$3,750 bike stolen – have you seen it?

State police are searching for a bicycle stolen from a home on Route 15 in Cambridge.

The bicycle stolen was a golden orange Orbea Occam, worth approximately $3,750. The owner of the bicycle, James Spanier, said the bicycle was stolen from his front porch sometime between the late hours of July 7 and the early hours of the morning of July 10.

Anyone with information on the incident or the stolen bicycle, is urged to contact the Vermont State Police Williston Barracks at 802-878-7111.

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  1. The State Police are spending limited resources on a stolen bicycle in Cambridge? The victim in this case must be connected to a “somebody” or a favorable donor to favorable Vermont causes. If this happened in downtown Burlington, tough cookies.

  2. The person whose bike was stolen is a great local guy that I met years ago while he was building one of the most beautiful and intricate stone walls I had ever seen. He is a creative and artistic builder whose creations many have admired without even knowing they were built by JJ Spanier.

    Guy is a good neighbor, and is performing a public service for someone who didn’t deserve this happening to him. BOLO!

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