Abortion at 17 – and still regretting it

Recently, Vermont Daily reader Jessica Baumgartner of Missouri “liked” Doug Richmond’s July 16 letter, “Cubans craving freedom.” Checking out her blog, Vermont Daily discovered she is a published book author and reporter for the Epoch Times, as her bio states:

Jessica Baumgartner

“She is the author of The Magic of Nature, Walk Your Path, The Golden RuleThe Embracing Entropy Series, and My Family Is Different. Despite being a walking oxymoron factory: dyslexic-writer, maternal-tomboy, conservative-Pagan; she loves everyone and works as a reporter for “The Epoch Times,” and columnist for “Witch Way Magazine.” She is a current member of the Missouri Writers’ Guild & SCBWI.”

More importantly to Vermont readers, she is also the author of a sorrowful, honest account of having an abortion as a teenager. In November 2022, Vermont voters will decide whether to amend our Constitution to include unlimited, universal abortion. Between now and Election Day 2022, Vermont Daily plans to publish posts from a number of varying perspectives about “Prop 5.”

Be sure that supporters of Prop 5 are doing likewise. A reader in Putney recently forwarded a Brattleboro Front Porch Forum post announcing that “the Planned Parenthood Brattleboro Action Team is focusing on destigmatizing conversations about reproductive health and liberty with a Story Slam. Folks can connect with an experienced story collection team who will support the process of working out a story, and getting it right where the story teller wants it to be before the event……An incomplete list of possible topics: health care access, safe sex, pleasure, healing, abortion…..”

Baumgartner’s blogpost explaining how and why she wrote her first-person account, and a link to the full article in Evie Magazine, appear below.

by Jessica Baumgartner

I’ve been trying to get this published for 2 years. But apparently women’s magazines aren’t interested in telling the full story. A recent study found that at least 1/3rd of women who’ve had an abortion experience some kind of psychological issues.

I wasn’t raped or molested. My abortion represents the 99% of abortions performed. Even so, for me, It was an indescribable horror, nothing to be celebrated or cheered in favor of. That is MY experience.

I don’t care what Stevie Knicks or other drug addict stars say, MY experience wasn’t a career starter or a life-saver.

Now that being said, I could never be 100 percent against abortion rights for early pregnancy, it may be a necessary evil for extreme circumstances or for women who have been led to believe that they’re not receiving health care unless they can chose to terminate a pregnancy, but once the sensory system has begun to develop and a growing baby can feel pain that is where I draw a solid immovable line. Many doctors are unsure of when exactly this is, some think it’s as early as 8 weeks some say it’s closer to 20.

Either way, inflicting pain on a small helpless creature is wrong, no matter where you come from or why you do it. It’s the same reason I don’t eat veal, and I get unfertilized eggs from farmers without roosters.

No movement, no slogans will ever change my mind on that.

If you want to read about my personal abortion, and why it will never be something I gloat about, read on:

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  1. Excellent article. Every pro abortion advocate is grateful, whether they realize it or not, that he or she was not aborted. They get to be pro-abortion because their mothers did not choose to kill them.
    That’s the one thing anti-abortion and pro-abortionists have in common. I am FORTUNATE not to have been aborted. Hurray for Jessica Baumgartner! Maybe pro-abortion advocates should display a car bumper sticker or office sign: I wasn’t aborted, but I support abortion, anyway. I am a Hypocrite.

  2. Thank you for this – a neighbor in VA where I once briefly lived worked a call center for women who had had abortions & calls came in OFTEN from distraught, deeply depressed, & even suicidal women…..and to a lesser degree even MEN whose partners decided to have an abortion despite their objections.

    The evil that seeks to cause ANY loss of life “celebratory” – even that of a tiny chipmunk who is killed crossing the roadway – is intrinsically SICK and very DARK.

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