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‘A Living Angel’

Lebanon Police Dept. photo of Tinsley on the I-89 bridge, as shown on WCAX

2022 has its first hero – Tinsley the German Shepherd stood alone in freeway to lead cops to stricken master

by Guy Page

The first bonafide hero of the New Year is Tinsley the German Shepherd, who on Monday night braved the rushing traffic of the I-89 bridge connecting Vermont to New Hampshire to lead police to his stricken master, badly injured in a crash hidden off the side of the highway.

“This was almost like a real-life Lassie situation,” New Hampshire State Police Lt. Dan Baldassarre reportedly told CNN. “It’s really quite remarkable. This dog definitely saved their lives. I don’t think they would have survived the night given the temperatures.” New Hampshire State Police offered these details:

On January 3, 2022 at about 10 PM, Trooper Sandberg of the New Hampshire State Police responded to a report of a loose canine on the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge located on Interstate 89 at the New Hampshire/Vermont border in Lebanon. 

Trooper Sandberg and Officers from the Lebanon Police Department located a large German Shepard on northbound Interstate 89.  When Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers attempted to get close to the canine, it continued to run northbound on Interstate 89, crossing into Vermont.  

A short time later, Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers located a damaged section of guardrail near the Interstate 91 and Interstate 89 junction. They observed a badly damaged pickup truck that had rolled over.  

As the Officers investigated further, they realized that both occupants of the pickup truck had been ejected from the vehicle and were hypothermic and seriously injured. Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers were able to quickly call for medical assistance.  

While at the scene, Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers learned that the German Shepard, named Tinsley, belonged to one of the injured occupants of the truck. It quickly became apparent that Tinsley led Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police to the crash site and injured occupants.  

Truck from which Tinsley and his master, Cam Laundry, was thrown. NHSP photo

Additional state troopers, Lebanon Police and Fire Department and the Hartford, Vermont Police and Fire Department assisted at the scene. The crash investigation is being handled by the Vermont State Police.  

Tinsley did not appear to be injured in the crash.

Humans heaped praise on Tinsley on the NH State Police Facebook page, including these comments:

“A living angel.”

“This story brought my emotions up. Great job Tinsley! This dog deserves an award or a lifetime of free treats.”

“Wow, it’s amazing how animals do that. Great job Tinsley.”

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  1. That is absolutely amazing, the dog must have been thrown from the truck too it’s also amazing that it wasn’t injured.

    Our pups help us through life everyday, sometimes more than others. God bless them.

  2. I think it was Mark Twain who said, “The dog is a gentleman, I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s. “

  3. Our animal friends are so devoted and resourceful. Let’s protect them and their habitats.
    They have much to teach us.

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