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Alleged Burlington fentanyl dealers from Springfield, MA released, cited to appear in court in September

by Guy Page

Two alleged Burlington fentanyl and cocaine dealers from Springfield, MA – a major distribution hub for the lethal, illegal drugs sold in Vermont – were cited for drug trafficking charges on June 15 and then released to appear in court on September 9.

State police say the North West Vermont Drug Task Force (NWVDTF) arrested Keeyo Jones (28) of Springfield, MA and Shawness Robinson (29) of Springfield, MA at 5 pm at 595 Shelburne Street in Burlington after a months’ long investigation into their distribution of cocaine base and fentanyl in the Chittenden County area.  

The investigation consisted of multiple controlled purchases of illegal drugs, state police say. The investigation found them to be in possession of illegal drugs, as well as prerecorded NWVDTF funds, at the time of their arrest.

Jones and Robinson were released on citation to appear in Chittenden County Superior Court, Criminal Division on September 8 at 8:30 AM to answer to the charges of Sale of Cocaine, Trafficking of Fentanyl, and possession of Cocaine.

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Detective Sgt. Dustin Robinson of the Vermont State Police Northwest Narcotics Investigation Unit why the suspects were cited and released rather than brought before a judge to be given conditions of release, bail, or even jailed.

“It’s Chittenden County, and it was a non-violent drug related crime. Releasing on a citation was the option that we had,” Robinson said. That’s standard policy for police bringing cases to the Chittenden County State’s Attorney Office, he said. Other counties offer more options, he said.

Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George has at times been reluctant to impose bail and/or jail, or even conditions of release, on some alleged non-violent offenders.

Vermont has seen 43 opioid overdose fatalities through June 17 this year, compared to 51 at the same date last year. 121 was an all-time record for Vermont opioid deaths. Both years, more than 90% of the fatalities have been caused by fentanyl, a highly potent synthetic whose components are often made in China. The final product is often produced in Mexico, smuggled across the southern border, and delivered via “hubs” in New York City and Springfield, MA to Vermont drug users.

Another drug bust – VSP issued the following statement at 11:43 AM:

On June 23 the NWVDTF arrested Zahir Allah (42) of Springfield, MA at Malletts Bay Avenue, Winooski after a months long investigation into his distribution of cocaine base and fentanyl in the Chittenden County area.

The investigation consisted of numerous controlled purchases of illegal drugs. At the time of his arrest Allah was in possession of about 207 grams of cocaine base (crack cocaine), 313 grams of cocaine, and 1,000 bags of fentanyl. The street value of the illegal drugs was approximately $85,265.

Allah was lodged at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Center for lack of $100,000.00 bail and will be arraigned at the Chittenden County Superior Court, Criminal Division on June 24 to answer to the charges of Sale of heroin, Trafficking of Fentanyl, and Trafficking of Cocaine.

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  1. Rumor has it that some people who have succumbed to fentanyl exposure have thought they were obtaining non-opioid recreational drugs such as cocaine. In these cases, the fentanyl is not really causing an overdose, but instead a POISONING. True that when you engage in the use of street drugs, you put yourself at risk of this, ever since the dawn of bad moonshine. However, it now seems the case that fentanyl constitutes a potential poison, and now stands with a different legal distinction than we have been evolving into regarding recreational drug use.
    Released…seriously? With no ties to the area other than bringing in the goods…
    If the voters of Chittenden County do not make their displeasure known about this policy by voting Sarah George out in the August primary, then we have collectively put our stamp of approval on a complete abdication of responsibility in promoting basic public safety. Allowing these downcountry merchants of death to essentially continue operating is a disservice to the 210 Vermonters who died of opoiid overdoses in 2021. Elections have consequences.

  2. Two more pillars of society up in Burlington selling their goods, and you really
    think they’ll be back to face the music…………. fools in charge!!

  3. I just can’t help but to laugh at how stupid we have become in this state

  4. Don’t understand how dealing poisonous substances can be considered a non violent crime. Wonder why drug dealers come to Vermont? These three drug dealers will be “in the wind” never to return to Vermont but to be replaced with three more dealers. Remember that the drug addicts are committing burglaries, robberies, larcenies, and other crimes to support their addictions. A vicious cycle all around.

    • As criminal as selling this deadly drug (from China) on the street, letting them go saying they committed no violent crime is just as criminal; just not enforceable. Chittenden County’s Attorney General Sara George is up for re-election this year. If you want to be safe on the streets Chittenden County needs a new Attorney General who will make sure these crimes are met with the fullest extent of the law, instead of releasing into society.

  5. Ignorant, criminal, of this Chittenden Co, “Make believe, prosecutor”

    Even worse thoughts go to these judges who don’t scold this prosecutor

  6. Fentanyl is a lethal and deadly substance. Yet, charges on these dealers was for trafficking and let go. So, be aware carrying and peddling weapons of mass destruction (which fentanyl is that deadly!) is not a concern to those who could actually do something to get these criminals and their weapons off our streets.

  7. Time to wake up Chittenden County and vote Sarah George out of office. Letting the three thugs pictured is tantamount to aiding and abetting criminal activity. Ms George should be facing charges and a vote of confidence…

  8. unbelievable …sure they’ll be back with a new car, different plate, and oh sigh….it will not be for a court appearance….WTH is wrong with people. If you want to stop the deaths, overdoses ect…..put these people away when you catch em……..Duh!!

  9. How is killing people with fentanyl nonviolent? We all know someone at this point who has lost a child or a friend. This is such bs.

  10. In agreement with the comments of concern. A question… were these criminals in possession of a firearm? If so… why wasn’t federal law applied? I hope law enforcement doesn’t give up on us. Wouldn’t blame them if they did!