Attorney General T.J. Donovan won’t seek re-election

Vermont Attorney General T. J. Donovan today announced he won’t run for re-election and will leave politics, at least for now.

“I will not seek reelection as Attorney General in 2022. I have wrestled with this decision for the past few months and it feels like the right choice. After nearly sixteen years as an elected official (19 years in public service), it is time to take a break from the political world and pursue other opportunities.

I have tried my best to do what was right over the course of my career. I have been guided by the belief that Vermonters are good, decent people who should not be defined by their mistakes, but should be given the opportunity to comply with the law. This belief stems from my own experiences growing up in Vermont, which taught me a valuable lesson: trust Vermonters and believe in their goodness. I’ve tried to pass this on to others and instill this philosophy in my office.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received is when a Vermonter stops to tell me how they are doing and then thanks me for believing in them.

Now I want to thank Vermonters for believing in me.

It has been a distinct honor to serve the people of Vermont and to serve alongside so many dedicated public servants throughout state government. Thank you for the privilege.”

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  1. Part of the problems we all face as crime and particularly violent crime increases is having public “servants” make statements like: “people should not be defined by their mistakes”. There are repeat offenders who have TJ and other like-minded law enforcement and judiciary officials with similarly dismissive attitudes about criminal behavior to thank for enabling their ongoing criminal activities. What really is the driving force for this decision is that his party worships and incentivizes victimhood. Being a straight, white, cisgender, educated, middle-class male, he is utterly lacking in victimhood qualifications. Even becoming an opioid addict or transgendered would not be enough in the way of intersectional victimhoods necessary to overcome the field of competitors in the upcoming US Senate race. Let me be the first to wish him a good riddance, but somehow I dont think this is the last we have heard from him regarding seeking elected office.

  2. You would THINK that a decent Attorney General would stand up for all Vermonters and not just those who follow , lock step , with Phil.

    This current administration has violated our Constitutional rights and some of Vermonts own laws. Phil actually asked the Dept of Ed to question little kids on WHO was at their homes for Thanksgiving of 2020 to see if people were violating HIS idiot mandate.

    Phil was OK with abusing the Dept of Transportation by using VTrans workers to monitor ALL state border crossings like some communist countries would do.

    Those are just snippets of how TJ has failed to good citizens of Vermont.

    Buhbye TJ

  3. Good Riddance.

    Vermonters party line vote, that’s it & ya’ll know that. No one “believed” in you.

    And you ought spend some retirement time deep in prayer, Donovan – despite your Irish Catholic heritage as your surname likely implies, you worked to enable abortion at any stage for any reason.

    I will pray for you.

  4. Is there a smell of indictments in the air? Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, Secretary of Administration, Commissioner of Financial Regulation? Meanwhile, Kingdom Con/Cover Up financier is a cooperating witness for the Feds ? The CCP was here in February 2019. R-I-C-O. A lot of Federal and foreign money has flowed into this State over the past number of years…I wonder where it all went? I bet someone knows right down to the last cent – the number of people “stepping down” – there are no coincidences.

    • Or- perhaps we’re smelling a soros backed candidate to emerge for AG. Donovan isn’t leaving without a better offer or opportunity close down the road.

  5. Good. I am glad that “ward healer” will be gone. Never met a camera he didn’t like. Leopold and Kiss love him.

  6. Maybe we will get lucky and bf donavan will move to californication where he blongs with his marxist agenda. Good bye and good riddance bj!!

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