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After VTGOP attention, Sen. Vyhovsky breaks silence, defending the terrorist attacks

For nearly one week after the VTGOP called on Sen. Vyhovsky, Rep. Brian Cina and Rep. Kate Logan to confirm or denounce the statement from the Democratic Socialists of America in support of Palestine after the terrorist attacks on Israel, all three elected officials – as well as most news outlets – remained deafeningly silent.

Those calls from the VTGOP were echoed by Burlington Democrat and former City Counselor Ed Adrian. But for several days none of the three officials responded.

Then on Friday Sen. Vyhovsky finally took to Twitter, not to clarify her position on the DSA statements, but instead to simply retweet a video from a rally in New York city which repeated Hamas talking points of Gaza being an “open-air prison” and accused Israel of “genocide”.

In response VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame issued the following statement,

“After a week of total silence, it’s clear that Sen. Vyhovsky is indeed siding with the national socialist organization that is parroting the talking points of Hamas and defending these acts of terror as being somehow justified. Her retweet was yet another silent dogwhistle to signal support for anti-Israeli actors while trying to avoid attention from centrists and others who support Israel’s right to self-defense.”

”We intend to hold Sen. Vyhovsky accountable to the voters, and will begin more intense recruitment for this seat since we believe the people of Winooski, Burlington and Essex do not want to be represented by a someone holding such extreme views in justifying the work of terrorists.”

“We will also continue to call on Rep. Brian Cina and Rep. Kate Logan to clarify their own positions whether they support or oppose statements made by the DSA and their fellow socialist Sen. Vyhovsky”

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  1. Social activists like this will continue to spread turmoil and hate wherever they go because that’s all they know, sad part is, they all seem to be drawn to political platforms because otherwise no one would listen!

  2. You truly can’t fix stupid, anyone who supports a terrorist organization should be removed from office.

  3. If you have ever had the pleasure of speaking to Sen Vyhovsky ( as I have) you will quickly come to the conclusion she is not the sharpest knife in the draw.

    The crap that comes out can only be sourced through an institution for the criminally insane. Under normal circumstances, with that impediment, she would get a pass. Unfortunately, she has no understanding of history, can not see true evil in the world and cares not about the consequences for her words. There should be no pass for her. There should be an education.

    Keep her in office and there will be a cesspool in your future.

    VT, we would hope, deserves better. But right now, VT deserves what it has elected.

  4. Call on all 3 to resign th y like cancel culture so much they can experience it for real

  5. Sen. Tanya Vyhovski must go. Ever since I ran against her for a House seat in 2020, I knew that she was a radical. Sadly too many believed what she said.

  6. It’s up to you voters to vote them out in 2024 period! Say good Riddance liberal leftist Dem Swamp Rats 🐀 🐀 Degusting human beings period !!
    Wake up Vermonters and wake up US 🇺🇸

  7. So what I am gathering is that if you don’t stand with Israel you are a terrorist.
    Understanding what Apartheid is and the 1947 Occupation makes you a terrorist?
    Divisive tactics amongst citizens distracts everyone from the true criminals in the world.
    Who benefits from War?
    I wonder how Americans would feel if say the Chinese moved into the US tomorrow and started kicking people off their farms, out of their homes their cities and moved in.
    Gave US paper to move about. Gave US the worst hospitals to be in.
    Cut off our economy our electricity our way of life. How would you feel then?
    That is what has been happening there since 1947.
    That is not peaceful and it sounds like Terror to me.

  8. The American people are rightful to be at least skeptical of Israel! If not view them as an enemy of America and the interests of Americans. At least the current events allow the un-noticing to see who is actually a dual-national pretending to represent the interests of Vermonters. As a Christian, as a Republican, a Trump supporter, and as a patriot, I will not side with the so-called state of Israel. America First.