43% of October Covid fatalities fully vaccinated

Since Oct. 1, nine of the 21 Vermont deaths associated with Covid-19 were in fully vaccinated individuals, the Vermont Department of Health reported yesterday.

In percentage terms, that means that 43% of all Vermont Covid-19 fatalities this month have been among fully vaccinated Vermonters.

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  1. When they count unvaccinated residents, do they include children too young to get the vax in with unvaccinated totals or just unvaccinated teens and adults?

  2. Once again, Regardless of “vaccine status” and co-morbidities it remains obvious that a treatment solution for SARS CoV-2 remains prohibited in Vermont and the US. The rational used by government agencies is perplexing- one one hand Ivermectin, HCQ and other drugs are discounted for safety concerns and effectiveness data, yet the other hand, speaking to the “vaccine” says “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s the way it goes.”
    We have had confirmed this week, what we already knew- lord fauci, high priest and creator of SARS-CoV-2 has lied to everyone, since he thrust himself into the national spotlight. What else did this narcissistic Napoleon wanna-be lie about? Whom at the CDC, NIH or Executive branch has had enough of this to effect change from the status quo? I will not accept the current mainstream medical ‘advice’ for myself or a family member infected with this virus- Go home until you can’t breathe, then go to the ER to die- I will not accept the illogical notion that natural immunity doesn’t exist- I will not roll up my sleeve again for further “vaccinations”. Phil Scott’s recent resolve to not cave to Mask Mandates and Vax Mandates is a start, but just a start. Directing the AG to not charge medical professionals for prescribing or Pharmacists for dispensing “off label” might just be the next step. Faced with extreme sickness and death, I’d be at the feed store for horse dewormer, because what the “experts” in government are offering isn’t even close to acceptable.
    “Let’s Go Brandon” seems rather appropriate right now.

    • Like you I have wondered why there has been little to no availibility of a symptom reliever such as the two you mention or Tamiflu for the regular flu. Something isn’t right. I went kicking and screaming for a shot I figured if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a normal life again. I won’t get the booster unless not doing so would make me not fully vaccinated as I like to go to Canada from time to time. I had the covid in Dec last year wasn’t more than an inconvenience. Follow the Money trail is all I can say

      • The CDC is already “studying” whether to change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to require three doses–which means that is what they are going to do. I wonder how many doses they will require before people see the scam, which is to hook your immune system into a perpetual subscription service. Once the vaccines have completely undermined natural immunity you will be utterly dependent on their products. It’s a great business model if you run a vaccine company.

      • No offence but you are the problem. Should of stood your ground. Canada isn’t that important.

  3. You are either with Team Pharma or FREEDOM..
    Team Pharma is a world of endless toxic injections and booster shots… chronic illness.. DEBT
    FREEDOM to live according to Nature Law.. free to govern yourself….
    This is the BIGGEST PSYCHOLOGICAL fear campaign in human history

  4. THE BIG QUESTION IS: When they report deaths, did the people die of Covid or with Covid?

  5. Those Numbers are 100 % Lies . . All Lies will be Revealed . There is a Storm Coming .

  6. The result of following the advice of a man who tortured dogs and orphans with medical experiments. Well done Phil and Company! Those big payoff checks are well worth the blood on all their hands.

  7. Over 70% of Vermonters are “fully vaccinated”, which, of course, means less than 30% are not. So according to this story, more people died who were in the much smaller pool of unvaccinated than from the nearly 2 and a half times larger pool of fully vaccinated.

    • Not necessarily, Rob. Perhaps it’s your semantics.

      It’s not that “… more people died who were in the much smaller pool”. Clearly, the article states that 9 unvaccinated people died, while 21 vaccinated people died. In other words, more vaccinated people died than not vaccinated.

      I suspect that you intended to say a higher percentage of the smaller unvaccinated cohort died than did the percentage of vaccinated people.

      But I’m not sure what point you’re making.

      If you read the State’s reports, sometimes one cohort is ‘fully vaccinated’, other times it’s ‘partially or fully vaccinated’. To date, 89.9% of ‘eligible’ Vermonters have been fully or partially vaccinated. And the so-called ‘unvaccinated’ cohort includes those who’s status is ‘unknown’. Furthermore, there are more permutations to consider. Sometimes the State’s report says “Unvaccinated or unknown may include out-of-state residents with unknown vaccination status”. This is typically called statistical bias.

      Additionally, for the previous month (September), 76% of Covid deaths were vaccinated, 24% unvaccinated and ‘unknown’.

      In the Dr. Aaron Kheriaty interview I referenced above; he explains that the statistics that are usually kept when analyzing vaccine effectiveness aren’t being kept. The most egregious absence being the audit of those with natural immunity. And as we all know, an absence of evidence isn’t evidence, and if you’re not looking for something, you won’t find it.

      Here is what we do know. Vaccine efficacy declines significantly in just months. The vaccines don’t protect people from getting the Covid virus or dying from it. The vaccines don’t prevent the vaccinated from being infected and infecting others with it. And there are no studies on the long-term effects of these vaccines.

      Caveat emptor.

  8. Hi Jay, I think you misread the story. It says “nine of the 21 Vermont deaths associated with Covid-19 were in fully vaccinated individuals.” 21 people died in total. 9 (out of 70+% of the population) were fully vaccinated. 12 (out of -30% of the population) were not vaccinated.

  9. You are correct for the October count. My apologies…….! Thank you for the catch.

    Still – “Just eight of the 33 Vermonters who died of Covid-19 in September were unvaccinated, the Vermont Department of Heath said Wednesday.”