76% of September Covid-19 deaths are vax breakthroughs

by Guy Page

Just eight of the 33 Vermonters who died of  Covid-19 in September were unvaccinated, the Vermont Department of Heath said Wednesday. 

Health Department spokesperson Ben Truman said most of the vaccine  ‘breakthrough’ Covid-19 fatalities were elderly. Because they were among the first vaccinated, Vermont’s elderly “have had more time to potentially become a vaccine breakthrough case,” he said. 

Expressed in percentages, 76% of Vermont Covid-19 fatalities were breakthrough cases. As of Tuesday, 88 percent of all eligible Vermonters (age 12 and over) had been vaccinated with at least one shot.

At Tuesday’s press conference, the Department of Health September mortality statistics did not show a vaccinated/unvaccinated breakdown. Despite recent emphatic references by Gov. Phil Scott and Health Department Commissioner Mark Levine to a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the per capita rate of vaccinated breakthrough deaths has risen in recent weeks. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Health Department spokesman Ben Truman Tuesday for a vaxxed/unvaxxed breakdown of the 33 September deaths. The full text of his email appears below:

“Eight of the 33 deaths in September were not vaccinated.

 “If I may, it’s important to consider this data in the specific context of the populations and overall vaccination rates.

 “For example, there were a total of 33 deaths (as of 9/24) among fully vaccinated people since January. This is a fraction of a percent of the vaccinated population – now nearly 450,000 people age 12 and older.  This is an indicator that vaccines are working to protect the vast majority of Vermonters from the worst outcomes. 

“Age is an important predictor of disease severity, and we have been seeing that the Delta variant is taking a tragic and disproportionate toll on our older population.

“In addition to being more likely to have severe illness and consequences like hospitalizations and deaths, older Vermonters were among the very first to be vaccinated, and therefore, have had more time to potentially become a vaccine breakthrough case, with these more severe outcomes.”

Truman also pointed to a September 29 Covid dashboard slide showing “the extent to which the overall vaccinated population in Vermont is older than the unvaccinated population.”

However, other public health experts say the changing nature of the Covid virus also may be a factor. The CDC has noted that virtually all Covid-19 fatalities this month succumb after contracting the Delta variant. Critics of CDC vaccine policy say the current vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant.

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  1. Are these cases truly breakthrough or the vaccine wearing off or are we looking at ADE? In any event, the vax was sold to the public as something that would provide both immunity and protection against Covid; it clearly does neither.

    • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY-DANGER! Different people have different opinions, but there are scientifically documented, independent of interpretations, truths. Inhibiting ace2 with excess spike protein is scientifically wrong!

      The vaccine is made to the wrong protein! The mRNA vaccines make lots of excess spike proteins to bind ace2, so that the virus cannot infect the cell. Superficially, that approach makes sense. However, what has not been addressed is what does the ace2 protein normally do? The answer is pretty scary, Ace2 inhibits the pro inflammatory clotting activity that is seen in people who’ve been vaccinated or infected. To put it more succinctly, the vaccine is pro-aging. People who’ve been vaccinated and are not extremely cautious with their diet, to make sure they turn on sufficient fat burning, will die prematurely. .

      • Forget about the jab. Get on ivermectin. Used prophylactically, virtually 100% effective and it is very safe. Take it once a week.

      • Your bogus website is as laughable as those who claim the 2020 election was stolen when there’s no real evidence. All the hysterical stats are smoke and mirrors.

      • Why are you so hostile and against people freely expressing their individual views?

    • Math is hard, isn’t it?

      8 deaths out of 77,000 unvaccinated = 0.01%
      25 deaths out of 571,000 vaccinated = 0.004%

      In other words, the fatality rate is 2.5x as high among the unvaccinated.

      In a state where almost 90% of the population had enough common sense to get vaccinated, there will be more car accidents among the vaccinated. There will be more cases of indigestion among the vaccinated. There will be more people with red hair who are also left handed among the vaccinated. That’s kinda’ how math works.

      • Let’s be really honest Brian. There are so many unknowns and variables with Covid tests, deaths, hospitalizations, partially recovered, fully recovered, shot injuries and shot deaths, it’s impossible to know or set firm numbers of what is happening. Especially when the government and the majority of media are suppressing and manipulating Covid information to the public.

        What we do know for sure: the Covid Shots are ALL fully experimental. They are NOT vaccines as vaccines have been defined previously. It’s very understandable and REASONABLE that CRITICAL THINKING people with COMMON SENSE would be against having an experimental product injected into their bodies. Especially, when there are other treatments that work and knowing the human fatality rate overall is well above 90%.

        Remember: ANY/ALL injuries/deaths resulting from the EXPERIMENTAL COVID SHOTS will be born by the SHOT RECIPIENTS and their families. The drug companies and government have no liability.

        Therefore, I respectfully disagree with you Brian. It is the opposite of COMMON SENSE to take the COVID SHOT.

      • You’re right, lets play that game. Why don’t look at the age range of the deaths? Likely to prove how insignificant COVID is to the majority of the populace.

      • Apparently math is hard

        434,000 fully vaccinated

        195,000 not fully vaccinated

        23 / 434,000 = 0.005% fully vaccinated deaths

        8 / 195,000 = 0.004% not fully vaccinated deaths

        The fully vaccinated are over-represented in Vermont’s current covid deaths.

      • I wouldn’t gloat too much about that fatality rate.

        Math is hard. And this is a very, very small sample size.

        Have you seen the Project Salus numbers?

        This is a much larger sample size – some 5.6 million members. That report only goes through the week of August 7th. But even back then, 60% of the hospitalizations in the 65+ cohort were in the vaccinated (with 80% of the 65+ cohort vaccinated).

        The vaccines do have some efficacy on the data (such as it is), but they wane quickly, and they never worked as well as advertised. And a lot of people are tired of hearing about “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” and that “99% of deaths are in the unvaccinated”, both blatant lies.

      • More people probably died of indigestion than Delta but you don’t ever see them forcing people to take antacids or shutting down the economy or even freeways due to high rates of auto accident deaths. Your “logic” proves the point of your detractors more than it supports what you are trying to validate. Critical thinking must not be your strong suit.

      • Hey, Brian – do you understand how they determine who is “unvaccinated”? If you haven’t waited 14 days after your second Pfizer injection, you are not “fully vaccinated”. A clever way to stop people from finding out the truth about everyone who dies from the vaccine within a few weeks of getting it.

      • Yea, math seems hard… for you…

        Misleading article: first says 8 unvaccinated people (no vaccine, 1 dose, or 2 doses less than 2 weeks old) died, then compare that number with 88% of people having at least 1 dose…
        Like comparing apples and oranges…

        Only 67% of people are vaccinated in Vermont, as per CDC definition : 2 weeks after the second dose of vaccine… 33% are unvaccinated, as per CDC definition…

        So, 8 deaths out of 214 000 unvaccinated = 0.0037%
        25 deaths out of 434 000 vaccinated = 0.0057%

        In other words, the fatality rate is 1.5 x as high among the VACCINATED!

        That’s my friend is how math actualy works…

        Go back to high school and learn how to use a calculator… If you ever were in high school that is…

      • Well you’re doing your math wrong. Clearly you haven’t taken statistics. You are trying to find the statistic of how many people DIED WITH COVID, focusing on the variable of people whom have DIED, not how many people DIED in the state that were unvaxxed vs vaxxed. This is not how you solve statistical data because these are two different variables that get two different mathematical outputs.

      • First, you’re working with false data. So your calculations are meaningless. Second, if you or anyone else believes getting vaccinated is a good idea (assuming, I suppose, in the belief they are safe and effective) then go ahead, God-speed to you. But as a matter of fact no one, not even you, know what long-term side effects from any of these vaccines will raise their ugly heads because the long-term hasn’t occurred yet. Anyone and everyone getting vaccinated is assuming the risk of the unknowable, relying solely on the recommendation of bureaucrats who likewise can’t know what will occur long-term. The word gullible comes to mind.

      • Very well that you point this out…..I’m not much of a pro mRNA vaccine, but find it disturbing that the anti vaccine movement uses numbers in a misleading way…..of course most of the covid sick would be among vaccinated when a large majority are vaccinated

      • So basically, 0 compared to 0 deaths between the 2 groups. Meh. I’ll take my chances with the natural covid infection.

      • First sane comment I’ve read on an article about vaccines. Thanks for the glimmer of hope.

      • Regarding the project Salus report that was mentioned – if you don’t cherry pick a few stats, you get a more balanced view. They show a 3x reduction in hospitalization rates among vaccinated 65+ folks who get a breakthrough infection as compared to a similar time period last year when vaccines were not available. They show a 3x reduction in death rates among vaccinated 65+ folks who get a breakthrough infection as compared to when no vaccines were available. Even though their research shows that 71% of cases occurred in fully vaccinated folks – the total % of breakthrough cases among the vaccinated was only 2.9%. In regard to the delta variant, the study showed 41% effectiveness against infection and 62% effectiveness against hospitalization.

      • You missed the point of the Project Salus data – 1) that vaccine effectiveness wanes rapidly and 2) that the DoD knew as much back in August. You can keep moving the goal post, but that doesn’t change the fact that these vaccines have been sold on lies. How many people would still have taken the vaccine if they knew that it only worked for a few months?

      • There are SO MANY VARIED SETS of reported numbers out there for vaccinated, unvaccinated, partly vaccinated, deaths, recoveries, shot injuries, shot deaths, etc. How do you/we know which numbers to believe?

        If you want to get REAL INFORMATION, spend some time looking at what the shot REALLY IS.
        It’s NOT A VACCINATION. Why are they calling it a Vaccination? It works much like a Flu Shot. They don’t call Flu Shots vaccinations?

        What’s in the Experimental Shot? How does this new technology work,? What does it do to your body/natural immunity, etc. Why are they pushing it so hard when there are other treatments? Why are they ignoring natural immunity?

      • No – the point of Salus wasn’t that vaccine effectiveness waned – that was one of multiple data points that they analyzed. Their point was to analyze the general effectiveness of the vaccines against delta. To that point, it indicated that the effectiveness was lower than was reported in the initial trials against non-delta – but still effective at preventing infection and hospitalization – which is far from your claims, and many on here, that the vaccines don’t do anything, or that they “only worked for a few months.” Even at the end of August, breakthrough cases for those who were vaccinated the longest was about 375/100000 in the cohort, or 3.75%. In contrast, those who were more recently vaccinated experienced breakthrough cases of 200/100000, or 2%. You really think those 65+ would have rather not have had the added protection against hospitalization and death for 4 to 6 months because it’s effectiveness began to wane? Talk about moving the goal posts. The point of the vaccines was to prevent deaths and hospitalizations. The need for boosters doesn’t change that.

      • No, the original goal post was the media claim that “99% of hospitalizations for COVID are in the unvaccinated”. That clearly is not true. And that was the point of the original article. And that was MY point in bringing up the Salus data. First, that breakthrough hospitalizations were higher than reported even back in August. Second, that we would expect them to be even higher now, given the waning effectiveness of the vaccines.

        So on to the new topic,

        “You really think those 65+ would have rather not have had the added protection against hospitalization and death for 4 to 6 months because it’s effectiveness began to wane?”

        It depends. I presume the goal is to reduce all hospitalizations and deaths not just those from COVID. Every booster includes a risk for adverse events. How many times can you play the “clottery” before coming up a winner? With every successive shot, there are fewer and fewer people in which the rewards outweigh the risks. Boosters definitely change that equation.

      • Math is super duper hard:

        “Vermont Population: 623,251
        Covid Deaths: 32 or 0.0051% [32/623,251]
        Fully Vaxxed: 70% or 436,275.7
        Unvaxxed 30% or 186,975.3
        Vaxxed dead: 24 or 0.0055% [24/436,275.7]
        Unvaxxed dead: 8 or 0.0042% [8/186,975.3]
        Conclusion: While it is unlikely to die of COVID in Vermont (0.0051%) the vaxxed population have died at slightly higher rate than the unvaxxed population, though the numbers are practically no different. These number indicate the vaccine has had no net positive effect in Vermont.”

      • In Vermont, if you know or are able to discover, what is the fatality rate (from Covid) among the un-vaccinated who are also Covid-recovered, but who again contract Covid? (If there are any individuals in Vermont who fall into that category.)

      • Brian perhaps the math is hard after all. You are missing out on a major point with your percentage analysis. The current rate of vaccination is only 71.8 percent today in Vermont. But the vaccinated accounted for 76% of the deaths. Back in September the vaccination rate was just under 70 percent so your percentage analysis is upside down. Vaccinated died at a higher rate as a percentage. The 88% in the article was a slight of hand since it was for only 1 shot and death rates were based on 2 shot fully vaccinated plus a 2 week waiting period.

        I would however acknowledge that the vaccinated most likely had a higher number of risk factors and should have a higher rate of death. Your math also shows 571,000 vaccinated when the article clearly state the number is less than 450,000.

        Reality is the vaccinations are becoming increasingly ineffective against the newer strains. As this vaccines drive natural selection for vaccine resistant strains the tables will turn on the vaccinated. We are seeing the beginning of that right now.

      • The point is, vaccination was supposed to stop deaths. We’d expect greatly diminished deaths and hospitalizations. So what’s with all the deaths in the vaccinated?

      • You will probably feel diffetently about it when your kid has a heart attack. Highly normal though right?

      • Same can be said for the 0 01% unvaccinated death %. It is one death metric among countless other and is relatively insignificant. People should acquaint themselves with the difference and implication of calculating relative risk vs absolute risk.

    • If you actually do the math, the fatality rate for the unvaccinated is 2-1/2 times as high as for the vaccinated.

      • If you understand that the CDC excludes those who’ve been hospitalized/died within 13 days of receiving the first of 2 or just the 1 shot, from the ‘vaccinated/breakthrough’ statistics then it paints a very different picture about what exactly is going on.

      • Yes, if we are all having a race to see who gets killed by covid the vaxxed clearly win.

    • ADE is a serious & possibly deadly reaction to vax .. with discernible symptoms differentiating from covid .. but YES on the vax failing to deliver benefit .. the vax appearing to CAUSE covid symptoms may logically be precluded from falling into nomenclature of “breakthrough” .. it’s not simply “failing to protect” .. it is actively causing symptoms.

    • Lots of good discussion here. Here’s my $.02. If you didn’t take the jab, and especially if you did, I suggest that you get on Ivermectin (IVM). Get it from frontline medidal doctors. $50 for the consultation plus the cost to fill the script. IVM is virtually 100% effective when used prophylactically.
      Look at Uttar Pradesh, a state in India with a population of over 200 million. They went with IVM instead of the jab. In August, they had a total of 419 cases of COVID. I’m thinking those 419 probably weren’t taking their IVM like they’re supposed to, but that’s just a guess on my part. Regardless, those numbers are awesome. One dose of IVM @.2mg/kg a week is all it takes. My thought is that if the IVM prevents you from having a breakthrough case, then you won’t have to worry about the ADE.

    • It’s ADE – that’s what’s happening more will die! As for the ones that are unvaccinated stay out of the hospitals get meds that’s work fine! The hospitals are killing you!

    • That is absolutely what we are seeing. Of course fools will keep telling us something like “its proof the vaccinations are working” which I guess is true depending on what outcome was actually desired as opposed to what we were told.

    • More importantly since May 1st 50% of deaths have been in vaccinated. Please stop using January 1 as starting date. This is how the bogus 99% deaths in unvaxxed was derived. By may 1st just over 20% nationwide vaxxed. The relevant numbers are now when are considered fully vaxxed. Also Vermont has 99% in over 65yo vaxxed and most deaths in that age group. Why do we think this vaccine is protecting the most vulnerable?

    • They also label those that are freshly vaccinated as unvaccinated (within first two weeks), and those that haven’t done their boosters are not fully vaccinated either .. definition of vaccines have changed also.

    • Nothing matters except treatments. Preventive, When sick, When hospitalized. All articles should be discussing treatments. All day, every day. =Plandemic Done.

  2. The vaxed with their mutant’s are also the super spreaders now with their massive spike shedding….They should be the only ones needing to wear a mask and isolate…How ironic.

  3. Many of the canceled doctors and scientists we are not supposed to listen to, predicted the vaccinated would be very vulnerable to mutations/variants of Covid. They believe this is caused by the Covid Shot that weakens their natural immune systems.

  4. Everyone get informed – these “shots” are not for your well-being, or the well-being of others:

    “The FDA is aware that there will be over 110 diseases that will be caused by these shots that will start to be reported to the government as side effects from the shots including death and miscarriages of pregnant women . . . also 5 different blood clotting disorders that they knew in October that were going to start being reported when the Covid shots started being administered to all Americans . . . the FDA already knew this in October, two months before the shots started to come out . . . actually dated October 22, 2020”

    Watch the video from the attached link, from America’s Front Line Doctors.

    The Truth Must Come Out! There’s a HUGE amount of UNDER-REPORTING about these “shots”!

  5. “The CDC has noted that virtually all Covid-19 fatalities this month succumb after contracting the Delta variant. Critics of CDC vaccine policy say the current vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant.”
    And the answer from all of the puppets/propaganda mouthpieces: get a booster…logic is officially dead.

  6. If 100% of the state were vaccinated, then all deaths would be in breakthrough cases. If 0% of the state was vaccinated, then non would be breakthroughs. The bottom line is that even now, the risk of serious disease and death is lower for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated (and even those with natural immunity who haven’t been vaccinated). There was always an understanding from the early days that Covid might mutate as rapidly as influenza, and as such, might not be able to provide permanent, absolute immunity. We are seeing that play out, but it is still better when one’s immune system has an advance warning about what it might be seeing down the road so it is primed and ready to go as opposed to getting the real thing the first time.

    • Covid is mutating so fast precisely because of mass vaccination while a virus is broadly circulating. Vaccinating against a single protein (the spike) means the virus has only to change one thing to evade the immune response, which in the vaccinated is now predisposed to antibodies instead of memory cells-normally the body’s first response against coronaviruses. Look up experts Geert Van Den Bosch and mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone (among others).

      Cases right now are sixty-fold higher in Vermont than the same time last year when we had a completely unvaxxed population. This month was the second-highest monthly death toll for Vermont. How many died in Sept 2020 with no vaccine? ZERO. If people can’t read this very large writing on the wall, then they are probably beyond help.

    • Hate to burst your bubble, but about the only thing your system is primed and ready to go on, is creating mutant strains of Covid…Thanx for that by the way.

    • The false dichotomies continue. Who can you trust?

      Re: “There was always an understanding from the early days that Covid might mutate as rapidly as influenza, and as such, might not be able to provide permanent, absolute immunity.”

      Oh, no kidding? Isn’t that what ‘gain of function’ is? And so, now, “permanent, absolute immunity’ is what you believe these commentors were/are expecting? What ever happened to just ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’?

      Re: “… the risk of serious disease and death is lower for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated (and even those with natural immunity who haven’t been vaccinated)”.

      I guess that depends on who one listens to.

      “This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

      This study also says: “Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.” Although it doesn’t say how much additional protection or if patients are protected from other variants we see coming ‘down the road’.

      The study goes on to say:

      “SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees were also at a greater risk for COVID-19-related-hospitalizations compared to those that were previously infected.”

      Hmmmm. Go figure.

      Re: “…it’s still better when one’s immune system has an advance warning about what it might be seeing down road so it is primed and ready to go as opposed to getting the real thing the first time.”

      What? The vaccines, as the 76% of vaccinated suffering breakthrough infections demonstrate, haven’t stopped what we ‘can see’ coming down the road, let alone what we ‘can’t see’. Again, whatever happened to ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’? I guess no one was looking.

      In my humble opinion, the case for mandating vaccines is on thin ice – especially when one considers that patient liability protection for those taking the vaccines remains unavailable. When the manufacturers and the CDC put their money where their mouths are, I’ll start to listen.

      Until then, believe what you like. ‘You go down there… if you have the nerve’.

    • Respectfully, you are wrong and you are wrong in the worst possible way. These “vaccines” were sold as “safe and effective”. They are neither.
      They are not safe. Pharma companies assume legal liability for safe vaccines. They do NOT assume legal responsibility for their COVID “vaccines”. This is a fact. If you accept the injection you also accept the financial and health consequences of any possible side effects that may result. That is NOT safe.
      The vaccine is not effective. it does not prevent re-infection. It does not prevent transmission and it does not work against variants. In sort, it does NOT work. Does anybody worry for a second if those around them have received the tuberculosis vaccine? i suggest the answer is NO. Because the TB vaccine actually works. It prevents re-infection, transmission and removes the public health risks surrounding TB. The COVID shots DO NOT DO this.
      COVID shots do not work against variants. This is now proven. The idea that, if we all just accept the injection then variants will be minor is a lie. This disease can infect ANY mammal and since it is impossible to vaccinate every dog, cat, mole and mouse on earth, it is impoossible to prevent this virus from spreading and mutating.
      You are wrong in the worst way because you advocate government over reach social division and conflict in order to push a vaccine that does not work.

    • Advance warning doesn’t help if an immune system is incompetent for some reason, which could include immune suppression, being seriously immune -compromised, deficient in vitamin D, deficient in zinc, etc. These are conditions common among the elderly, young cancer patients, diabetics, and the obese. These are the same groups with high risk from covid, so vaccines aren’t likely to help much.

      Otoh, we see 80% reduced risk of hospitalization and death when antivirals are given early–within 72 hours of symptom onset. So getting the disease and treating with antivirals has a better risk/benefit than vaccines.

      Natural immunity includes mucosal immunity, unlike the vaccines.

      The groups with high risk from covid will especially benefit from antivirals, since antivirals don’t depend on people having a competent immune system, unlike vaccines.

    • David C Jones VT: all that would be so nice if it were true. Who wouldn’t love to know that the vaccines are safe and effective? Who wouldn’t love to know that they protect against severe illness and death? Who wants to believe they are causing it? Someone lost their fully vaccinated father. He’s dead. What they thought and the media reported they said was “It could have been so much worse.” Just how gullible are we willing to be?

  7. “The bottom line is that even now, the risk of serious disease and death is lower for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated (and even those with natural immunity who haven’t been vaccinated).”

    Have any studies been done to accurately report how many unvaccinated people with natural immunity (from having had Covid-19), have been hospitalized or died from a reoccurrence of Covid-19 or a variant?

  8. It’s all in how you interpret the numbers : 86% of 643,077 citizens are “vaccinated, ” while 76% of the deaths last month were “vaccinated.” My first argument is that this isn’t a vaccination, it’s an
    inoculation. A vaccine, such as polio or smallpox, confers an immunity from the targeted disease.

    This mRNA experiment is no more effective than any other flu shot. A “fully vaccinated” person can still contract Covid, and can still be contagious, and can still be asymptomatic. Furthermore,
    there are plenty of reports of false positives, and many are conflating “death FROM Covid” with
    “death WITH Covid.”

    I would submit that the statistics themselves are quite unreliable, which translates into sloppy science. If the numbers are roughly accurate, 86% and 76% aren’t that far apart, consequently
    I’d say that the deaths and inoculation rates are statistically similar.

    The primary loss in this pandemic is any credibility the mass media had. They have become
    mere propagandists — panic merchants getting “clicks” to harvest advertising revenue.

    To politicians , fear is fertilizer for control and, ultimately, power.

    But fear doesn’t keep you from dying … fear keeps you from living.

    • Paul and Homer make some really good points. Especially concerning the gathering of statistics. Note the comment about politics and fear. And there is confusion on death from Covid and death from Covid. Vt Health should make that distinction.

    • While you’re playing with numbers:

      Fatality rate among the unvaccinated: 0.01%
      Fatality rate among the vaccinated: 0.004%

      Do the math.

      • Is the fatality rate of 0.01% among the unvaccinated extremely alarming to you? It’s SO MUCH WORSE than 0.004% fatality among the vaccinated, yes?

        And it is accurate that 76% (75.8% to be more accurate) – 25 out of 33 – of the people who died of covid were vaccinated.

        Last year: Isolate yourself from grandma so she doesn’t get covid and die.

        This year: It was the elderly that got vaccinated earlier this year that have had more time to experience a breakthrough and die. Oh, well. It’s to be expected.

      • A 0.01% rate does not justify lockdowns, masks, vax mandates, etc…. And ‘While you’re playing with numbers’, why do you think the death rate (deaths per million) in Africa is magnitudes less than Europe, Australia (eastern anyway), and the US? Very low vax rates, so that can’t be it. Could it be in countries that don’t restrict the use of treatment and prophylactic drugs are seeing success? The same drugs that are being pulled off of shelves here, and denied to ‘red’ states? Deliberately creating shortages of widely available drugs to punish non-compliance. Could this have some impact on the .01%? This should scare the crap out of every decent person.

      • Math is hard.

        Your numerator for the unvaccinated is wrong–you are using the number of not fully vaccinated individuals, which isn’t the same as unvaccinated individuals.

        Fatality rate among the not fully vaccinated 0.004%

        Fatality rate among the fully vaccinated 0.005%

      • Procounsel, here’s a poem, sort of a Poe like poem:


        Maybe you should look with your own eyes.

        Find out who is really in disguise.

        Sort out the truth from the lies.

        Go down to the Morgue and talk to some guys.

        Why are the kids dropping like flies?

        Their poor little hearts such an abnormal size?

        Their parents got them the Vax, they thought they were wise.

        Oh well, at least they didn’t get Covid….BUT they did DIE.

        And 2+2 =5.

        In this crazy time, I’m wishing ALL stay well and alive.

        Even you, and yours, and any future little guys.

  9. The reason for the breakthrough infections is because Delta has learned to co-exist with the vax. The CDC said on 9/3/21 that we’re now dealing with 98%-99% Delta.

    The vax does not work. Boosters don’t either; it is just more of the same poison.

  10. After reading 7Days & other Vt. publications I note the GLEE with which others, mostly in Vt.’s most populous counties, want to DENY travel, employment, etc. AND FORCE psych-evaluations, conspiracy charges, and even arrests on the unvaccinated that make me understand exactly what happened in pre-war Germany & the old Soviet Union! These are exactly the SAME folks who cheered forced sterilizations, abortions, lobotomies, etc .right here in Vermont during the Depress sion Era. They are being fed nightly by a extremely slanted & biased TV “news” that omits any & all coverage of anything BUT the Government/Pharma approved “stories”, whipped into a frenzy against the “other”, which is ANYONE questioning or skeptical who refuses vaccination, no matter emerging statistics showing neither safety or efficacy of the current shots. Be aware, these people ARE dangerous and mean REAL bodily harm to those they consider possessing “wrong-think”. I fear it’s only going to get worse & I hope people will realize that ONE political party has gone rogue while the other remains practically silent, elections HAVE consequences.

    • Steve Merrill, you had it right until you said elections have consequences. If one analyzes the way voting is conducted (ie: without a quorum, haphazard districting) one would realize that voting makes not one iota of sense or meaning. You might as well just pick a dictator out of a hat. But everything else you said was spot on. This is how it must have been before the fuhrer’s rise.

  11. Does anyone have any information on how or if they do testing to know the difference between the original Covid Virus, the Delta Variant or any other variants?

    The information I found says there are no tests ready available to tell the difference.

    • They can do genomic sequencing to tell the difference. It’s not super complicated – just costs money – and from what I can tell, they don’t do sequencing on every covid test that comes in. They probably do random samples to get a sense of the general trends of the variants.

  12. The question now is: of those 8, how many received the shot but were within the bizzare 2 week window of being considered “unvaccinated”?

  13. This entire covid pandemic was planned years ago and there are now videos coming out showing Fauci saying as much. Even Bill Gates told you it would happen several years ago and he got patents in advance. Fake tests, fraudulent death counts, nonstop fear-mongering, a mortality rate less than the yearly flu, the entire healthcare spectrum incentivized to perpetuate this show, yadda yadda yadda……..oh, and total censorship by youtube/twitter/facebook of an alternative viewpoints and we’re talking about AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE with drug companies getting TOTAL IMMUNITY FROM LAWSUITS……..

  14. The Experimental injections cause CD8+ T Cell Exaustion, basically turning OFF half of the victim’s immune system to prevent cytokine storms. Then people fill up with Heavy Viral Loads, and show no symptoms. Then they get sick, and then they die. They call it breakthrough, but it is actually working as designed. CBC+DIFF and CD4:CD8 Tests can demonstrate if the immune system is overloaded, working normally, or shutting down. The shots disable immunity, and when they wear off – people die – so the booster LOWERS immunity a second time… when people stop taking the boosters – tbey will get very sick, and then they may die…

  15. But it IS “safe & effective”! TRUST us! Nevermind the insane PUSH by all of “us”! It’s for YOUR own GOOD! And don’t even ASK about the Mass State Trooper bullied into taking it or else lose his job, he”ll be JUST FINE after, ahem, whenever he comes out of the medically-induced coma! You can just send flowers to “unknown” at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston & we’ll make sure he gets them. So calm DOWN! It’s ONLY an “Adverse Event” people! VERY RARE, like 4-leaf clover & lottery winners! TRUST US..

  16. The jabs are u$ele$$ and going to cause people serious health issues down the line. Just wait!

  17. The jabs are useless and going to cause those who took them issues further down the line. Don’t wish that on anyone….but they are EXPERIMENTAL and people freely volunteered to be a part of the Grande Experiment.

  18. I believe in Living in FEAR. I wear 2 MASKS all day & night regardless of the science. I don’t visit family, friends or anyone! I don’t care if 2 of my loved ones died alone in the hospital at the time of me being Unvaccinated. I don’t care if my 2, 3 & 7 year olds have 99.99% recovery, They will get vaccinated too and wears 2 masks as I do. I shut my store down and willingly lost my business. I don’t handle money or anything for that matter & haven’t for 18months nor will I. I take 2 swab tests every morning and night & have been for a year. I don’t care if my nose now bleeds regularly. I don’t care about my freedom or anyone else’s being taken away. I’m on my 4th booster shot and will start my covid pills next regularly. My only faith is in what my fear can do for me. Who am I?

    • To “The Vaxed” But you didn’t mention if you wanted to be cremated or buried in a lead lined casket. OR,.is it too late already?

  19. I’m worried about the kids. Since the ok for the little ones to be vaxxed I’m hearing MANY sirens. Many more than usual. I live in the city. These kids are getting heart attacks and heart problems. It’s not normal. Everyone wants to protect their kids, unless they’re psycho or something. We need more data. We need to stop being censored by billionaires who don’t care about us or our kids.

    I’m also seeing more Alzheimers, more facial paralysis, more cancer relapse, more shingles relapse, more physical pain acting up, more strokes, and more unnatural division and irrational hatreds and fears in society, not unlike what holocaust victims described happening before the holocaust in Germany. Aren’t we better than that? Are we all sheep to the slaughter? Slaughterhouse enablers?

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