Even in California, large majority oppose unrestricted abortion up to birth

Politically speaking, California is a lot like Vermont: a dominantly blue state characterized by its socially liberal agenda, and overwhelmingly “pro-choice.” But when asked specifically about whether or not the state should make abortion on demand an unrestricted right throughout all nine months of pregnancy, even a solid majority of Californians don’t support this, according to a statement released by Vermonters for Good Government.

According to a new telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and Real Impact, “…only 13% of California Likely Voters believe abortion should be legal at any time during pregnancy up to the moment of birth.  Fourteen percent (14%) think abortion should be legal up to six months of pregnancy, while 32% say abortion should be legal up to three months of pregnancy. Nineteen percent (19%) believe abortion should only be legal during the first month of pregnancy, while 14% think all abortions should be illegal.” (Rasmussen, 8/24/22)

This finding reinforces an earlier national poll by Harvard/Harris that showed only 10% of voters supported policies allowing unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth. 

Matthew Strong, executive director for Vermonters for Good Government, said, “It is clear that Vermont’s Proposal 5/Article 22 is substantially out of line with a majority of people’s beliefs about abortion policy and basic morality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of voters who still don’t actually know what the true intent and impact of Article 22 will be for Vermont law.” 

Spokesperson for Vermonters for Good Government, Rep. Anne Donahue, said, “Article 22 is being sold to Vermonters as protecting Roe v. Wade by enshrining it into the Vermont constitution. This is false and misleading. Article 22’s permanent enshrining of abortion on demand at any time for any reason is far more radical than Roe v. Wade, which struck a balance between the rights of the mother and the state’s interest in protecting a developing life in later stages of pregnancy.”

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  1. And yet? This will likely pass – as MANY voters in this proclaimed illiberal “liberal” state are simply compelled to act upon a robotic-type reflex to automatically vote for WHATEVER position their party promotes – whether they understand it or not.

    I know for a fact, based upon numerous conversations I’ve personally had, that it’s very likely that the majority of voters have no clue that VT even currently allows abortion up to & including the minutes before birth nor do they know that VT allows a “mother” (using that term very loosely) to elect to abort based upon gender selection (which historically has typically ended the life of female fetuses – not generally those of males).

    Hence, there are signs all over my town encouraging fellow voters to vote FOR Prop. 22 as “reproductive freedom”.

    The left is cunning and treacherous. And so many have no clue. Including all the college boys & girls who will avidly vote “yes” on this – the boys so that they can continue to sleep around without fear of being responsible or being held accountable, and the girls because they have been FALSELY taught that murdering your own baby is somehow “empowering” and it’s their “right” to do so.

    Girls & young women out there? YOU are being PLAYED. BIG time!!!

  2. The legal issue is “informed consent” that any medical procedure requires under federal law; and when under age minor girls might come to Vermont in hopes of getting an abortion, or when women come from States that have outlawed abortion, and their husbands back at home may hire a lawyer to sue the State of Vermont or the Vermont abortion provider if his wife gets an abortion in this state, then Courts will be packed with lawyers fighting over “informed consent” laws. (1) An embryo up to 8 weeks or so may “aborted” chemically, and pro-abortion people say that around 50% of abortions are chemical abortions. What is that? Well, compare to giving a mouse or rat some rat poison. The mouse or rat dies. But how fast? Does anyone stick around to watch the mouse or rat die? Well, inside a girl’s or woman’s womb, the chemical kills the embryo. How fast? Has anyone ever watched? Well, a doctor could put some kind of scope into the girl’s or woman’s womb and watch how fast
    the embryo dies from the chemical used in the chemical abortion. If that is possible, then why aren’t girls and women provided with video tape so they can see how long it takes to kill an embryo with chemicals? Where is the “informed consent” if they are not provided material facts? Some websites give the information that it can take
    a couple of days for a “chemical abortion” to work and for the embryo to be expelled.
    There is a government website that says 1 out of 100 girls or women may get severly ill or die from a chemical abortion. Why? Because the embryo was alive, and when it dies, it decomposes, like a stench, like the smell of a dead rat or a dead mouse stuck in an apartment wall. The dead tissue gets all infected and the girl or woman can die of sepsis, extreme infection, if the entire embryo isn’t expelled fast enough. Kind of like toxic shock syndrome from a tampax being left in too long. If all of this has not been expained to the girl or woman seeking a chemical abortion, then any Court may rule that there has been no “informed consent”.

  3. Its not black and white. Most Americans dont support unlimited late term abortions including myself. California, Colorado and Maryland have actually passed laws allowing infants to be killed up to 28 days AFTER birth. Look up the youtube video of the woman saying “it’s the mother’s choice”. She actually beleives mothers should be allowed to kill their children anytime, regardless of age.

  4. The interesting part will happen when a man says he doesn’t want to be a father. I think this may backfire on women, who currently hold all the cards, and yet in their hysteria, grasp for more.

  5. The days of the evil dogs and their evil ways is coming to an end. They know their days are numbered, so they are doing and saying anything to fulfill the will of their Master. The days of confusion and chaos will now boomerang onto them. Soon, they will drop to their knees and repent or be swept away. Their days of slaughtering the innocent (young and old), their days of defiling and abusing the innocent (young and old), their days of treachery and corruption, and all of their lies will be exposed and they will be destroyed.

  6. I have no problem with abortion, but when done so at the time of birth it’s called murder. My local Front Porch Forum won’t even allow me to post such a comment!

  7. Some of you have read my comments before, and maybe even my story as a nurse in Calif. and being forced to assist with the delivery of a viable aborted fetus. I will cont. to share my story until Nov. 8, as I am, also, attempting to educate everyone about the potential ramifications of Prop 22. If passed, it WILL allow late term abortions up to and including birth!!
    We must NOT be intimidated by the Pro 22 folks!!

    • Thank you Gail for speaking up…I hope it is on social media as well. I will post this article to my page…for better or worse, its the right thing to do

  8. I also support a womans right to choose up to a point (1st trimester)…this article 22 has no words describing “abortion, or woman” this is a very scary article as one can make it what they choose in the vague state of it…