‘Baby Killers’ scrawled on Planned Parenthood clinic

Tom Kelly photo

By Guy Page

Barre police are investigating the scrawling of graffiti at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Barre. 

40 Days for Life anti-abortion sidewalk prayer coordinator Tom Kelly of Barre said that when he arrived at 7 AM Friday morning, he discovered someone had scrawled ‘Baby Killers’ in red paint on the side of the building and the sign in the driveway.

“I contacted police,” Kelly – a deputy state’s attorney in Lamoille County – said in a Saturday email to supporters. “We urge law enforcement to get any security video and prosecute those responsible.”

The Chronicle has requested the Barre Police Department for more information. 

40 Days for Life has a near-constant daytime prayer presence on the sidewalk near the clinic. The peaceful ‘prayer warriors’ do not physically interfere with activities at the clinic or engage visitors. After conferring with 40 Days for Life leaders, Kelly decided on “a vigil pause while the dust settled.”

Despite the pause in the vigil, some late afternoon vigil participants did not get the word and were subject to angry responses by so-called “counter-protesters” holding signs and passersby. One emailed the following to Kelly: 

“A woman across the street yelled at us to look at her. She had her camera taking our picture saying very vehemently that she would be posting our pictures everywhere and everyone would know what we were doing. In other words, she was threatening to dox us. Our response, we posed for the picture. 

“She went and talked to the woman with the PP sign and approached us. She implied we had no right to be there and [we] informed her we had every right to be there. Then the woman that lives directly across the street in the grey apt building. I’ve seen her on the porch before shaking her head at us, well she decided to speak out yesterday. She started yelling vile obscenities at us. I invited her to come and talk to us, which just infuriated her. she literally screamed, ‘You need to stop this! We all have to live here! We are SICK of it!’ Seemed like everyone was angry yesterday.”

According to WCAX, Planned Parenthood of New England offered this statement: “Hateful racist actions like what happened at the Barre Health Center are designed to shame and intimidate our patients and staff and keep them from accessing health care … The bottom line is that everyone should be able to get health care without fear of violence – harassment or intimidation.”

A total of 1204 abortions were performed in Vermont during 2018, according to the Vermont Department of Health. Planned Parenthood is by far the largest abortion provider in the state. 109 women residing in Washington County had abortions in 2018, health department statistics say. There is no publicly available data for how many abortions have been performed at the Barre clinic. 

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  1. I believe that women should have a right to abortion, even though I don’t like the idea.
    That being said, “racist”. It seems that anyone right of center in these times is “racist”, “transphobic”, “fascist”, or some other label that is meant to negate discussion. No right to be there? That is what a fascist would say.

    • The act of Abortion should not be a substitute for everyday “Birth Control”. Not having statistics, I am still of the opinion, more often than not, Abortion is being utilized for that purpose. If Abortion were not so readily available, as a Convenience Store, perhaps more care would be assumed by the couple.

  2. The destruction of others’ private property is never ok to make a political point, but let’s be clear…the spray-painted words are concise and factual. However, this kind of display should not surprise or shock us since we have officially allowed our public spaces such as roadways and the flagpoles at public schools to be used as a canvas for other controversial political statements that not everyone is comfortable with. Planned Parenthood gets taxpayer funds in Vermont so it could realistically be considered a quasi-public venue. We should be no more shocked by this than to see “oink oink” and “BLM” spray painted across the brick walls of a police station, like happened in Burlington. I dont recall any great uproar then. Is there more reason to advocate for Black lives than for the lives of the pre-born? If we see signs demanding “Black Trans lives matter”, then why not “Black pre-born lives matter”?
    As far as government staying out of peoples’ business, I am absolutely pro-choice, but let’s be clear about something that most pro-choice liberals are in total denial of…that EVERY successful abortion kills at least one human baby. You wont see that acknowledged in any of the text of Vermont’s Proposal 5. Vermont leftists are using their political clout to protect this right to commit legally hired-homicide (homicide is the legal term when a human is killed by another human) right up to the time of birth, and they will make us beleaguered Vermont taxpayers pay for it for those who lack financial “access”.

    • Concisely stated. However, don’t be deceived. The most serious agendas of the Left aren’t publicly acknowledged. I’m aware. I was one of them, until I realized the actual nature and extent of what was going on.

  3. I love how the left suddenly change their tune whenever it suits them. All summer/fall of 2020 – we heard from them how burning buildings, torching empty police cars, looting retailers was NOT violence in any way, as those were all “objects”.

    Now, someone takes spray paint & writes a factual statement on a building’s exterior & the action is immediately aligned with “violence”.

    Which is it, lefties???? “Peaceful” protest or violence? Try to be consistent.

    • Even though I support a woman’s right to abortion, I agree with the rest of your assessment.
      Antifa in VT has been renamed by Marina Brown. It is now “VT Anti Fascist Network”, or something approximate. I’m pressed for time, but will look up. Antifa is convincing people that it doesn’t exist.
      Furthermore, I have qualms about abortion, but I support a woman’s choice.

      • Women have choices BEFORE they become pregnant:

        1.) Do NOT be intimate unless & until you are emotionally, financially, physically prepared for the potential consequences.

        2.) Use ANY one or more of birth control methods that are proven to be over 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy.

        Now, please don’t feebly discuss all the women who are “raped” or victims of incest……they represent a TINY fraction of the MILLION PLUS (certain states don’t report #’s of abortions such as California & NYS!) babies slaughtered annually in the US.

  4. The problem with PP and pro-choice advocates – they only protect one choice. What about the people’s right to choose against forced innoculations for Wu-Flu? They have lost all credibility and their arguments are mute for this reason. Perhaps, many years ago, they provided safe services. However now, they are corrupt, unethical, and criminal. The result of going all in with the communist/marxist uniparty extensively funded by Soros and his merry band of nihilists. The freaks of misery cannot take what they dish out. Keep calling them out for what they are these days – they are complicit and active participants in crimes against humanity.

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