Climate plan will hurt poor, rural VTers, DCF commish says

By Rob Roper

Just before the Vermont Climate Council voted to pass its Climate Action Plan under the Global Warming Solutions Act, member Sean Brown, who is also Commissioner Department for Children and Families, issued this dire warning for rural Vermonters:

I have a growing concern of the impact of this plan… is disproportionately going to impact rural Vermonters in ways that they don’t understand yet. When you say “no net loss of open land or working land” that hits rural Vermont. When you talk about “no new development” and focusing it [development] in downtowns, that hits rural Vermont. Transportation changes in this plan are going to hit rural Vermonters hard. Every part of this plan is going to hit rural Vermont, which is already economically disadvantaged in many ways, and also some of the changes to the UVA we discussed earlier will impact a sector that is very vibrant in rural Vermont, which is forestry. If you take out large sections of forest and have them become wild, you’re impacting the economic viability of thousands of Vermonters. It’s impact on biomass, and the forest industry. It’s a growing concern on my part that this plan is going to impact rural Vermont in ways that they don’t understand.

Indeed, the Climate Action Plan is a full scale attack on the rural Vermont way of life, and on rural Vermonters ways of making a living. Brown’s is yet another red flag that Vermonters really don’t understand what this law really is, does, and will cost in terms of money and lost liberties to massive government control, micromanaging every facet of our lives.

Get educated, folks! And then get active. Time is running out to put the breaks on this Mack Truck.

— Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute

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  1. Not to worry. The Vermont legislature will subsidize the burden of climate penalties on the lower income folks by increasing taxes on and effectively converting Vermont’s middle-class working people into indigence. Many rural folks own land as their retirement nest egg and these proposed land-use policies will make their investments worthless. The Vermont democrat party have been in the process of gradually destroying the middle class for 50 years plus, and trying to do it slowly so that few people seem to notice.
    We are gradually becoming Vermontzuela where we will have a 2 class society, the ruling class and the dependency class. They could not do this without a majority of ignorant, gullible and woke voters so we have only ourselves to blame. Elections have consequences.

  2. This climate paln is a disaster for our state. I added up the rebates for an EV which they are pushing. They are only $12000. An EV starts at 40,000-80,000.what person who lives in rural Vermont can afford that??? This TCI is a tax, if the other states have opted out, why have we not?? Flip flop Phil said he was not going to allow it, and now he says we have no choice. We ALWAYS have choices.It is the Progs/Socialist that are ruining this state with all of their wants and desires. They were not alive during the 70’s when EVERYTHING ELECTRIC was the mantra. That did not work then and it will not now. Most of the people on city council or the boards of aldeman in this state rent and do not own. They have no idea where their heat/electric come from. It is NOT from thos solar fields all along our farmland ruining our vistas. We Banned bill boards in the late 60’s early 70’s. Our olar is sold down country for much money and we are getting dirty electric that is cheap and sold back to us at a premium!! They wonder why retrees are leaving this state in droves. They need to WAKE the heck UP!!!

  3. Rob Roper, I’ll share this article and I agree whole heartedly. What work do I need to be doing to help drive this monster away from us.

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