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Americanism & Marxism April 9

An Americanism & Marxism symposium will be held Saturday, April 9 10 am – 4 pm at the VFW Post 758, 353 Lake Road, St. Albans.

Developed by Rev. Ed Wheeler, the symposium discusses how Marxism has been a huge failure wherever it has been imposed on citizens around the globe, killing 100 million people in the past 100 years. Overview of the Symposium:

Part 1 – Definitions/Characteristics of Americanism and Marxism

Part 2 – The Spiritual and Historical Roots of Americanism/Marxism

Part 3 – How Marxism invaded the United States

Part 4 – How to Strengthen Americanism and Combat Marxism in our Country

Part 5 – How to Strengthen Americanism and Combat Marxism in Vermont

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  1. This is an excellent opportunity to find out how communism is infiltrating virtually every aspect of our lives. Well worth any effort to take part.

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