94 violent gun incidents so far this year

Gov. Phil Scott ponders his answer after being asked about the Biden administration’s record of stopping fentanyl smuggling. Stillshot from YouTube video of May 17 press conference.

By Guy Page

With 94 violent gun incidents thus far in 2022, Vermont is “swimming upstream” against a flood of opiates and related violent crime, the Vermont Department of Public Safety said this week. 

A Vermont Weekly Gun Violence Summary emailed to this newspaper by the Vermont Department of Public Safety shows 94 separate incidents of gun violence this year through May 16:

  • Firearms homicide victims (excludes suicides) – 3
  • Gunshot victims with not lethal injuries – 8
  • Firearm fired in victim’s presence (no injuries or damage reported) – 25
  • Property struck by bullets – 11
  • Firearm displayed to threaten (not fired) – 47
  • Total: 94

The report also shows 35 sounds of gunshots reported. Together, these incidents total 129 – enough to average one for every day of the week through May 9. Because the gun violence summary is new this year, there are no Year-To-Date data to compare it to, DPS officials said.

“A large cross-section of firearm-related incidents statewide are drug-related,” Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling said at Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference Tuesday May 17. “There are robust efforts in drug interdiction on a federal state and a local level, he said, citing the SWAT team raid of a drug nest in the Town of Washington earlier this month. 

Schirling also credited the Dept. of Health for its addiction treatment programs. But the big picture doesn’t look promising. 

“It does seem that those efforts, while making some ground in some areas, are swimming upstream against a flood of opiates and related substances,” Schirling said. “So there’s a lot more work to be done.”

Scott took particular notice of the Biden administration’s failure to slow down the flow of fentanyl being smuggled into the U.S., and the dwindling numbers of police. 

 “Would you be willing to go on the record saying the Biden administration has not done such a great job in stopping the flow of opiates across the southern border?” Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Scott – a frequent public critic of the Trump administration, but less so of the current administration.

“We’re seeing that fentanyl is the issue,” Scott said. “It’s not just coming from the southern border, although I acknowledge a great deal of it is coming from there, but coming from China as well, and other places. It’s relatively inexpensive and is being manufactured even within the country. So that’s a huge concern. I think the Biden administration has to do a better job in trying to stop the illicit migration of the illicit drug into the country, from all standpoints.”

“This isn’t going away. It’s not getting better,” Scott concluded of the fentanyl crisis. “The pandemic has made the situation even worse. We have a tough road ahead of us.”

Scott added that he’s concerned that police are retiring and “we aren’t getting as many coming in as we would hope to get the training necessary.”

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  1. Phil Scott is an empty suit who well compensated for his efforts on behalf of his Masters.

  2. Meanwhile, the VT legislature and it’s Progressive machine look for more ways to attack law abiding citizen’s with litany of firearm bills/legislation each year. Their priority is to attack law abiding citizens than attacking the mayhem and lawlessness of their voting constituency (because staying in power to rule Vermont is priority number 1). Too many Vermonter’s fall for this con at every election.

  3. Beware…
    I don’t see this as a simple report and summary of Vermont’s Weekly Gun Violence, I see this as a first step in creating a bogus data base, created with the support of the Vermont Department of Public Safety, for anti-gun groups and legislators to use to initiate more Second Amendment restrictions against Vermonters.
    I don’t see 94 incidents here. I see 11; the 3-murders and the 8-wounded. The category of “Firearms fired in victim’s presence” with 25, might be counted in a stretch, if the victim was actually being shot at, and fortunately missed. The other categories should not really be considered, and the outlier of “…35 gunshots heard being reported…” should not be considered at all.

    I urge law abiding Vermonters who own firearms and legislators who support the 2nd Amendment, to pay attention to how this summary will be used. I don’t trust it’s reason for being…

    • Agreed. It’s just another way they can increase fear. To me it’s amazing how many of these legislatures fall for these tactics over and over and over again.

    • Exactly. There are lots of anti-gun dollars being pumped into VT. It doesn’t take a genius to see the trends when reading the public information about these shootings and such, it’s NOT VERMONTERS THAT ARE THE PROBLEM. It’s all the recent transplants bringing their home state problems with them, trashing VT.

  4. To use politically correct, “person first” language to address these incidents, state agencies and the lamestream media should report them as “violent offenses involving guns”, that way the offender is the focus and not the tool. If democrats/leftists didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all. If the violence is the issue, then to be objective we should also compile other violent incidents that involve OTHER tools such as knives, fists, motor vehicles and blunt objects.

    • Yes, and those people who came here to escape whatever democrat controlled Kingdom they came from, swallow the same poison put out by the lame stream media due to the slanted writing of the reporter to push the ideology. We are living in the idiot apocalypse. Censorship and new speak have dumbed down the average person. The school continue to push ideology not education needed for life. the media no longer reports the news, they select the news to be reported and this is why we are in the idiot apocalypse. You can’t out run or legislate stupid. And it’s the Vermont voter’s fault. I hope they are enjoying their misery!

  5. And many of those involved in these gun incidents are from MA, CT, NJ and NY and are here due to their drug dealing; can’t separate one from the other. But most, if not all of these folks are “people of color” so our leadership finds itself unable to talk about this.

  6. Since you guys love to break things down by race or skin color (housing, healthcare, incarceration, income, etc)…..can we get a breakdown of the 94 gun crimes in vermont based on race or ethnic background?…much appreciated!

  7. I think Burlington needs to put up one of those interstate signs welcoming all drug dealers – we are a police free and gun free city, come on in….

  8. And now another shooting in Burlington in the wee hours of the morning. Funny how so many Vermonters owned guns but this sort of stuff was rare until certain out of state elements started showing up and drugs became such a lucrative way to make money here. But our legislators will deal with it by further restricting the gun rights of law abiding Vermonters which will do diddly to impact the gun toting drug selling crowd.

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