She’s a good Marxist… how about FTX… The rules need to be changed so that the Marxists cannot cheat as easily as they have. Balint needs to resign, she’s a criminal along with Sanders and Welch.

  6. Isn’t she supposed to be representing *all* of us? Even the ~35% of “deplorable” Vermont voters who identify as “MAGA”?

    Not a good start from Becca.FTX.

  7. Not the sharpest tool in the tool box. Nancy P changed the rule to make it more difficult to dislodge her from her grip on power…the GOP is just putting the rule back to where it was before Nancy P. attempt to stay in power forever. This is the way our system of government works young lady…you will find that out quickly under this speaker…it will not be like Vermont, so you better put your big girl britches on because you are in for a ride..

  8. She is a communist. Intelligent people knew that and did not vote for her. — Sometimes I wonder if a 1930s depression would be enough to wake up the idiots who support her and her kind.

    • Did Vermonters REALLY vote for her OR, was she “selected” by the ERIC System inner elitist sanctum?

      • Without looking at all the mail-in envelops for signature verification and during voter surveys, there is no way of know if she were elected or “selected”. Seth Keshel has statistics suggesting that VT had 14% more votes that would be normal, based upon population growth, age distribution, and other parameters. Inflating the vote is the most customary means to swing an election.

      • At this time “Vermonter” is defined as someone that moved to Vermont to escape the cesspool of a city they lived in

    • Because of all the non vermonters that control Vermont. They move here and are changing Vermont to be the place they left. I’m a non Vermonter that cannot understand why they cant leave perfection alone. Why do they feel they know best? God only knows!

  9. Yeah, the GOP wants to Make America Great Again and balant wants to turn America into Venezuela. Vermont has lost its soul, its mind, its luster and its independence under boornie sander and pete welch. Sad to see Vermont fading.

  10. What a perfect time for the Republicans to take over the House!

    Just when the self-made god and queen of the “woke” Vermont Marxists has been “selected” by our bogus Vermont Election System to graduate to the Washington Swamp!

    This will be fun to watch!

  11. Balint was in the right position in VT where the majority of legislators and Vermonters are far left progressives so she blended right in. Not going to be so easy now for you Becca.

  12. …….And she’s off!!! She very obviously finished her copy of “Rules For Radicals” right before being elected via Sam Bankman Fried.

    Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh, Becky with the FTX, your communism is showing…..I enjoy watching the clowns make fools of themselves. Maybe she’s afraid some of her chums will be investigated? and OHHH found guilty at the very least? Or we won’t be forced any longer to take the death jabs? Or, oh this one is good, they’ll ACTUALLY get a bill ahead of time and be able to READ IT!!! WOW….so terrible Oh but wait…my favorite. TERM LIMITS!!! tsk, tsk Becky.

  14. Fighting against spending control/reduction, term limits, and restoring “prior to Pelosi” standards are all things most would support. So what’s her issue?
    More spending on huge bills no one can read?

  15. Her Shoes are Super tacky . Blaint Helped to destroy VT now wants to help Destroy America . Trump won . Maga Rules , Blaint Cry REEEEEE mo

    • So you believe term limits are bad, the FBI has not been weaponized, voting on bills that you haven’t read is a good idea, bills with hundreds of thousands of rule changes and law changes are good, our borders aren’t overrun, covid was an actual issue, and more debt is more better?


  16. Balint should only use the term “extreme right wing” after she admits she is in the “extreme left wing” with a “socialist” agenda.

  17. A single congressperson may move to remove the Speaker
    Committee investigation of ‘weaponization’ of FBI against American citizens.
    A vote on term limits
    Bills will be single subject, not omnibus with earmarks, and will have 72 hour minimum reading period.
    The Texas Border Plan will be put before Congress.
    COVID mandates and their funding will be ended.
    Reduce increase in the debt ceiling.

    What is so terrible about this list????

  18. Balint is a Jim Jeffords, Bernard Sanders, Peter Welch clone and thus neither adds nor detracts from Vermont’s past performances.

  19. Those dangerous American extremists who want to Make America Great Again (MAGA). The socialist neo-marxists, like Balint, certainly can’t allow that to happen. We live in an inverted reality. Those who want to preserve and respect American values and the free market are extremists, while neo-Communists and socialists are exhaulted as individuals saving democracy. News flash, America is a Constitutional Republic with a democratic process, not a democracy. The definition of democracy is a popular government with mob rule.

  20. as usual we independents/conservatives have no representation in DC. She and welch should have resigned as soon as it was announced that FTX funneled only to each of them. 10x what they claimed they received. MAGA is no longer an excuse. DO the job VERMONTERs want you to do. You cannot because the majority of us want nothing to do with Marxism. By the way HOW MUCH did your fancy shoes cost???

  21. I think we should ALL write to Balint and ask her how she specifically plans to uphold her Oath to: “Protect and Defend Our US Constitution from ALL Enemies both Foreign and Domestic.”

    Then, hold her accountable to her answer. How long do you think it will take before her actions will truly define her by the real meanings of: Traitor and Insurrectionist?

    • Balint is part and parcel to an ideological morass. Firstly, locate as to wether she was properly sworn in and go from there. FYI: No one has been properly sworn in since Madeline Kunin.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by “properly sworn in?”

        Here is the Oath the House Representatives took on January 7, 2023:

        “Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you’re about to enter. So help you God?”

  22. Poor thing, thought she’d get to join the Greek chorus for her witch queen.
    Small wonder she’s bitter.

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