Abortion/transgender shield bill passes House

Allows Attorney General to pursue civil action against pro-life pregnancy resource centers

By Guy Page

S.37, a bill shielding abortion and transgender service providers from legal challenges while pregnancy resource centers are exposed to civil actions brought by the Vermont Attorney General, received preliminary approval from the Vermont House by a 115-17 margin Thursday evening. 

S. 37, already approved by the Senate, received final approval today by a 114-24 tally. It is supported by Gov. Phil Scott. 

All but one of the No votes were by Republicans – the sole exception was Rep. Dennis LaBounty of Lyndon. Those voting No on third and final reading were:

Brennan of Colchester

Burditt of West Rutland

Canfield of Fair Haven

Clifford of Rutland City

Dickinson of St. Albans Town

Hango of Berkshire

Higley of Lowell

Labor of Morgan

LaBounty of Lyndon

Marcotte of Coventry

Mattos of Milton

McCoy of Poultney

Morgan of Milton

Morrissey of Bennington

Oliver of Sheldon

Parsons of Newbury

Peterson of Clarendon

Sammis of Castleton

Shaw of Pittsford

Taylor of Milton

Williams of Granby

Wilson of Lyndon

Branagan of Georgia

Laroche of Franklin

Those voting Yes (including seven Republicans) were:

Graning of Jericho

Sims of Craftsbury

Small of Winooski

Andrews of Westford

Andriano of Orwell

Anthony of Barre City

Arrison of Weathersfield

Arsenault of Williston

Austin of Colchester

Bartholomew of Hartland

Bartley of Fairfax

Beck of St. Johnsbury

Berbeco of Winooski

Black of Essex

Bluemle of Burlington

Bongartz of Manchester

Bos-Lun of Westminster

Boyden of Cambridge

Brady of Williston

Brown of Richmond

Brownell of Pownal

Brumsted of Shelburne

Burke of Brattleboro

Burrows of West Windsor

Buss of Woodstock

Campbell of St. Johnsbury

Carpenter of Hyde Park

Carroll of Bennington

Casey of Montpelier

Chapin of East Montpelier

Chase of Chester

Chase of Colchester

Chesnut-Tangerman of Middletown Springs

Christie of Hartford

Cina of Burlington

Coffey of Guilford

Cole of Hartford

Conlon of Cornwall

Corcoran of Bennington

Cordes of Lincoln

Demrow of Corinth

Dodge of Essex

Dolan of Essex Junction

Dolan of Waitsfield

Durfee of Shaftsbury

Elder of Starksboro

Emmons of Springfield

Farlice-Rubio of Barnet

Galfetti of Barre Town

Garofano of Essex

Goldman of Rockingham

Goslant of Northfield

Gregoire of Fairfield

Harrison of Chittenden

Holcombe of Norwich

Hooper of Randolph

Houghton of Essex Junction

Howard of Rutland City

Hyman of South Burlington

James of Manchester

Jerome of Brandon

Kornheiser of Brattleboro

Krasnow of South Burlington

Lalley of Shelburne

LaLonde of South Burlington

LaMont of Morristown

Lanpher of Vergennes

Leavitt of Grand Isle

Lipsky of Stowe

Long of Newfane

Maguire of Rutland City

Masland of Thetford

McCann of Montpelier

McCarthy of St. Albans City

McFaun of Barre Town

McGill of Bridport

Mihaly of Calais

Minier of South Burlington

Morris of Springfield

Mrowicki of Putney

Mulvaney-Stanak of Burlington

Nicoll of Ludlow

Notte of Rutland City

Noyes of Wolcott

Nugent of South Burlington

O’Brien of Tunbridge

Ode of Burlington

Pajala of Londonderry

Patt of Worcester

Pouech of Hinesburg

Priestley of Bradford

Rachelson of Burlington

Rice of Dorset

Roberts of Halifax

Satcowitz of Randolph

Scheu of Middlebury

Sheldon of Middlebury

Sibilia of Dover

Squirrell of Underhill

Stebbins of Burlington

Stevens of Waterbury

Stone of Burlington

Surprenant of Barnard

Taylor of Colchester

Templeman of Brownington

Toleno of Brattleboro

Toof of St. Albans Town

Torre of Moretown

Troiano of Stannard

Walker of Swanton

Waters Evans of Charlotte

White of Bethel

Whitman of Bennington

Williams of Barre City

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  1. Come to Vermont! Kill the kiddies, if too old then sterilize them permanently with irreversible surgery! And if minors come here to do this with no parental permission then don’t worry, Vermont has a “shield law”! Is there nothing more pressing at the Capital these days than “laws” for .06% of the population while they flog homeowners with massive increase in heating costs (it still has NO price tag) and create MORE unionized state “jobs” (60 to 85 for “family leave” alone) to administer “carbon credits” and the employee leave “programs”? One thing is certain–they are always coming up with evermore ways to make Vermont unaffordable & now even Scott’s vetoes mean nothing.

  2. That is one of the most bias bills I have ever seen. Protecting those who don’t need protected and throwing everyone who works in a pregnancy center in jail for just trying to help those who need help with her pregnancy. Disgusting. It shows what a Marxist system we have here in Vermont.

  3. Our tourism slogan is now: Vermont, a beautiful place for human sacrifices! We’ll even compost your flesh-suit and grow cannabis on it, or we’ll burn it for green energy! Come die with us!

  4. “Woke” have infiltrated the Republican Party. People register as Republican in order to sway primaries.

    • There are those within the VTGOP who voted “yes” to this issue who defend it with loose, illogical, political game theory. Essentially, they are giving their opponents in the next election cannon fodder to blow up their chances to remain seated at the table. The alternate could be they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are very few under the Golden Dome with a conscience or ethics. The majority are playing stupid political games that will ultimately destroy and eliminate many lives. Oh well, carry on.

  5. While some states are realizing that sterilizing minor children is an evil idea and are limiting or outright banning the practice, Vermont is encouraging it. We will soon follow the Dutch example and permit their euthanasia as well. It will then be possible for Vermont to harm a child irreparably and put it down if its transition doesn’t work. At least a majority of Franklin County, plus the new Franklin-Chittenden district stood in defense of children.

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