Broughton: Act now to protest Pro-Hamas hatred, lies spread on campuses

by Lenore Broughton, Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing

In light of all the recent tragedies in Israel, we are committed to sharing news and ways we can have an impact from our communities in the US. I am writing to share three instances of hatred and lies being spread on our American college campuses pertaining to the conflict in Israel and actions you can take to help.

Professor Zareena Grewal, a member of the faculty at Yale, shared posts on social media justifying Hamas’ brutal killings of Israeli citizens, yet she continues to be employed by the university. If you have not yet signed the petition to remove Professor Zareena Grewal from the Yale faculty for promoting lies and violence, please sign at this link.

Similarly at Cornell, Associate Professor Russell Rickford publicly labeled the attacks “exhilarating” and “energizing” at a pro-Palestine protest. The petition to remove Professor Rickford from the Cornell faculty can be signed at this link.

A member of politics and history faculty at Columbia University, Professor Joseph Massad, echoed similar sentiments following the October 7 attacks calling the violence a “stunning victory” for Hamas. The university has not denounced Massad’s comments despite backlash from the students and community.

Finally, please watch this moving speech given by a Columbia University professor sending a message to parents of students across the country.

We must continue to pray for an end to the violence taking place in Israel and I encourage you to share these petitions and stories of university professors in the US who spread violence and hatred in our American college communities.

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  1. With teachers like this our country’s is in serious trouble! Thank you for the opportunity of signing the petition.

  2. We haven’t being paying enough attention as everything from K-12 schools to colleges and universities, have been taken over by leftists with twisted ideologies. Between their adoption of DEI, insistence that whites are all privileged racists and everyone else is a victim, promotion of trans and other forms of sexuality, promotion of socialism and communism and hatred for the US, they have deeply affected a generation of students. Added to this has been the hiring of far too many professors in colleges who are haters of Israel and promoters of Islam and violent Arab extremism. They don’t hide in the shadows; they announce who and what they are in their social media, writings and in class. But as they are usually black and/or Arab, they aren’t called on this because then that would trigger calls of racism and Islamophobia. And in truth many of their colleagues support this anyway. Due to this, we now have a generation of students that’s been taught like this; we will be paying a steep price for our failure to recognize what has been going on.

  3. The wealthy alumni and trust fund kids are pulling their funding to colleges and unversities that encourage the political protests they don’t agree with or support. Nothing makes an adminstration about face and panic faster than loss of precious donor dollars! Starve the beast on many fronts and change will happen fast!

  4. Oh come on folks. This whole thing is a false flag so that Israel can wipe Hamas off the map. Israel’s national border guard stood down when it happened and they completely control the West Banks infrastructure. Nothing happens without Mossads approval. Please wake up..

    • Not mention when Russia defended it’s people and border with Ukraine, the Russians were the savages and had to be met with force, weapons, and bundled USA money. Now USA weapons and money are going to a nation looking to wipe out people and take over territory – huh?

  5. Free speech matters, im not about to jump on the cancellation bandwagon. Bas ideas like those of these professors won’t stand up to rigorous inquiry.
    Let them die on the vine, and let our students learn not just from the way we handle disagreements but also about history. This conflict won’t end with this war.