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Assessing the respiratory hazards of masks 

Press Release


The Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks on May 12th in Burlington City Hall’s Contois Auditorium began the process of assessing the harms the public has been experiencing as a result of wearing face masks.  

Presenters at the Forum included experts who addressed the current use and effectiveness of masks, and the importance of respiration to all of the systems of the body; government trained specialists who explained our rights and responsibility to assess the hazards; and business  owners, students, journalists, medical and legal professionals from across Vermont who have  been standing up to protect themselves and others from the harms caused by mask requirements. 

Following are quotes from the interdisciplinary team of experts who came from out of state to present at the Forum: 

“Mask wearing is putting our kids at risk for chronic respiratory, cardio-respiratory, stress; for hypoxia- which is low oxygen; for impaired kidney function and kidney inflammation… In  extreme cases, usually involving exercise, the possibility of respiratory arrest, brain damage,  and even sudden cardiac death. What… are we thinking?”

“It begs repeating, and with great emphasis, that every mask you have ever seen on a child is unregulated, untested, and unsafe, with zero efficacy, fit, term of wear, or medical clearance standards. Zero.”  

“We are required by law, as Industrial Hygienists, to present risk reduction methods that provide a 90% reduction rate. So, when you hear people say…. ‘A little bit is better than  nothing’ we would say no, in our profession, it is illegal to implement any control measure that  does not provide a relative risk reduction rating of 90% or greater. What does your surgical  mask, or T-shirt provide for you? Nothing. What does your N95 provide for you? Maybe 1%. So, we do not implement those controls that create a greater hazard for a small fraction of a percent of a protection. That’s insane.” 

Local presenters at the Forum included two Vermont business owners who stood up to the mask mandates: one was fined, and the other’s business became the #1 tourist attraction in the state.  Two students shared how wearing masks made them feel unwell, and how they were similarly  treated by their elementary school administrators when they complained. One still has an open  court case which is supported by the Children’s Health Defense legal team.  

Videos from the Forum are available on Rumble, Odysee, Youtube and public access TV channels. Links can be found at: 

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  1. People are STILL virture signalling with masks.
    I tell them the EO was lifted May 1st, but they, apparently know better than the professionals are … self-medicating… feeding themselves poison from their own exhalations…

    NO critical thinking. OSHA has always had this stance until they were bullied to be more in line with the narrative.

    Bobby Jr’s THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI is an eye opener about all this crown control manipulation, cult mind control, and cultural and economic reset mentality going on — Vermont is the most vaccinated state in the country! No wonder Dr. Fauci and Scott are such buddy buddies… guinea pigs R US.

    Kennedy doesn’t miss a trick in his book exposing the lies and hypocrisy and fundamental non-science the plandemic was based on… including Pasteur’s deathbed confession that …there are no viruses.

    Are we a land of sheep?

    • I challenged the “authority” and “requirement” to wear a mask in a long-term care facility, I was gaslighted and stonewalled by both the facility and the State of Vermont advocate (duty to defend and paid by taxpayers.) They are breaking federal law and violating civil rights with impunity. Woe onto them. They will face judgment and consequences for their criminal conduct. Declared and decreed.

  2. A land of sheep? Most assuredly, judging from the number of people and institutions falling for the multiple pandemic related “health” diktats, so called gender affirming care, and the absurdity of the DEI crowd as a whole. The propaganda campaign of the last several decades, in concert with education practices training people to be good little comrades, has been very successful at brainwashing folks or medicating them into compliance. It’s long past time to wake up!