Attack of the Liberal Beast

By Peter Fernandez

Peter Fernandez

Blacklisted from the major leagues by Twitter, as well as the minor leagues of the Burlington Free Press and the Barre Times Argus for penning “politically incorrect” commentaries, I just consider the source(s). Afterall, we are living in “The Cancel Culture” presented to you by new liberalism, the dangerous leftist mob dictatorships of North America.

These intellectually-evolved wokes disdain toxic masculinity, truth, trucks, (trucks are racist!) truckers, too, guns, GIs, Red States, our “racist” Constitution, Israel and America, because they are the two worst countries in the world, and produced Judeo-Christianity. New Liberalism has “safe spaces” on college campuses, where an alt-left student can be sure not to hear a discouraging word. Think Get Smart’s Cone of Silence. Maybe these elite “safe” spaces are producing intolerant liberal fascists.

The new liberals are also gunning to cancel our First & Second Amendments. Achtung! No more gender-based toilets or nouns. Nein! True social progress demands you support transgenderism, even if California Republican Governor Hopeful, Caitlyn Jenner, knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Since the sex & drugs revolution of the groovy Sixties, the acid-laced Age of Aquarius, the aloof and “freethinking” children and grandchildren of hallucinogenic, hairy hippies have since hypnotized much of American academia, media and entertainment. Socialism, free abortion, the har-vesting of infant organs for “research”, open borders, Critical Race Theory, Defund the Police, BDS, BLM, legalization of narcotics, voting for 16-year-olds,  and illegal aliens, The New Green deal!  You are a Neanderthal from Texas, or a wood chucking racist from Vermont, if you don’t favor their alternate Bizarro Super-Person Unisexual-Universe.

All these things and more, including reeducation camps for conservatives (see Kyle Jurek, one of Bernie’s more candid obersturmfuhrers on Youtube) will save us from ourselves, and the rest of the knuckle-dragging Morlocks of the Republican Party’s root-cellar. These Bernie-Bolsheviks are pushing for a pagan Idol of Liberty, a monolithic Pan-Green-Goddess-nature-mother to oppose regressive Judeo-Christian “mythology” upon us quaint, John Q. Publics. Globalism & Critical Race Theory for Tots to Teens. CRT declares that ALL white people are prejudiced. If you believe you are not a racist, that’s because you just don’t know it, yet, and must be reeducated.  

To get the sheeple, who tend to believe everything CBS, ABC & MSNBC tell them, involved, there’s free stuff for everybody. Stimulus checks, free phones, extended unemployment cheques, etc. Who is going to say no to money? But none of this stuff is really free. Ambitious crack dealers sometimes give you the first hit free.

President Biden is The Empty Man. If you catch that disturbing film, perhaps this allusion will make sense. The most radicalized president Of-All-Time isn’t really here. His hollow shell is manipulated by Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Soros, Gates, and the rest of the children and grandchildren of book-learned hippies, who told you ROTC is for crustaceans with crew cuts. The Squad is too busy calling news conferences to do the hard work and make legislation.

By diabolical Democrat design, Political Correctness is the latest lingo of new liberalism. In George Orwell’s timeless novel, 1984, the ruling English Socialist Party (INGSOC) created Newspeak. This vocabulary helped “to meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism.” Before its publication in 1949, Orwell predicted political correctness, and that modern conservative ideals would become sub-versive concepts. Patriotism, nuclear family values, daring to question transgenderism , gay rights, BLM, BDS, etc., have  indeed become Orwellian “thought crimes.”  

Today, an insult is “spiritual rape.” A homeless person is an “outdoor urban dweller,” and an illegal immigrant is an irregular immigrant/undocumented worker. A husband is a partner and a wife is a partner. Humanity displaced mankind.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

Last January, Nancy Pelosi revealed the “rules” for the 117th Congress containing “future-focused” proposals such as the cancellation of archaic gender terms, like “father, mother, son and daughter.” In a 1975 Sixty Minutes interview, future President Ronald Reagan stated, “That if fascism ever came to America, it would come in the form of Liberalism.”

Hollywood social justice activist and actor Mark Ruffalo, virtue signals to the world that he “for whatever reason, has a love of social justice, and there is no reason that an ally of America, Israel, should not be held accountable for the violence and apartheid bla, bla, bla…”

According to Ruffalo, Israel doesn’t have the right to defend itself.  He and the countless other “social justice warriors” of New Liberalism are blind to Israel’s predicament. The Hulk blathers tired, old propaganda against the Jewish State.  If anyone is really interested in investigating this ‘apartheid lie’ against Israel, contact:, or read The Case For Israel by Alan Dershowitz.

 You could also investigate how Palestinian refugee camps fire off hundreds of expensive rockets into Israel. These “Palestinian refugees” who are supposed to be using the millions of dollars freely given annually by 68 donor nations thru The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, are utilizing these “humanitarian” monies for terrorism.  That’s what happens when a terror group, Hamas, runs “Palestine.” The Palestine Authority’s curriculum “based on Jihad, martyrdom and the ‘right of return by force of arms’” is anathema to co-existence and education. 

The author is a resident of Northfield.

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  1. Bravo Peter – bravo! Direct and very concise – maybe this approach might raise a few of these mask wearing, jab seeking victims of their own imaginations in time to save their kids from perpetuating the same, as well as being jabbed with something none of them bothered to do the research on from all those scientists (including one who worked on the jab) warning of the health horrors that lie ahead like a time bomb. Think logically – find the censored information – ask yourself why it’s been censored and if you just can’t bring yourself to make this effort – re-watch Shindler’s List. And for God’s sake and yours PRAY!