61,476 without power as of 12:38 pm

Across Vermont, 61,476 customers of Vermont utilities were out of power as of 12:38 pm, according to

The two southernmost counties of Windham and Windsor are the least affected, while at the other end of the spectrum Franklin and Addison Counties shows about 9,000 without power, and Franklin County with about 7,000.

Five utilities are showing power outages as of 12:38 – from Green Mountain Power (43,641 out of 270,000 total) to Enosburg Water & Light with 900 of its 1700 customers without power.

State highways closed as of 12:30 PM are Rte. 108 in Enosburg and Rte. 30 in Castleton.

At a 9 AM press conference, state officials predicted heavy rain and wet snow. Ice on trees and the ground. Potential flooding. Winds ripping trees out of the ground. Multi-day power outages expected statewide.

The worst of the storm will be over by 4 pm but at that time a deep freeze is expected. Be where you need to be by 4 pm this evening. By that time, roads across the entire state will be in deep, fast freeze, state officials said at a press conference in Waterbury this morning. 

Drivers need to stay off the roads for their own safety, and also to allow public safety and power line trucks free access to problem areas, officials said. More than 400 line workers are deploying or ready to deploy.

As of 9:10 AM, there are 30,000 Green Mountain Power homes without power “and we expect that number to climb,” a utility official said.

Call 211 or go to for a listing of warming shelters in your area. Click on these links for the following information –

1) power outages by COUNTY and TOWN –

2) expected weather conditions –

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    • Yep. a day or two without power and you ain’t getting groceries, or driving somewhere survivably warm because your stupid heat pump won’t work. Now let’s have another big ice storm, where folks were without electricity for three weeks or more. Electric cars are fine for suburban flatlander Hellscapes, but not places like Vermont, where Nature actually holds the real power.

  1. Good thing I charged up my electric tricycle. I need to get over to Middlebury to buy some weed!

  2. Boy am I glad that the wind blew today so that the wind turbines in Georgia could really generate alot of electricity (you know that kind of electricity many of us were without)…

  3. Thank God I have a heat pump. / Sarc

    We’ve been without power for 40 hours here in Newbury.

    Stay safe all and manage those pipes.