Alice Flanders: Those who can and those who won’t

Alice Flanders speaks at a VT Liberty event this winter

by Alice Flanders

I am a former Navy Military Officer with nearly 15 years active duty and eight in the Naval Reserves. My military subspecialty is Space Systems Operations, and I have served on the Navy Staff at the Pentagon where I successfully managed a billion-dollar budget as well as served as Contract Technical Manager for Reentry Assets at the Defense Nuclear Agency.  These positions were particularly challenging. They required in-depth technical knowledge/ expertise as well as an intense commitment to excellence and Never-Give-Up state of mind and heart.

All of this I have done as a Woman of Color who came through schooling in a newly integrated South. I started as a Physics Major turned Mathematics Major and even won opportunities to work at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I was awarded two scholarships to study at a prestigious European University in France.  My personal back story demonstrates that this great nation of ours, while not perfect, did (and does) allow for personal achievement of the individual who will not easily accept a mindset of failure.  Who could have guessed that a young Black girl reared in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans could face her challenges, and with hard work and determination convert these very challenges, one-by-one, into achievements.

I am deeply concerned in these troubling days, that our society and educational institutions are failing our young people. We must help our young people by driving them through appropriately challenging, yet meaningful tasks, to grow them into the people of their future dreams.  And It is a crime to not allow them to see that most things worth achieving, worth having have a proportionate price attached to each challenge that makes the difference between THOSE WHO CAN and THOSE WHO WON’T.  Before the military had any part in my life, I had already been set upon the Path Less Traveled.  I would so deeply want to see others set upon their own personal path of freedom and success, their Path Less Traveled, be they male or female, Black, White or Grizzly Grey, be they from a home with parents who have an academic profile, or whether they come as one of the first to achieve.  

I am not a proponent of Critical Race Theory, as I am firmly convinced that this political agenda broadens the societal gap, and honestly, takes us all back to pre-civil rights times, where folk are wrongly judged by race, religion, creed, sex or national origin. I believe it is nonsense to subjectively evaluate people based on the color of their skin, rather than based on character, academic achievement, team playing ability and determination.  While I am aware that there are, and will likely always be people whose mindsets cannot be broadened, I have found education, training and a willingness to be part of the TEAM a fantastic key to open many/most stubborn doors.  Unfortunately, many left-thinking, yet well-meaning individuals actively push a doctrine that can only lead to a low self-esteem and nearly insurmountable personal doubts in students.

 I have such hope for our great state of Vermont as well as for our nation.  We are, unfortunately, hurting a bit, but I believe that with the right heartset and mindset we will emerge through these difficult times with confidence in our strengths and respect for each other.  

Alice Flanders is a Hartford VT resident and 2020 candidate for the Vermont State House.

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  1. Now this is a Vermonter who can bring us back from our trip off-the-rails.

  2. This exceptional lady deserves to be leading our state (dare we hope for a future Governor Flanders???). Thank God we have leaders of her caliber during these hate-filled times in which we find ourselves.

  3. Alan Sexton, hear! hear!

    I would definitely vote for Mrs. Alice Flanders for Governor and her efforts in her campaign for Governor throughout the State of Vermont! I am praying she will be interested for the challenge!

  4. Alice Flanders is quite an amazing woman. I was blessed to hear her speak recently and am so happy to see you comments here for ALL to read. We need her voice LOUD in Vermont. Thank you Mrs Flanders!!!

  5. Well said at a time when escaping the current regime grows by the hour given what horrors our tax dollars are being spent on (wasted on), but I need to hear more, much more from ANY hopeful looking to take the political lead in our state. People need to know that ALL criteria needs to be met per the VT constitution from here on – we the people have a job to do in that respect while at the same time not taking our foot off the gas in guaranteeing a fraud less election (and it’s coming!!). Vetting everyone before their name goes in the hat is a job the people must do. A very important job. It’s great to hear what someone doesn’t agree with – you need to know what they do agree with and does it meet the standards the citizens in this state want. Contract then required to hold any candidate to the fire! Jumping from the frying pan into the fire is not an option anymore and nothing is implied by that just to clear your thoughts on that one. Reduction of government imperative…

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