Another Vermont conservative speech venue ‘canceled’ – and a new venue found

Like Charlie Kirk, Brian Judd canceled but continues undaunted

By Guy Page

For at least the second time in six months, opponents of an outspoken conservative have successfully cancelled a speech venue by pressuring hosting organizations. In both cases, the speakers found a different venue and continued speaking. 

Earlier this month, the production company providing studio space and production expertise for the Brian Judd Show ended their relationship with the show due to pressure from the show’s critics, Judd said today. 

Last October, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk was ‘cancelled” out of his downtown Burlington hotel ballroom location when a Marxist group threatened to agitate against the hotel in the Burlington business community. The hotel cancelled the engagement. Undaunted, Kirk spoke to a packed house in a South Burlington hotel ballroom instead. Ironically, the location was closer to the UVM residence halls than the waterfront-area hotel, and drew a large number of interested undergrads. 

Brian Judd, the outspoken host of a new online current events show with a politically-conservative theme, debuted his first program February 11 in a professional studio in Barre. That business relationship crumbled under pressure from the show’s critics, Judd said. 

“The production company I was airing The Brian Judd Show with had two sponsors pull their sponsorship, which is money, and a third sponsor threatened to pull sponsorship,” Judd said this morning. “The production company caved to the sponsors and I was told they no longer could air The Brian Judd Show.”

Judd doesn’t say who is behind the cancelling. However, the Barre native and military veteran is fond of calling the Progressives on the City Council ‘communists’ and has clashed with them repeatedly over their unwillingness to fly the American flag over Main Street on patriotic holidays. Last year, current city council candidate Sue Higby wrote in a letter to the local newspaper that she wanted to speak with contributors to Judd’s 2021 city council campaign.

Judd produced his second and third show from “Currier Park Studios,” A/K/A a Barre location. There is a stark contrast in visual production values, at least for the moment. Fortunately for Judd, his audio quality and speaking voice are both excellent.

Across the Connecticut River in Dartmouth College, conservative speakers Andy Ngo and James Lindsay both recently were denied speaking locations at the college. Ngo made a virtual presentation instead, and Lindsay spoke at a White River Junction, Vermont restaurant.

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  1. How can we listen to the Brian Judd Show? The link in this article requires a Facebook membership and I want nothing to do with Facebook.

    • Open a Facebook account in an assumed name. You will have access to all things Facebook. You don’t have to post anything or put anything on there. You won’t be supporting them, they will be supporting your quest for information and entertainment. You won’t be the only one.

      • False sense of security, my friend. When you sign in and access it, Facebook is still going to glean your location, operating system, whether you’re on a phone or laptop and other information you don’t want them to have. You could add a VPN but then you cannot access Facebook because they can’t steal your information. Same deal with Google/YouTube – once you sign in they gather data you don’t want them to have.

  2. When a “Marxist group threatens to agitate” at a private venue, wouldn’t that be considered “criminal threatening” under S265, approved by 28 members of the Vermont Senate…or is there an ideological litmus test/ double standard? The main argument against S265 is that a threat of that kind of nature is ALREADY ILLEGAL. One can hardly blame a hotel chain for not wanting to invite trouble, but where is law enforcement on this??? (cue sound of crickets coming from Sarah George’s office).

    • As I’ve previously posted, Antifa is real and violent. Marina Brown and Laura Potter were close personal friends of mine. They became hostile after I defied Brown’s orders to stop discussing online about puberty blockers for children and the erosion of Women’s Sports. I was illegally put out of Liberty Union Party, in contravention of its charter. It has been re-named “Peace and Justice Party” to conceal its nature. Both the Nazi and the Bolshevik Parties maintained a facade of legality until they took over.

      • I wish more people understood where this is going. Antifa are communist terrorists hiding behind a pretense of “social justice,” dreaming about the day they can violently eliminate everyone they imagine to be some kind of “fascist,” which is pretty much everyone at some point.

      • As usual you are twisting the facts to further your vendetta against us. I did not want to debate trans issues with you endlessly so i told you to stop emailing me about it. You were put out of Liberty Union because you continued to harrass me about your obsessions by email/

        I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist. I have nothing to do with treating ANYONE let alone trans people.

        You yourself voted in favor of the Liberty Union code of conduct you broke in harrassing me.

        Go find someone else to obsess about. I am sure that the conservatives here see that you are pursuing a vendetta. Learn to respect boundaries. When someone says NO it means NO.

  3. Really….you want to recommend giving Facebook clicks??? When are the useful idiots going to stop???
    Use Rumble!!!!!

  4. Facebook… seriously??? Conservatives aren’t welcome there and many among us don’t have accounts or waste time there. I join another commenter in recommending Rumble. GAB is also a supportive venue.

  5. Those in the Barre community wagging their fingers have something to hide. After some digging, I found interesting financial reporting through the IRS and Sec of State filings that pose questionable ethical conduct in City Hall and non-profits who pretend to be virtuous members of the community. What is widely known is there are certain people who project onto others to hide the fact they are doing something that would likely wipe out their reputations and their bank accounts. How they are getting money, from where, and how it is being utilized raises many a red flag. Their paper trail isn’t difficult to find and the Truth writes itself. As a taxpayer in this City, those who are up to creative financial shenangians as well as unethical, immoral dirty deeds, will be exposed.

  6. Compare the cowards in this country who quake in fear from a threat by a few Marxists to the bravery of Ukraine citizens who stand up to the Russian military. Russia should target the US; we would collapse in a day or two.

  7. Do we conservatives ever cancel liberal propaganda? No, because it would be like bailing out a boat with a a spoon. We are being outlawed by these fishfaced enemies of the people.

  8. Sue Higby is running for Ward 1 Barre City Council. Sue Higby is a Liar. Sue Higby Lied about me not filing my Election Financials with the State of Vermont. It was a blatant Lie. I did everything I was suppose to do and I did it on time. She Owes Myself and the Citizens of Barre an Apology. She’s had almost 11 months to do this and has yet to Humble herself and tell the Truth. If She’ll Lie to us Once, She’ll Lie to us again. Sue Higby is not fit for Public Service. Included is her letter to the editor telling this lie and my response.

    • Where’s the sun?

      In February, I published a short
      piece about “Sunshine Week,” a time
      to recognize the importance of open
      meetings and transparency, such as
      reporting requirements on campaign

      I recently visited our Secretary of
      State’s website. I wanted to know who
      provided support to Brian Judd, a
      past candidate for Barre’s Ward 2
      Council seat who insists there have
      been problems in our city’s election
      process that caused, or contributed
      to, his loss.

      I thought I’d reach out to
      his supporters, asking them to coach
      him that it’s time to move on. Our
      city has many consequential issues on
      its agenda.
      It appears Judd has not filed a campaign
      finance report and therefore, I
      was unable to get this information.

      Some of us have participated in
      nail-biting elections, sports events or
      other life events. The Ward 2 race this
      year was not one of them.
      It’s time to move on.

      Sue Higby
      Barre City

  9. Sue Higby is a Liar. She owes me an Apology and she owes the Citizens of Barre an Apology. I have filed 3 Finance Reports: February 26th, March 16th and April 11th all in 2021. A friend of mine went on the Sec. of State website this morning and found the information in 5 minutes. Sue Higby could have done the same thing. I called the Sec. of State and two of their employees called me back and confirmed with me that I did everything I was suppose to do. In addition to being a Liar, Sue Higby is also a Hypocrite. She says I should move on from the Election when in Fact she has contested at least one Election in her lifetime. Why don’t you move on Sue Higby. Move on from Lying, move on from being a Hypocrite, move on from trying to create hate and division between people just because they have different Political Beliefs.

  10. The Marina Abramović of Barre has interesting filings of her own with the help of her neighbor, Treasurer, President, and a host of other characters with interesting titles. Her paper trail speaks for itself.