Alleged accessory in Holland drug-related shooting surrenders

Jessica Robishaw, who was wanted on charges arising from the shooting of two people in the town of Holland on Jan. 1, 2022, has surrendered to the Vermont State Police.

State police said Friday, February 25 that obishaw, 34, of Orleans County turned herself in on Thursday, Feb. 24, at the state police barracks in Williston. She is charged with being an accessory after the fact to the shooting of Jason Willey and Valerie Lyon.

Robishaw was jailed overnight and arraigned Friday, Feb. 25, in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in Newport, where she pleaded not guilty. She was ordered jailed for lack of $25,000 bail and a court-imposed condition that a responsible adult be identified into whose custody she could be released.

The investigation into this incident remains open and active. Anyone with information should call the Derby Barracks at 802-334-8881, or provide an anonymous tip online at

Jan Michael Valverde, 27, of New Haven, Connecticut, was arrested on unrelated charges Jan. 18, 2022, by police in his home state. Through investigation by the Vermont State Police, detectives identified Valverde as the suspect in the shooting of Jason Willey, 38, and his mother, Valerie Lyon, 57, both of Derby Line. Willey was critically injured, but his condition has since improved.

According to the VSP investigation, the shooting appears to have been related to drug distribution, and Willey was the intended target. The investigation into this incident led to a federal investigation and drug-related charges against other individuals that were announced Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022, in a separate news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Burlington.

Valverde is currently in custody in Connecticut and faces extradition proceedings prior to his return to Vermont, where he is expected to be charged with two counts each of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated assault with serious bodily injury.

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  1. Well, at least Ms. Robishaw seems to think this is all a big joke. She must know more about Vermont state’s attorneys than I might normally be inclined to give her credit for.

    Let’s guess…..they are both the “victims”.

  2. Funny the TV “News” had HER mug shot shown many times onscreen but NOT his? I wonder why? Hell… attempted 1st Degree Murder must not have been serious enough to warrant showing the mug shot of an alleged out-of-state drug dealer SHOOTING people who owed him money! No biggie, move along, these folks are just “UVM’s”, Underprivileged, Vulnerable, & Marginalized! We’ll GLADLY pay some $50,000 a YEAR to be a guest in our “correctional” system too! Not to mention public defenders, court costs, etc., welcome to Vermont!

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