Armed robbery/ ammo mag bust/ another child sex assault

From left – Brandon Bergeron, Cassandra Sweet, Isaiah Jewell

By Guy Page

An Enosburg man with a drug crime arrest record was arrested for armed robbery in Enosburg Tuesday. 

At 9 pm on September 26, State Police responded to an armed robbery at the Jolley Short Stop Store in Enosburg. Police say a male entered the store, displayed a knife, and grabbed the cash drawer and cigarettes and fled the scene. No one was injured. Troopers later located Brandon Bergeron, 31, of Enosburg, who was with a female, identified as Cassandra Sweet, 34, of Enosburg. Bergeron attempted to flee but was apprehended and taken into custody. He was lodged at Northwest State Correctional Facility and held without bail. Police say Sweet assisted Bergeron in the crime. She was released with a citation for accessory after the fact.

Bergeron was also cited for an August 31 retail theft at the Beverage Gallery in Enosburg.

Bergeron was arrested on cocaine distribution charges in April, 2021 in Franklin County, media reports say. 

Pittsford man arrested for repeat sex assault on children – On September 17, state police detectives and investigators with DCF began an investigation concerning an alleged sexual assault against two separate children that had been occurring over the past five years. September 27, Brad Blaisdell, 36, of Pittsford was arrested for Aggravated Sexual Assault Against a Child & Aggravated Sexual Assault Against a Child under age 13.. He was ordered to be held at Marble Valley Correctional Facility without bail and to appear in court the next day. 

DUI, possession of large capacity ammo mag – At about 7 pm September 26, state troopers  conducted a traffic stop after observing a motor vehicle violation on Interstate 91 in Putney. Operator Isaiah T. Jewell, 19, of West Lebanon was arrested for suspicion of DUI and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device. Jewell was later released with a criminal citation and is scheduled to appear in court. 

Have you seen this Walmart retail theft suspect? – Berlin Police are seeking this suspect of a September 25 retail theft at the local Walmart. If you have info please call 802-223-4401 or email Officer Gabe Wendel at 

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  1. Regarding the bust for the “large capacity” magazine: it was my understanding that Vermont’s law only prohibits the procurement of such devices after the date of enactment and any in possession up to that time are grandfathered. Unless there is proof of when the device was obtained, this is not prosecutable and the mere possession of such a device is not a violation. Also, thankfully a California Judge has recently ruled such magazine capacity restrictions unconstitutional. While that ruling does not specifically apply to Vermont’s law, it should eventually affect it as it winds it’s way through the courts. Any legal experts care to comment?

  2. Same thoughts about the mag as Rich… interesting question I had though-
    did this guy have a firearm to that mag in the vehicle as well? Will he get bail and go to recover his personal (constitutionally ensured) property from the state police and was handed back an AR-15 (just minus a MAG)? Then they slap an uninvestigated high cap mag charge just for funsies- because they had nothing else?
    If that is what really happened, I find it hilarious.

    • Apologies-
      ***Did he get bail and go to recover his personal (constitutionally ensured) property from the state police to only be handed back an AR-15 (just minus a MAG)?****

      • There was no mention of whether a firearm was involved or the type of firearm.
        As I understand it, according to Vermont law the max capacity for a NEWLY ACQUIRED magazine is 15 for a handgun and 10 for a long gun.

  3. What If you have a “long Gun” say a PCC that takes hand gun mags and you also have a hand gun that takes the same mag? Would you get busted if the “long Gun” had a 15 rd mag in it? The mag should be ok because it is a hand gun mag it also just happens to fit in a PCC. It’s a Mag law not a gun law right?

    • What it is is another useless restriction that will contribute absolutely nothing toward public safety while offering opportunities to selectively prosecute people who progressives dont like…

    • Jane sixpack,
      That might be stretching it a little. A carbine is still a “long gun”. I’m sure law enforcement would want to know when the PCC was purchased. If you purchased the PCC after the mag ban was signed into law then you should know you’re not supposed to put a 15 rd mag in a “long gun”. I’m just guessing.

  4. Not sure if folks are aware but the federation of sportsman’s clubs is getting ready to die over the mag law and more. Great time to donate to them or gun owners of Vermont.
    After bruen, we are winning ALOT and gun laws are far ng, but it takes money to sue these jerkoffs.
    Moron labe