Article 22, Phil Scott win big on Election Day

Zuckerman with strong lead on Benning as of 11 PM

By Guy Page

Vermont voters overwhelmingly approved Article 22, the reproductive liberty amendment, on Election Day November 8. They also returned Phil Scott as governor and selected Peter Welch and Becca Balint as the state’s U.S. Senator and member of Congress, respectively.

For complete, up-to-date returns go to Vermont Election Night Results. At 11 PM with 216 of 283 towns and cities reporting, Vermont general election results are as follows:

Constitutional Amendments

Article 22, enshrining abortion into the state constitution, passed 72-22%. Article 1, prohibiting slavery and indentured servitude, passed about 90-10%. 


Senate: Peter Welch-D defeats Gerald Malloy-R 67-28%.

Congress: Becca Balint-D 60%, Liam Madden-R 27%, Ericka Redic Libertarian 4.3%. 


Governor: Phil Scott-R over Dem Brenda Siegel 70-23%.

Lt. Gov.: David Zuckerman (D/P) over Joe Benning-R 51-42%.

Democratic candidates Sarah Copeland-Hanzas (Secretary of State), Charity Clark (Attorney General), and Michael Pieciak (Treasurer) defeated Republican candidate H. Brooke Paige by wide margins, as did incumbent Auditor Doug Hoffer (D/P) over Rick Morton. 

Vermont Senate

Caledonia – Jane Kitchell-D over JT Dodge-R 59-34%. 

Chittenden North – Irene Wrenner-D is running two points ahead of Leland Morgan-R with one town left to report. 

Addison – incumbent Democrats Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy defeated Lloyd Dike and Robert Burton by more than 2-1 margins. 21 of 25 towns reporting.

Franklin – Randy Brock and Bob Norris, Republicans, beat Pam McCarthy and another Democrat.

Grand Isle – Dick Mazza-D beat Steve Bellows-R by over 2-1.

Orange – with seven of 13 towns reporting, Mark MacDonald-D leads John Klar-R 55-40%.

Orleans – with 13 of 20 towns reporting, Bobby Starr-D leads Sam Douglass 50-34.

Rutland – clean sweep for GOP with Brian Collamore, Terry Williams, and Dave Weeks ahead with 24 of 27 towns reporting.

Washington – clean sweep for Democrats, with Ann Cummings (10%), Anne Watson (9%), and Andy Perchlik (8%) in the lead, with Paul Bean (4%) the leading Republican.

Windham – Democrats Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim win defeat Republicans Rick Morton and Rick Kenyon by 3-1. 

Windsor – Alice Clarkson, Rebecca White, and Dick McCormack win. They each received just over 10% of vote, with three Republicans each getting between 4-5%. 

Essex – Russ Ingalls elected uncontested. 

Lamoille – Rich Westman elected uncontested.

Bennington – Brian Campion and Dick Sears elected uncontested. 

Key House Races

Caledonia 3 (Lyndon) – With four of five towns reporting, Republican Charles Wilson leads Democratic Dennis LaBounty by one vote. 

Caledonia-Essex (St Johnsbury, etc.) – incumbents Scott Beck and Scott Campbell re-elected.

Franklin 1 (Georgia-Fairfax) – Republican Carolyn Brantley and Ashley Bartley beat two Democrats.

In Fairfield, James Gregoire-R beat Brenda Churchill-D 57-40%.

Franklin 7 – Allen “Penny” Demar-R beat Cindy Weed by about 3-1. 

In St. Albans City, Casey Toof-R beat Lauren Dees-Erickson 61-36%. 

Franklin 3 – Mike McCarthy-D beat Joe Luneau 56-42%.

In Stowe, Independent Jed Lipsky, backed by retiring Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, won 59-38%. 

In the Waterville-Cambridge seat, Lucy Boyden-D leads Rebecca Pitre 52-46%, with one town as yet unreported. 

Orange-Caledonia – one vote separates Joe Parsons-R and Kelsie Root-Manchester-D, with one town unreported. 

Orange-Washington-Addison – incumbents Jay Hooper and Larry Satcowitz defeated Republicans Wayne Townsend and Jackie Klar by 2-1. 

Orange-Washington – With two towns unreported, Samantha Lefebvre leads Carl Demrow by 12 votes.

Orleans – Brian Smith of Derby beat Aimee Alexander 58-39%. 

Orleans 4 – Katherine Sims-D beat Vicki Strong-R 60-38%. 

Rutland-Bennington – with four of five towns reporting, Robin Chesnut-Tangerman leads Sally Achey 52-45%. 

Rutland 2 – with three of four towns reporting, Tom Burditt and Art Peterson lead Dave Potter and Dave Fredette, with 100 votes separating Peterson and Potter. 

In Barre Town, Topper McFaun and Gina Galfetti easily defeated Melissa Battah and another Democrat. In Barre City, Peter Anthony and Jonathan Williams beat Republicans Tom Kelly and Brian Judd. 

In Berlin-Northfield, Republicans Anne Donahue and Ken Goslant held their seats against a Democratic challenger. 

Democrats Kate McCann and Connor Casey took the two Montpelier seats. 

Democrats Theresa Wood and Tom Stevens beat Republican Kathy Tarrant and an independent in the Waterbury, etc. House seat. 

In Windsor-Orange 2, Democrats Rebecca Holcombe and Jim Masland beat Republicans Bill Huff and Matt Stralka.

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  1. Disappointed, but not surprised or moved to despair. My faith in God tells me to hold onto Him and Him only. What comes now will shake the earth in ways no man could ever comprehend or anticipate. The seeds were sown, now comes the harvest. I certainly would not want to be standing in the shoes of those high fiving and back slapping each other believing what they believe and what they have done. They shall reap what they have sown. Pray without ceasing. One Nation Under God.

    • Agree, Melissa Casey. The wheat and the chaff. Vermont is in a spiral of evil and devastation soon will follow. They will reap what they have sown. Keep your Faith strong in the Lord, as will I. God Bless.

    • Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

      You have been chosen to be here, now.
      So many have Hearts that are hurting. Anger, sadness and confusion all tear at us.
      As my wise friend once told me, We Know How It Ends.
      Put on the Armor of God my friends.
      This is Spiritual Warfare.
      You Are Essential.

  2. And this is why we shouldn’t shun moderate candidates. A moderate conservative who can win is better than a staunch conservative who is sure to lose. Let’s not make that mistake again.

    • I agree fully. Better to save as many babies as possible than have all of them sent to slaughter. Yet AGAIN. Right-to-Life CANNOT win here sadly. Therefore, trying to personally “make a point” by choosing such candidates is shooting us ALL in the foot & simply playing into socialists/leftist hands. Malloy was never a contender. Sorry.

    • You have people posting on here that actually believe the Trump won the last election, even today. Sour grapes. If they are waiting for the Trump to rise again, they are detached from reality. Only a ‘drink the kool aid’ Republican Candidate is acceptable. The Republican chances in Vermont are held back by these people. BTW: How many votes did Erica Redic get? I ve been working and didn t have time for TV? They are bitter and would prefer to pretend they are self righteous, while they are rightfully excluded from power, and instead just preach to their own choir?

      • Patrick Branley, election results are easy to find on the Vermont Secretary of State website. Look it up. Ad hominem attacks are drawn on ignorant assumptions rather than facts.

      • Patrick Branley, election results are readily available on the Vermont Secretary of State website. Look it up. Ad hominem attacks come from a position of ignorance, not facts.

    • Gabriel Syme, Conservatives in Vermont did not stand a chance against the backlash of the overturning of Roe v Wade. Article 22 is extreme, and the issue is about the vague language of the bill, not the standard pro-life/pro-choice debate. Article 22 serves neither pro-life nor pro-choice proponents. Legislators and voters alike failed to see the distinction because we are not educated on the Constitution in our government schools. Congratulations to Planned Parenthood and government officials for successfully duping the We the People.

  3. This was not about right to abort or right to life. It was about giving more power to the State (controlled by private interests) over people…just like the evil clot shot vaccines now creating unprecedented death, still births, etc.and admitted to not work…and thus slavery is still legal in Vermont!

    And in election news, Senator Welch can now join Senator Sanders and Becca Balint in funding Nazi’s in the Ukraine for World War III and more genocide for their real constituents- the elites of Global Government!

  4. Fellow Conservatives: Please keep in mind that ‘a wise man once said nothing’. Because, ‘sometimes ’tis better to be silent and thought the fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.’ – – Godspeed.

  5. I am crushed ! It’s days like these that prompt me to leave politics altogether and focus on other things in my life. All that politics has done for me is loose me friends and alienate family. I know the feeling will pass but for now i want to forget about politics !

    What is worse than the progs/dems are the RHINO’s sweeping.

    • Exactly, people like kurt wright, cory parent, fon turner and phil scott have no backbone or moral compass to endorse the things they have.

      • Even though I am certainly disappointed at the outcome, I would be fundamentally okay with the vote if I truly believed the majority knew who and what they were voting on. Prop 5 with the lack of definition of who’s reproductive autonomy this new Constitutional clause is written to include. And prop 2 which all about calling people incarcerated in prison as slaves, and fine tuned clause for prison reform and letting criminals go free. Both Prop 5 and Prop 2 was deceptive ( by intent ). Unless people researched and discovered the hidden (I do mean hidden and deceptive) agenda, (which most do not) they end up voting yes to something attached to a can of worms, waiting to spill out. Journalist of today (not including VDC) will unashamed tell you that they support the Democratic party. But how do you have objective journalism when they support only one side of the equation. Nor did people hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about any platform, or proposed Constitutional amendment. Most people never voted knowing all the facts.

  6. Sadly Vermont has lost its soul it appears. The defeat of Article 22, electing an avowed marxist like balant and zuckyman and a bold faced liar like welch. Tragic how Vermont has sank into this mess.

  7. Vermont is lost. It will take a generation of violence, mayhem and societal upheaval to change any of it. A sad testament of voter apathy and , when there is voting, supporting candidates with high ideals but No principles. Tragic.

  8. Shamefully, many Americans now want socialism i.e.: Communism – they loathe this country, its people, its history, and wish to drastically alter it into a “country” without borders which of course is not a country at all. We are going down fast & only God knows exactly where all this shall lead. All we do know, as Melissa Carey always reminds us so aptly, is that in the end God is the victor. May God have mercy on us for the evil we have bestowed upon ourselves.

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