A view from NH: VT not a ‘bipartisan model’

Gov Phill Scott - Gov Page Screen Grab

by Steve MacDonald, August 25 Granite Grok

US News has this breathlessly overlong piece about Vermont. A very blue state with a three-term “Republican” Governor. Can it be a template for healing America? Only if more Republicans lay down or act like Democrats, but that’s not bipartisan; it’s surrender.

If surrender is the goal, then Phil Scott might be your guy.

He didn’t endorse a Democrat for president in 2020, but he did endorse Bill Weld. Scott supported the bogus inquiry to impeach Trump. He signed enhanced gun restrictions into law. He’s good with third-trimester abortion (even signed a law to protect them), and he supports carbon taxes.

He was a COVID-Karen!

In 2019 56% of Vermont Democrats approved of his job versus 15% of Republicans.

That’s the Vermont Model US News doesn’t make room to explore.

Sure, a real Democrat is always better, but sometimes you stick with the “Democrat” you know, even if he’s registered as a Republican.

And this is the only definition of bipartisan Democrats will readily accept. Aisle crossing is a one-way street from right to left.

Anything else is verboten and will be challenged with extreme prejudice regardless of the letter after your name. That was the Marxists’ template for conquering the Democrat party, and it is their Template for conquering America.

“Republicans” like Phil Scott are here to help.

Republished with permission from Granite Grok, a news and commentary website published by “just ordinary schlubs in New Hampsha vs the whole of the NH Dem/Progressive Party – no contest!”

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  1. We all know Scott is a RINO…and that he sold his soul in exchange for power when he “protected” the ability for women to murder their own babies. He’s a sell out. Most politicos are. The problem for them will be in the next life…….and I hear eternity is an awfully long time.

  2. Really great article! Thank you!

    My question is: Why does Phil Scott choose to call himself a Republican? His actions reveal his beliefs and his true political position. It’s very obvious he does not show himself to be a Republican,

    Below is a summary of the Vermont Republican Platform. Phil Scott’s actions reveal he is the opposite of what defines the Vermont Republican Party.

    Let’s ALL ask him for accountability.
    “Why do you falsely call yourself a Republican, Governor Phil Scott?”

    Vermont Republicans believe in one nation under God, individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, compassion for the needy, low taxes, a free market economy, and local control. The principles set forth in this platform reflect the beliefs and values that characterize the Vermont Republican Party. While individual Republicans may hold diverse opinions in some areas, such differences should not deflect from advancing the principles that unite us as a party.

  3. I pay exorbitant school taxes (About two thirds of my total property tax bill) not to be mandated by illogical and unscientific health mandates, nor to educate our youth in divisive, racial, socialist philosophy period…My area doesn’t have schools to pick and choose from…Many families have both parents working in order to make ends meet in this over-taxed environment as it is…Home schooling isn’t an option…It’s not the taxpayer that should be accommodating the public servant, but rather the other way around…When will Scott and all these career politicians get that in their arrogant heads!

    • Opps wrong article…Meant to post on article about “Parent’s Against Mandates…”…Please feel free to delete above response and this one…Thanx.

  4. The “alarmism” of calling it Marxist is actually accurate. Organizations, corporations, countless have been co-opted. Even the venerable Poetry Foundation in Chicago has been taken over. Tactics are relentless and depend on deception, suppression, and ad hominem attacks.

  5. Scott met with China in Montpelier, Vermont in 2019 along with the current Secretary of State and the past Attorney General. Like all the other “useful idiots”, they’re doing what they’re told.

    It’s a Marxist Regime going by their Marxist Playbook. Eventually the “useful idiots” will no longer be “useful”. But, the “useful idiots” are coerced via money, blackmail or threats. Some don’t even think they will no longer be “useful” or they really think they are part of the “Elites”.

    Look at History and you’ll see it all very clear.

    Elections are Rigged and have been for a very long time, decades (Bush, Clintons, even before then).

    The only way to Clean Up Vermont is to Drain Vermont’s Swamp!

    Liberty is from God not men.

    • However, resorting to cliches’ such as “useful idiots” is the tactic of Antifa and the fascist Left.
      I’m glad other people are noticing that elections have been rigged. The word was that JFK’s was rigged.

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