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At cannabis stores, Health Dept. provides 3,000 free lockable storage bags

To help reduce the risk of children accessing cannabis products and other substances, the Department of Health and Cannabis Control Board have launched a pilot project to offer free, lockable storage bags at select cannabis stores in Vermont.

The Healthy at Home bags can be used by anyone to store cannabis products safely, but they are especially important for people with young children in the home to prevent them from accidentally eating edibles and other products. 

new Health Department report shows a rise in accidental ingestion of substances among children since 2018, based on emergency department data. Cannabis was among the three most common substances involved in unintentional, nonfatal overdoses in 2022 for children under age 9. Other top substances of concern in Vermont’s youngest children include prescription and over-the-counter medicine and stimulants.

“It’s critical that we safely store all potentially harmful substances, but especially edibles that could appeal to children, like gummies or chocolates,” said Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD. “These lockable bags make it harder for children to access and consume these products, potentially preventing a trip to the emergency room.”

Cannabis products are required to be in child-resistant packaging when they are sold. The Cannabis Control Board recommends that products stay in their original packaging even after the consumer brings them home, but both the Board and the Health Department support using extra layers of security.

“As a Board our goal is to develop a regulatory program that aims to prevent cannabis use among youth and educates consumers about the importance of safe storage,” said Cannabis Control Board Commissioner Julie Hulburd. “Alongside other fundamental safety measures, these locking bags provide an excellent solution for enhancing security when storing potentially harmful substances at home, keeping them out of reach of children and pets.”

The pilot project includes distribution of 3,000 lockable storage bags to stores identified by the Cannabis Control Board. No purchase is necessary to receive a bag. Each bag includes a pamphlet that directs people to a satisfaction survey. The information collected will help guide decisions about expansion of the program to more sites.

The free storage bags will be available at:
⦁    Capital Cannabis Company – Berlin 
⦁    Vermont Bud Barn – Brattleboro
⦁    Euphoria Cannabis Products – Burlington
⦁    The Hight Country – Derby
⦁    Magic Mann – Essex
⦁    FLORA – Middlebury
⦁    Mountain Girl Cannabis – Rutland
⦁    MothaPlant – St. Albans
⦁    Northeast Kannabis – St. Johnsbury
⦁    The Tea House – White River Junction

Even without a lockable bag, you can take steps to keep your home healthy by keeping potentially harmful substances out of sight and out of reach for children and pets. Place harmful substances on high shelves, behind closed doors, install child-proof latches, lock medicine cabinet. For more information visit

Get more tips on safe storage and disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medications by visiting

If you suspect poisoning, dial 9-1-1 or call the Poison Control Center immediately at 1-800-222-1222.

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  1. Guess I’ll be that guy. An chance people can just not use drugs? They are still illegal federally, which is in fact a good thing. Yet another ” fix ” from our liberal government. Anyone else notice crime is up? Drug issues are up? Murder is up? Am I the only one who sees our California trend, here in little California? Only reason this was made legal, was for tax revenue. Just another example of our local government, riding on the backs of the addicted. Help us Jesus.

      • foster drug use is not working either




        Perhaps there is a better way, since neither work to the betterment of anyone.

  2. The people who are buying and using these products don’t give a hoot about children’s safety. Many are also sharing their soma, errr… cannabis allocation with their children and grandchildren to keep them medicated. They just want their fix. To h*ll with the kids.

    So here we go again. Another “failed” grand plan. Net effect = more criminals, more murder, more violence, more dysfunction and more broken families. Exactly how they planned it.

    In other news…. did you all read about the 17,000-bag fentanyl drug bust in Burlington yesterday? I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

  3. Let’s be clear…these bags are not “free”…they are obviously being paid for by taxpayers out of some budget or other. What is not clear is why specifically cannabis products are prompting the financing of these bags when there are typically many other much more hazardous products in a household that we are all expected to make our own effort to prevent access by children.

    • Right? Can I get a free lockable bag for my bottle of drain cleaner please?

      Here’s the rub, though. Levine doesn’t care about drain-cleaner ingestion. He cares about cannabis ingestion because it doesn’t look good on his reports, now does it.

    • oh come know, they only cost $125 a piece, it was done by a grant money so it’s just free! How is it a bad investment?

      disclaimer…I don’t know the price…this is sarcasm,

  4. Just another way to P-away taxpayer dollars, I would think if you’re old enough to purchase this product, then you should know how to make it safe around your house,
    but then again if you’re stoned, maybe there could be a problem and your judgment may be just a little off, what makes anyone think this baggie will ever be used for its intended purpose ………………..liberals spending your tax dollars on more nonsense !!

  5. Right on, Chester. Legalizing marijuana in the war on drugs makes as much sense as fighting terrorists at our front door while we hold the back door open for as many as possible to come in.

    Or legalizing physician-assisted suicide while legislating “lockable storage bags” for our firearms so we won’t commit suicide with them.

    Or fighting to protect coyotes while creating a constitutional amendment to kill preborn human babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Same twisted illogic.

    • The VT legislature already passed a “safe storage law”…but they didn’t allocate any public funds to purchase gun safes for those who wish to avail themself of a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

  6. Ok, so lets get past the rhetoric, I have included 2 links. One is a new article of the lies and BS related to cannabis and its use. Remember unlike the lie, no one had DIED from its use alone, no one.

    and an oldie but a goodie.
    I cannot believe that in this time we still believe the lies from the gubment. Have you learned nothing from the covid lie or the shot lies?
    Do your own homework.
    Oh and enjoy the list you are put on so you cannot buy a gun. hmmm what ever would you be doing in a “pot shop”.
    Though I cannot be completely sure and hope someone actually has proof I am wrong, but I see no such info being kept by the state for drinkers of alcohol. Unless you want something stronger than most commercial spirits.
    Last I tried you cannot get some that have a 191 proof without getting permission from the state to even buy it. Funny in NY you have no such restrictions.
    But just by research you can get any “strength” of cannabis w/ out permission just an ID that they record for the gubment to track you. I guess this is also how they did the whole Ivermectin ban /boycott too . Lie and just sit back .

  7. Considering The Biden administration is handing our free crack pipes and free clean needles, why not dole out lock bags to keep all your drugs safe and secure. Perhaps the logo should say “Stay safe and zooed out of your gord at home!” Maybe even throw in some coupons for Doritos and Monster drinks? Better marketing ensures a dumbed down, drugged out, complicit, compliant, and obedient society afterall.