After drunk minor dies in crash, charges filed

A St. Albans man was charged yesterday with furnishing alcohol to a minor, death resulting, following an underage drinking party and crash in Franklin County in the early morning of June 18.

The Vermont State Police today announced it has completed its criminal investigation into the events that took place prior to the motor vehicle crash which occurred on Water Tower Road in the Town of Berkshire that claimed the life of Carson Smith, 16, of Berkshire. 

Police say Carson Smith along with several other juveniles attended an underage drinking party on Berry Road in the town of Richford. Witness statements and video footage has shown Jon Schurger, 22, of St. Albans bought the alcohol for the party from a store in Enosburgh and was aided by Dylon Smith, 22, of Enosburg (no relation to Carson Smith), who was also present. 

The party later continued at the River Walk in Montgomery. Evidence from the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office has shown that Carson Smith was intoxicated and may have been impaired by a substance other than alcohol. 

Alcohol, drugs and speed are all believed to be contributing factors in this single-car crash on Water Tower Road in Berkshire. Smith, the lone occupant of the Toyota Tundra, was traveling north on Water Tower and was navigating a slight hilltop. After cresting the hilltop he began losing control and attempted to correct the steering input, but instead overcorrected. As a result of this, the vehicle began traveling nearly broadside, departed the roadway and overturned several times. While overturning, Smith was ejected. 

Schurger and Smith were taken into custody on Thursday, Aug. 3, and transported to the St. Albans Field Station for processing. Schurger is being charged with “Sale or furnishing to minors; enabling consumption by minors causing death or serious bodily injury.” Smith received a citation for “Accessory aiding in the commission of a felony.” Their arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 2.

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  1. Since some of our progressive leaders have pushed the notion that the brain is still developing up to the age of 26 and for this reason we should not impose criminal sanctions on those younger than that. Due to their ages, it looks like none of the individuals named are culpable, so let’s move on to blaming the liquor store clerk, the liquor store owner, the bank that loaned the funds for the liquor store, the cactus farmer who produced the raw materials for tequila etc etc. Realistically and ultimately, it was the 16 year old who CHOSE to wrap his lips around the bottle who is to blame. If you are old enough and supposedly responsible enough to be granted a driver’s license, you are old enough to know that alcohol and gasoline dont mix well. Whatever happened to the concept of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?

  2. What happened to alcohol and drug awareness training in our schools? They put the cart before the horse when they arranged to have proceeds from cannabis sales fund prevention awareness programs. These funds can also be diverted to fund after school programs where kids can be productively occupied rather than on the streets. They are not necessarily reaching out to kids in health classes with prevention programs.

  3. Extremely sad; a child who lived to merely sixteen years of age. Parents don’t know & don’t seem to demand to know the whereabouts of their children, particularly in the evenings. And while those who furnished the alcohol may be “youngsters” in our eyes, they are nonetheless legally responsible for their reckless act in providing this drug to children. Perhaps enough parents will learn of this and realize that ultimately their offspring surviving in this dangerous world today is ultimately their responsibility and though they have the cause or right to sue in circumstances such as this, no amount of money will enable them ever to see their beloved child again.

    Democrat VT Legislators: TAKE NOTICE: No more “parties” at your lavish homes where alcohol & drugs are supplied to minors, OK? Have you learned any lesson from this?

  4. Charlotte representative Shea Waters Evans had an underage drinking party in March at her home with 100 minors. She was home, yet stated that she didn’t see or hear 100 underage teens, nor notice 40-50 vehicles on her property. Rescue was called (nobody knows why), and at 11:45 pm, Evans told the teens to leave, thereby sending dozens upon dozens of underage kids who had been drinking for hours out on the roads, endangering themselves, and whoever else they may have come in contact with. No charges were filed. If this had happened at any other people’s home, do you think the adult who was present while 100 underage kids were intoxicated would have been charged? Asking for a friend….

  5. Two-tiered law system we have these days: one for the people and one for the Democrats in charge…. but somehow the conservatives get blamed.

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